You Can Feel Like A Magical Unicorn Thanks To Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup company that truly helps individuals express themselves. That’s because the company thinks outside of the box. They’re not like the traditional makeup companies that have existed before them. The founder and CEO of Lime Crime created the company after she realized that there was a lack of color and variety among cosmetics. When Doe Deere would head to the store, she would find that lipstick would only come in tame shades such as reds and pinks. She knew that there were people out there who craved more and that’s how LimeCrime was born.

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that believes that makeup is an art form suitable for any age and any gender. They create vibrant shades of lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and more. Recently, they’ve been dabbling in the hair color trend. Lime Crime sets out to help people feel like a magical unicorn. That’s exactly what they are doing now with their Unicorn Hair Dye line.

The Unicorn Hair Dye line allows ordinary people to feel extraordinary. It’s inspired by Doe Deere herself who can always be seen rocking bright colored hair and makeup. The Unicorn Hair Dye is perfect for anyone because Deere created a product that is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The Unicorn Hair Dye will not damage your hair and yet it will still provide you with a vibrant and intense color. New shades were just released at the end of October and they’re perfect for this time of the year. The new colors include a deep maroon, a spooky purple, a dusty gray and more. These colors are perfect for those who have darker colored hair such as brown and black shades. Deere understands that everyone wants to feel magical and that’s why they are creating more shades that appeal to a wider variety of people. These colors join the 13 other shades that are already available.

The Unicorn Hair Dye is a semi-permanent hair dye which means that your hair will remain undamaged throughout use. The dye means you’ll start with a bold color and it will fade naturally and gradually into a color that is still just as beautiful.

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