Yeonmi Park Wrote A True Story Not A Fictitious Work

Yeonmi Park’s story has touched the hearts of people around the world. In her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom, Park writes about her escape from North Korea with her mother. Her journey to freedom took years, and the torture she endured on the trip turned a young girl into an amazing survivor. When she escaped from North Korea, she was thirteen. The year was 2007, and Park knew there was something more to life than the harsh life she lived in Communist North Korea.

She knew there was more to life after watching a pirated VHS tape of the movie Titanic. The movie was the catalyst for her escape. Her sister had the same urge, and did escape weeks before Yeonmi’s journey, but she was never heard from again. Park and her mother managed to survive the abuse of the sex traffickers that treated them like slaves as they made their way through the Gobi Desert. Park and he mother managed to break away from the traffickers and make their way to a South Korean embassy in China.

Park’s book is filled with amazing facts about a journey that few people in the free world will ever experience. North Korea has denounced the book, according to an article published by The North Koreans say Park and her mother were United States agents that want to discredit their country. Others that have read the book doubt some of the facts. And some say Park lied about certain events and the times they happened.

When Park was interviewed by, she did say she didn’t relieve everything in the and book. She said on Youngvoicesadvocates some of her experiences were told as she remembered them, but her memory was not always as sharp as it could be when writing about certain situations.

Yeonmi wrote the book to expose North Korea for what it has become. North Korea is a slave state where the people live in fear, with little personal time. Park’s book is for her fellow North Koreans. At some point in time, she hopes the world will do something about the inhumane conditions that exist in her birth country.


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