Why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Use the Frontera Fund

Many people who get arrested on human rights violations have done nothing wrong. This is something that the government and law enforcement have used to make things hard on people who they do not like and on groups that they do not support.

They have tried for a long time to pick on those who are minorities and that has made things harder on each of these people. Because of the way that the government is set up and because of the opportunities that people have to make things better, they need to make sure that things are going to get better and that things are going to change for each of these people.

In the past, immigrants and those who were minorities did not have many people to stand up for them. This was a problem for people who were in those areas and for people who had to try and get the help that they needed. There were no groups that were dedicated specifically to these people and they had to simply take what they were dealt and move on with the things that were going on in their lives.

This led to many immigrants and minorities getting criminal and civil suits brought against them. Many ended up with a criminal record for no reason and that caused even more problems later on down the road.

When someone was arrested for doing something that they were actually allowed to do, there was nobody to stand up to the people who had arrested them and who were trying to charge them with a crime that they didn’t even do because they were within the rights that they had to be able to do all of these things every time that they were doing new things. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

For people who are dealing with these things, everything got much worse once the new president was elected. Now that he has been in office for nearly half of a year, things have only gotten worse for people like that. The immigrants are having an especially hard time so that they will be able to make things better in their own lives.

They need someone who can look out for them and who can make things better for them no matter what they are doing in their own lives or what they were able to do in the past with the different things that were going on.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are not necessarily able to save everyone who has had a human rights violation, they have been able to try. This has helped them to make things better for everyone and has helped them to try and provide people with the options that they need.

They use their organization, the Frontera Fund, to help people who are going to be able to fight off the cases with the use of the resources that the organization has. They want to show people that they don’t have to deal with the problems that come with taking a punishment that had no crime.

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Lacey and Larkin Updates

The political atmosphere is growing increasingly volatile, and the trend does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. The public discourse is being flooded with misinformation, confirmation bias, and a division so wide it makes the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk.


While the country continues to slide into chaos, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are determined to protect the rights of some of the most vulnerable populations in our society today.


Lacey and Larkin have long been advocates for the truth, justice, and free speech. Their battle against the evil forces of oppression have been long, loud, and sometimes bloody, but they have never backed down from the chance to bring truth to light.


Just look at the history these two men share with one of America’s most notorious sheriffs, Joe Arpaio. The self-proclaimed, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” has a dubious relationship with truth at best and a penchant for corruption at worst. After serving 24 years as the sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona, Arpaio was finally voted out of his position and then convicted of criminal contempt in July 2017.


The conviction became a mere symbol as Donald Trump would pardon the sheriff for his crimes and prevent him serving any actual jail time. Arpaio’s transgressions are notorious, from forcing inmates in his prisons to wear pink underwear, to keeping prisoners housed in “tent-city” jails out in the burning Arizona desert, Arpaio’s tactics have been called cruel and abusive.


But if Arpaio’s treatment of prisoners was abhorrent, consider his attacks on those he deemed as rivals or enemies. Those who criticized Arpaio or his tactics often became targets themselves. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of those individuals who while fighting for truth and justice, were directly targeted by the corrupt sheriff.


Lacey and Larkin, editor and publisher of the Phoenix New Times have long been advocates for Hispanic and Latino rights in addition to their fight for the First Amendment. In fact, the duo made it a point to push back against the corrupt policies of Arpaio, often publishing these admonishments in their newspaper. Eventually, Arpaio, either from intimidation or anger, had the two men arrested, illegally, in October 2007.


The backlash from this vindictive move was swift and decisive, the men were released in less than half a day, but that didn’t stop the pair from holding Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office accountable.


After a long legal battle, the pair were awarded $3.75 million to settle their lawsuit with the county. With that settlement, the two decided to create a silver lining in the cloud of ugliness that had transpired. They formed the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization dedicated to migrant-rights non-profit groups that assist Hispanics and Latinos with legal aid.


The focus on the group is helping those in the Latino community who have been unfairly discriminated against whether by public officials or law enforcement agents. Frontera Fund is committed to enacting justice where needed and providing migrant communities with a safe and accepting community to live.


But that isn’t all the dynamic duo are doing to help fight against injustice. Lacey and Larkin have also launched a new website called Front Page Confidential. Their new website venture proves the two are serious about protecting the First Amendment, the rights of immigrants, and the right for any marginalized group to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.


To learn more about the Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential and how they can help you visit these here:


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