Why Many Non-Jewish Hollywood Celebrities are Practicing Kabbalah

Madonna was one of the first Hollywood stars to express open interest in Jewish mysticism. She became a member of the Kabbalah Center and started to launch several centers. She invested heavily in learning and understanding the Kabbalistic principles and ancient Jewish Tradition. Since then, globally acclaimed celebrities such as Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, the late Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard have shown an interest in understanding Kabbalah.

Reasons for practicing Kabbalistic teachings

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah had eradicated nearly 80 percent of chaos and worries in her life. Parris Hilton agreed and said that the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center had assisted her to overcome the pain of ending her long-term relationship with Nick Carter. Many celebrities who are practicing Kabbalah argue that the ancient wisdom equips them with practical tools for creating happiness and long-term fulfillment.

What is the Kabbalah Center?

The Kabbalah Center is a respected non-profit entity with its main offices in Los Angeles, California. It delivers Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar online plus through its local and city-headquartered service centers and study groups around the world. Philip Berg worked hand-in-hand with Karen Berg, his wife to develop the current model or presentation of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Center oversees a multi-ethnic, universal staff of educators that provides Kabbalistic teachings and wisdom to its international student community.

Rav Yehuda enlisted the assistance of talented Rav Philip Berg to institute the first Kabbalah Center in the United States back in 1965. At its establishment, the center adopted the name, The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Rav Yehuda established and became the dean of the Israeli-located Yeshivah Kol Yehuda, a forerunner of the U.S. Kabbalah Centers, which opened its doors in 1922. Following the demise of Rav Yehuda, Philip and Karen re-launched the New York City-located Kabbalah Center.

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