Why Is Wes Edens NBA So Popular?

American sports is big time. The top four leagues are MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA. Why Is Wes Edens NBA so popular?

Fast Paced NBA

Americans like speed. They have a tough time with soccer because 1 goal might be all they see after 2 hours.

Americans love the NBA because it is fast-paced. The children have NBA video games and can imagine themselves playing.

The Golden State Warriors have been the epitome of fast-paced play with their 3-point shooting. The Milwaukee Bucks hope to catch the Warriors at some point. They hope their co-owner Wes Edens can load the team up with talent.

Youth Driven NBA

The NBA is youth driven. It has very young athletes. Some are straight from high school. This appeals to the younger generation.

Companies marketing their products and services have made sports big time. With the NBA, marketers can reach the youngest marketing sector. This is a key demographic.

NBA Hip Hop Culture

Some of the experts have compared the dynamics of the top sports leagues in America. Major League Baseball has the oldest demographic. You might hear Frank Sinatra at Milwaukee Brewer’s games.

The NFL is also aging. The Green Bay Packers might have Van Halen blasting on their loudspeakers.

The youngest dynamic for major sports is the NBA. This is the hip hop culture. You can see celebrities in the front row, cheering their Milwaukee Bucks on. This is one of the keys to NBA success. Buck Co-Owner Wes Edens understands this youth appeal and lets the good times roll.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar discussed how NBA popularity was increasing in 2017. He said, “This year the NBA, despite its protests, has increased its TV ratings by 32%, while the NFL’s viewership dropped from 16.5m viewers last year to 15m this year.” The NBA has always been a player’s league.

Being a player’s league can be good or bad, but it is more appealing to the fans. People show up to watch the players, not the referees or coaches. The NFL dropped the ball when it banned end zone dances.

If you just ran 100 yards to score a touchdown, wouldn’t you want to celebrate? Of course you would. The NFL said “No.”

The NBA is “Fantastic!” It knows that the event is an entertainment spectacle. It does not treat the fans like taxpayers being audited, like the NFL does.

No one can really understand the NFL catch rule. The concussion protocol is much-needed. The reviews are ruining the spontaneity of the game.

The NBA is more fluid in its approach. It does not create arcane rules that no one can understand. It wants to optimize the number of fans. The result has been positive publicity for the NBA and negative publicity for the NFL.

Wes Edens’ NBA is so popular because it seems to give the fans what they want. They want to have a good time watching great athletes compete. Isn’t that the essence of the appeal of sports?

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