What Ted Bauman Forecasts for Amazon

Everyone is essentially looking at technology as an ideal investment these days. Is all of it the same? Probably not, according to Ted Bauman. It was in 2008 that Steve Jobs changed the way we see our phones. They are now deemed a device that can do it all. As a result of his innovative abilities, he took the tech world and turned it into something that is really his own.

What now? Now, most devices are able to be connected to each other wirelessly and that makes Apple products attractive. Apple is now worth over $1 million. Where does that leave us with technology and leadership within the marketplace? When Steve Jobs passed away, Jeff Bezos picked up the baton and took off running. He was now the one to look to for innovation, and he has done it well with Amazon.

Amazon, considered to be the 4th most valuable company in the world is now in the lead for online retailing. This is where many have put their money when it comes to investing. Ted Bauman has been watching closely and he is set to warn the most outspoken investors. Although they are offering more products and services like Amazon Web Services, and more. While many may see that Jeff Bezos is among the richest men in the world, Ted Bauman begs investors to enter with caution when putting money into stock with this company.

Ted Bauman is focused on investing and he makes it his only business every day. He is watching the market and he is the editor of The Bauman Letter, a newsletter that is dedicated to sharing with investors how they can preserve their wealth, as well as investment strategies that may apply to every area of their lives financially.

Ted Bauman knows that where Bezos is dominating right now is similar to how Sears was the leader in the catalog world years ago. Mr. Bauman has been publishing his newsletter through Banyan Hill Publishing, a publisher focused on publishing all things financial.

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