Visium Founder Jacob Gottlieb Continues To Show More Interest In Altium

Jacob Gottlieb has proved himself as a talented financial figure, despite starting out in the field of medicine at the beginning of his career. Today, Jacob Gottlieb has started up several successful companies, including Visium Asset Management, a healthcare based hedge fund that has worked with hundreds of clients over the years. Jacob Gottlieb has a good mind when it comes to finances, which is how he was able to switch into the financial industry without too much trouble and create a highly successful investment company with no fear of failure. Today, Jacob Gottlieb is taking the time to work on new business related ventures as well.

Jacob Gottlieb worked as the CIO for Visium Asset Management for many years and was able to help the company flourish as a result. Moving on to Altium Capital as CEO, Jacob Gottlieb will be put to the test handling the various new responsibilities that come with the highest level position at a company. With the changing of the economy and Visium, Jacob is happy to make the move to a new company and experience a new setting, not to mention add to his financial experience and portfolio. Jacob Gottlieb has been spending his time improving on Altium’s business structure to focus on bringing in more revenue at the company, which he spent a great deal of time doing at Visium Asset.

Although Jacob is taking on the role of CEO, which does have more responsibilities than his previous position, Jacob is more than capable of doing the job. The experience he acquired working at Visium and all the improvements he made to the company will allow him to transition easily over to Altium Capital. Most people are surprised to learn that Jacob Gottlieb went to school in order to study medicine, considering how successful he has become in business, it is not two career’s that usually mix.

Jacob Gottlieb went to school to earn a degree in economics by studying at Brown University. Jacob didn’t end his education there though, as he went to the Medical School of New York in order to specialize in hedge funds pertaining to healthcare. Jacob Gottlieb works as CIO at Visium for more than a decade. Starting fresh at a new company that just started up this year will provide him with a somewhat new business experience and give him a lot of tasks to work on to make the company a leader in the market just like his previous hedge fund company.

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