Vincent Parascandola Journey to the AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola owns a degree in science from the University of Pace, New York. He began his career in 1987 in the prudential agency Firm, as an agent for three years. His diligence and hard work in the company earned him the award of the National Rookie of the Year. He later moved to the MONY Life Insurance Company where he held significant managerial positions both locally and regionally. In 2004, Vincent Parascandola was employed in the AXA Advisors. Before assuming the current status of the chief executive vice president, he worked at the AXA Advisors’ Advantaged Group. The advantage group is an equitable unit in the company founded with the aim of attracting and bringing together seasoned financial talents in the country. He served as its divisional president.


Career Profile before AXA


Parascandola has also served as the co-manager of the New York Metro, a branch of the AXA Advisors. The branch has over 400 financial professionals in its management. He once worked as the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee chair. Parascandola is also a past president of the Florida chapter. He belongs to the GAMA board.


Roles in AXA Advisors


As the Chief Executive Vice President, Mr. Parascandola manages numerous departments and ensures they run efficiently. He is responsible for the recruitment and training of new financial professionals and management of the experienced ones. He ensures the sales and marketing department reach their goals, and are consistent in productivity. Since joining the firm in 2004, Mr. Parascandola has been recognized for his excellent leadership and employee management and earned various managerial awards. Some of the awards include the coveted Master Agency Award and GAMA’s Career Development Award.


He is one of the most influential and most sought -after speaker. He has graced numerous industrial and motivational conferences to share his experience and guidance. In 2014, as an alumnus of the Pace University invited to speak to the graduating class.


The AXA Advisors is a retail and broker distribution channel. It is under the umbrella of the Equitable Life Insurance, a global company that specializes in the protection of assets and finances. It is the leading firm and offers top notch services in annuity products, asset allocation, estate planning, and life insurance

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