Vijay Eswaran Success Path

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairperson of the QI group. In 1988, he together with other entrepreneurs co-founded the QI group. The QI group is a varied international business with territorial offices in Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore and other several subordinate companies in almost 30 countries.

The group has diversified itself into several lines ranging from leisure and lifestyle, luxury, e-commerce based direct sales and retail business, logistics, education and training, hospitality, and property management.

The QI Group was founded at the time of blowout, when many businesses decided to denudate on online ventures. Thus, it was the first of its kind to enter the e-commerce business in the industry. For this reason, the QI Group grew very fast employing a handful of staff and becoming a composite organization with more than 5 million clients worldwide.

Today, the QI group is a diversified composite organization of businesses that naturally grew due to the necessity do backward assimilation for essential business and direct selling which is also QI’s leading business.

The deftness in functional execution is supported by several other subdivisions that aided promote the growth of the direct selling business.

QI Group sprung up their comfort zone and opened their businesses in many other countries. And, the product demand was outstanding in this new and unexplored regions.

The high demand was phenomenal and it raised within just a few months and thus giving a remarkable customer experience was really challenging.

But, the management led by Vijay Eswaran as the executive chairperson acted fast on the issue. They had to have an effective stakeholder management to ensure continuous growth.

Giving back to the society is a paramount part of human life and thus the QI group under the management of Vijay Eswaran established several charity projects that are involved in youth education, children who need special education and women empowerment.

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