Victoria Doramus’ Road to Soberity

Victoria Doramus, the fashion expert, has shown that it is possible to overcome issues that develop in life if you are willing to try and overcome. Doramus had found that she was drawn to Adderall and cocaine. Instead of trying to manage the problem that she was having by herself she decided to go to rehab to try and get the help that she needed to overcome that problem that she was having. She decided to take a step to get help when she was 26. Doramus realized that she had a problem that affected her daily life. She wasn’t able to function so she felt the need to get help as fast as she could.

After going to rehab and returning home Victoria Doramus discovered that she got great tools in rehab, but the tools that she received were not powerful enough to help her stop. She found that the addiction that she had to Adderall and cocaine was not merely a problem, but it was a disease that she would have to fight off if she wanted to be completely healed. Doramus’ journey to recovery by herself turned out to be a failure. She had no family or friends and trying to stay sober turned into her trying to stay high. She did what she felt was necessary to remain high whenever she could.

In 2016 on Thanksgiving Victoria Doramus was arrested. After being arrested, she ended up in a facility in Texas that helped people overcome their addiction. She was there for 12 months. During the twelve months that she was in the facility, she was not able to use drugs at all. When Doramus, a creative marketer and trends expert, got out of the facility, she discovered that by helping people who have the problem that she had overcome she was able to stay sober. Visit her website to know more facts.

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