Unearthing the Secret that Keeps Eli Gershkovitch as the Leader of Craft Beer in Canada

Craft beer made 10% of the beer sold in Canada in 2015 and seen the microbrewery or craft beer industry grow rapidly. The number of industries increased from 88 in 2006 to around 520 in 2015. They brew cider and other fermented fruit flavors which have become very popular in the recent past in Canada.

Emerging Trends in the Craft Beer Industry

The brewers are now packaging their beer in aluminum cans and not the old Growler or the jugs. Ottawa Beyond The Pale Company for example used bottles and changed to canning system in 2015. Cameroon beer brewing company in Ontario is also adopting the new cans and moving away from the traditional cans.

Investment in Craft Beer

Three major provinces led in the investments for craft beer in 2015. Ontario made an investment of $1.6 million for 20 record craft beer companies which led to the expansion of their market reach. BC injected $10 million into the initiatives to support 25% of all the upcoming and old craft beer industries. A new grant in Alberta would provide a $20 million assistance for the brewers.

Some of the major craft beers that are recognized in Canada include the Alpine Lager belonging to the Moosehead as well as the Cracked Canoe. These are the blends that have been awarded before for their quality and uniqueness. Others are the Molson Dry produced by the Sleeman Breweries. Visit to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is the current CEO of the Steamworks and has been a reputable entrepreneur and businessman. He is among the top 500 Fortune businessmen and has lots of freedom and casualness that surprises many of those who know the man. His desire for personal freedom and taste inspired him to found his own brewing empire.

Maneuvering through Competition

Despite great and stiff competition from brewing giants in Ontario, Ottawa, British Columbia and other provinces, Eli Gershkovitch has been able to remain on the forefront in the midst of competition. He counters competition with new innovations, a quality which has kept him in the lead for a long time.


The Secret behind Steamworks

Eli Gershkovitch has led his brewing business by adopting traditional and innovative models and methods for finer taste and unique brands. That is why his beer remains top quality and in good quantity. The fact remains they keep their revenues steady and the business growing. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

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