Todd Lubar: He Motivates Entrepreneurism in Tireless Fahion:

Entrepreneur Todd Lubar is not your ordinary entrepreneur. There are many interesting and positive facets to Todd that are motivating and encouraging. He brings this level of humanness to every relationship. His key to entrepreneurial success lies in the fact that he can establish a quick rapport with many types of persons: all engaged in various professions and with differing backgrounds. Lubar is just as at home sitting in the stylish; yet, practical office of a certified public accountant as riding shotgun, inside of the truck of a successful general contractor. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and serves as the Senior Vice-President of Legendary Investments.


Todd achieved academic success, early, attending the prestigious private schools of Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie School in idyllic Hightstown, New Jersey. He furthered his education in attaining a degree at Syracuse, University in New York in 1995. However, even with his refined background, do not think that Lubar is “choking on a silver spoon” so to speak. He combines ambition and determination, and, greatly, possesses the measurable good-naturedness of a devoted parent; and is a contributor to the needs of persons in positions, not so financially-favorable. His strong character and goal-setting characteristics naturally draw the professional business community in partnering up with Lubar.


Todd began a career in Real Estate, after attaining his degree from Syracuse University, in 1995. He joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation, at the time, as a loan originator. Todd admits, that while at Crestar, he was adequately able to learn all of the ins and outs of conventional mortgage banking. His experience proved highly useful. During his affiliation with Crestar, Todd built rapports with Realtors, in the area; a good many certified public accountants; professionals within the insurance industry, and persons engaged as financial planning representatives. Lubar used the extensive contact list, he had acquired, as a way to attain further referrals with respect to his loan origination functions. He worked at Crestar, until 1999. Among other financial affiliations he has held positons within property development organizations and mortgage lending institutions: wherein he attained high-end financial success.


During the period of 2007 to 2008, the mortgage industry was in a transformational mode. Todd made the adjustment by overseeing business operations within other enterprises. He became involved in the business operations of a commercial demolition company—for instance. He further became active in the business operations of a scrap metal recycling enterprise, a night club, and became more knowledgeable about the real estate development industry. Yes: Lubar had quite a bit on his plate—which to contend—however, in typical Lubar fashion, he was quite happy to step up to the plate to meet his challenges.


His varied business experiences proved enhancing, according to Lubar. By involving himself in varying businesses, he quickly acquired the information of how to best run a business enterprise and how to reach optimum levels of efficiency with regard to these various business environments: a process that has served him well during his progressive financial and real estate career.


During his avocational time, Lubar spends time with his children. He enjoys his time-off, at various locations, on the east coast–such as Maine. He additionally likes to travel to friendly and sunny locales such as California. He currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland. Todd states that he likes to encourage people. This character trait has boded well for the distinguished entrepreneur—he easily establishes a rapport with people; and encouragingly is a high-end achiever as it pertains to all of his business endeavors.

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    Entrepreneur Todd Lubar is not just an ordinary entrepreneur. Todd began a career in Real Estate, after attaining his degree from Syracuse University, in 1995. He joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation, at the time, as a loan originator. To him, this is an essay heaven, but to others, their joining jut began. But for one thing that helped Todd and can help us was His varied business experiences proved enhancing.

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