There are a lot of things that people can learn from Daniel Taub. His goal has always been to ensure that there are good relations between Israel and the United Kingdom. While doing this, he has always observed some life rules like never looking back. He focuses less on the past but more on what is to come.

If there is something that he didn’t achieved, he doesn’t concentrate on what he could have done to achieve it but on what he can do now to get there. Daniel also advises people to read content that is related to what they are doing if they want to succeed.

He also explains the importance of learning from both your friends and enemies. It is always good to take the positives no matter the source. Today, he continues to serve his nation through various activities and help people become better. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In 2013, The Independent got a chance to interview Daniel Taub about the Geneva accord signed between the UN and Iran. The accord stated that Iran would refrain from their pursuit of nuclear weapons which acted as a great threat towards international security.

After the agreement, Iran did little to show any signs of committing to the pact. The country did not destroy any part of the project. The heavy water reactors were still there, the centrifuges were yet to be dismantled, and the entire infrastructure had no scratch on it.

Daniel was keen to point out that it was just deceit and believing that Iran would honor their end of the deal was an overstatement. He claimed that the accord would do little to change the steps that Iran was taking towards the acquisition of the deadly weapon. He added that it would neither stop the process o even slow it down.

Iran would still continue to carry out the operations. Due to the threat posed by Iran, many nations which had not been in good terms started forging alliances to counter the threat. Daniel Taub pointed out that Israel was one of the countries who were forming alliances with other protagonists to see that the threat was dealt with.

Daniel Taub is situated in the United Kingdom as an Israeli Diplomat. The Israeli was born in Great Britain bak in 1962. Besides being a diplomat, he is also a writer and an international lawyer. Between 2011 and 2015, he was serving as an ambassador for the UK.

Currently, Daniel Taub oversees various operations in the Yad Hanadiv Foundation which is situated in Jerusalem. At the foundation, he specializes in strategy and planning. For his secondary education, Daniel went to the Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys school. Later on, he joined Harvard University and Oxford University College in London. After his education, he went to Israel in 1989.

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