The Trabuco Bradesco Leadership That Paved The Way For The Next President of Bradesco

One of the many things that could challenge the growth, sustainability and leading performance of a company is the threat of change. There are changes in a company that would transform it against its own directions. There are changes in leadership that would put down what already worked in the company’s management style. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Trabuco Bradesco leadership today. This Trabuco Bradesco style of management that’s popularized by Luiz Carlos Trabuco for Bradesco has brought growth, risk aversion and fantastic results to the bank. It may even be safe to claim that the Trabuco Bradesco management system has made Bradesco to be Brazil’s second-largest bank. There are complexities in a company that’s going too large, but hopefully, the Trabuco Bradesco kind of leadership has given the bank a foolproof hedge against such complexities. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco Bradesco.

There are many ways to understand how Trabuco Bradesco was able to lead the way he did. There are analysts trying to study how he’s able to grow his company to where the company is today. It can be said that one of the things that made Trabuco do this is the fact that he’s been with the company since he was still a young boy, working for Bradesco as a clerk. He is now retired as Bradesco’s president, even after extending his position for the company until he was 67 years old. The new president now, as officially reported by Estadao, would be Octavio De Lazari Junior. Fortunately, he would still be running Bradesco with the guidance of Trabuco. Trabuco saw Lazari as a fantastic leader to continue the business values and culture of Bradesco. With such continuity, it may be easy for Lazari to handle the R $1.3 Trillion worth of assets and credit portfolio of Bradesco.


The Valor news portal also reported some of the factors that may be strong considerations of why Lazari was picked as the new president. One of them would be loyalty. Lazari has been with Bradesco since 1978, working for the company as an agency manager. Since then, he’s been able to show his commitment, ethical values, and dedication for Bradesco that no other employee might even consider to show. Read this article at Glamurama.

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