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OSI Food Solutions, better known as OSI Group, is at the top of its game, and it’s dominating the foodservice industry in a number of ways. The Aurora-based company has been expanding its global network further and further in the past few years. To get right to the thick of it, OSI Food Solutions has acquired other companies to make itself even more successful. One of its top acquisitions was in 2016. The company purchased Tyson Foods’ Chicago-based plant for a whopping $7.4 million. This plant is in prime location to other OSI plants in the area. OSI Food Solutions was able to hold onto at least 250 of the 450 total employees. This plant is huge thanks to its 200,000 square-feet of real estate.

On the other hand, the company has strengthened its foundation even more by acquiring Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a food-giant overseas as it specializes in producing pies, frozen goods, dressings, dips and sauces. One of the biggest advantages of this acquisition is that Flagship Food Group is located right here in the U.S. One of the major things about food service providers is that the top companies has facilities in many different countries. By doing so, this makes the company become much more efficient. Russell Maddock, chief executive of Flagship Europe, stated that “this is another progressive development that will strengthen the company’s position in the marketplace.”

OSI Food Solutions has been conducting great business practices for up to a century. The company was founded by German-immigrant Otto Kolschowki, and it opened its doors in 1909. Otto & Sons was its name in the earlier days, and it offered some of the most tasty meats in the American Midwest. Though the company’s headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois, the company used to be headquartered in Maywood, Illinois. OSI has been conducting business in China for over two decades, which has helped to boost China’s economy dramatically. This is a top 100 company for sure, and it has been listed on the affluent Forbes list for many years.

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