The Fascination with TheRealReal

The RealReal is definitely going to give people a much better deal when it comes to luxury consignment. This is a website that serves as a luxury consignment store. People are definitely getting interested in what this company has to offer because it presents something that is new and intriguing. In the past most people found themselves with limited options when it came to luxury items. There are a ton of stores that have open box policy for electronics, but there are very few stores that sell luxury items.

Even Plato’s Closet is known for selling used clothing, but it still does not cater to the crowd that is willing to pay for luxury consignment. This is where The RealReal shines. It is a company that has put an effort into getting genuine products that are not knock-offs. That is often one of the other big things that stops a lot of people from engaging and buying used luxury items. They never know if it is real. They also often do not know what kind of condition these items are in. The great thing about The RealReal is that it has given people more confidence about the authenticity of the items that are being sold.

It is also setting a new precedence when it comes to the way that people perceive consignment items. In the past there may have been a bit of a stigma attached to consignment clothing stores. Today, however, stores like The RealReal are setting a whole new level of expectation when it comes to these type of environments. Men and women are much more comfortable with buying luxury items at great discounts because they know that the quality here is guaranteed by The RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright.

A wide range of consumers have put their money into The RealReal items, and this makes it easier for this company to bring forth a brand new store in New York City. The time is right, and the consumer base is poised and ready for a physical store where they can buy items and get their luxury items sold.

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