The Facts: William Saito the Tech Innovator

┬áRecap: William Saito is an awesome engineer, with a penchant for computer science. He is a very accomplished person, and devotes most of his passions to work within internet security. His masterful skills within that field are noted by his contemporaries, and competition alike. For me, William Saito being involved in helping to develop state of the art innovative software makes him stand out. Some of that software continues be used to this day and has been around for close to 30 years! Even when William Saito was in his younger years, he received a lot of praise, and awards because of his excellence in innovative software ideas according to Hi-Tech Chronicle’s CEO profile report on him.

Work History: William Saito excelled more with Math and Science that in English classes according to Hi-Tech Chronicles report. From an early age, engineering seemed to call out to him. In his childhood, he describes himself as someone who loved to take things apart to see how they work, and that fits perfectly within the world of engineering… William Saito used his time, and his passions to help make a name for himself within the world of software and programming, and internet security.

William Saito funded his software company I/O Software, as a college student! This was still in the early stages of the internet where programs such as America Online, were present. Hi-Tech Chronicle also reports that as a junior in high school, he was offered jobs that tested his integrity, and his courage I think.

Personal/Business Skills: William Saito doesn’t seem to have a had an extroverted personality. When William Saito was finished with college he decided to focus more on his business. William Saito also began working with Sony. This important decision to work with Sony led to the Sony and I/O working together on projects and other things of that nature.

His idea of finger-print scanning (which is still in effect today) albeit on smart phones… is what garnered him attention. It doesn’t hurt that William Saito is an expert in software and programming, andcyber-security. I think it is a magical thing when someone can turn their passion into a sustainable, long lasting career.

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