The Chainsmokers’ New Singles Are Hits

Fans of the Chainsmokers may be surprised by the darker direction their new music has taken, but they seem to be loving it. In early 2018, The Chainsmokers released their singles “Sick Boy” and “Everybody Hates Me”. Each paints a realistic picture of life as a celebrity in our social media-obsessed society.

With lyrics that refer to the value that is placed on those in the spotlight that is only apparent through likable and comments on their posts, their song “Sick Boy” is something most people in their generation can relate to even if they don’t want to admit it. “Everybody Hates Me” refers to the fear that nobody actually likes or knows you despite everyone seeming to know your name. Their music is much different than anything else in the genre today. The Chainsmokers address specific issues that most dance music doesn’t address, it hits a lot deeper than most of the pop-driven songs that have gained popularity in recent years.

This is one of the reasons why the fans of the Chainsmokers are so deeply devoted to the group and their music. They feel they can relate to their problems. When Alex Pall and Drew Taggart first formed their DJing duo, they weren’t exactly sure what they wanted to write their songs about or what people would like. This is when they made their decision to write about what affects them, what their problems and ways of thinking were. When their manager Adam Alpert helped the duo form in 2012, Alex Pall had been living in New York City working at an art gallery and making a name for himself in the DJ scene already. Drew Taggart was actually attending Syracuse University while maintaining an internship position at Interscope Records. When he heard that Adam Alpert was looking to fill a position in the group that formerly consisted of a different member besides Taggart, he left Maine to live in New York City. When the Chainsmokers first reformed, the band only did remixes of indie songs. Now, their music has developed into a style that is completely their own.

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