The Chainsmokers: Creators of Certified Hits

When The Chainsmokers’ hit single, ‘Closer, was diamond-certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in mid-September 2018, it marked a new chapter in the music career of the duo who have taken the music industry by storm. The certification was in recognition for the over 10 million copies of the global smash sold globally. The Chainsmokers featured Halsey in their critically-acclaimed and wildly successful hit single. The new certification, which earned the duo plaques to commemorate their feat, had received seven platinum-certifications by RIAA by March 2017. Since its release in 2016, the song has won many accolades including bolting and remaining at the top of all music genre charts in the U.S. for the fourth longest time in history. The track ruled radio airwaves and earned the duo a Grammy nomination in addition to several industry awards. Even though they did not win an award during the 2016 Grammy Award ceremony under their category, the multi-platinum single propelled the artists including Halsey to fame. It also underlined their budding reputation as some of the best talents in their genre.

The Rise to Stardom

To underscore their growing reputation as some of the biggest acts in the music industry, the ceremony where The Chainsmokers were presented with the highly- coveted plaques was attended by some of the bigwigs in America’s music and entertainment industry. The duo also shared their success with their millions of fans on their separate Instagram pages and went with their plaques during the airing of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show. The unpredictable success of the track also propelled The Chainsmokers to greater financial success as it continues to rake millions of dollars in sales as exemplified by the over 10 million records already sold. Even though it was later surpassed on the music billboards by “The Middle” released by Zedd featuring Grey and Marren Morris, ‘Closer’ also highlighted Halsey’s rising star as a talented and prodigious singer. It helped her consolidate her outstanding talent among her ever-increasing fan base. In addition to dominating radio airwaves and pod and electronic music charts, the song was popular on online music live streaming channels.

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