Technology Provider, NGP VAN, Delivers Progressive Initiatives And Effective Methods

Seasoned software company, NGP VAN, furnishes Democratic parties with the necessary tools to deliver a compelling campaign. Noted for their progressive roots and Democratic leanings, NGP VAN has worked alongside Democratic bigwigs including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. Above all else, NGP VAN strives to equip their clients with factual, informative, and effectual voter information. Additional areas of expertise include fundraising, digital marketing, and organizing. In other words, NGP VAN aids in boosting voter engagement.

As an attempt to highlight their convenient and practical services, consider the company’s MiniVAN application. This nifty implementation enables users to gather voter data with the greatest of ease. In short, the MiniVAN app takes a streamlined approach to campaigning. As opposed to unwieldy and time-consuming door-to-door tactics, MiniVAN uses software that allows mobile users to enter their data via the application. What’s more, MiniVAN users can contribute to organizations and campaigns on MiniVAN’s platform. Perhaps the most advanced and useful of MiniVAN’s features includes the collection of data by organizers and volunteers. In essence, individuals can collect data from rally members using MiniVAN’s “stream team canvassing” feature.

As keen advocates of equal opportunity, NGP VAN maintains that the LGBTQ community is a primary constituent of the Democratic voter base. With that said, they intend to treat them as integral components. As an attempt to do so, NGP VAN incorporated non-binary pronouns into their contact records. No doubt a progressive effort, NGP VAN is rooted in unbiased ideals. In addition to being a competent and inclusive technology provider, NGP VAN= is also a champion of women’s rights.

As it happens, their company participated in the “A Day Without A Woman” movement. NGP VAN’s ability to recognize a woman’s role in the workplace only further illustrates their nondiscriminatory outlooks. However, the company’s women didn’t merely take a day off. Instead, they contributed their time and efforts to charitable causes including Suited for Change, the Sojourner Center, and Project Flow DC. Both proficient and progressive, NGP VAN is a company that’s well worth their salt.

  1. Carey Mall

    Over the years, NGP VAN’s crafted cutting edge software that aims to garner pertinent data on specific audiences, in turn allowing candidates to appeal to their voters using targeted campaigns. There are evidently several ways in which cardinal has done much for them and it’s beginning to be something very special for them to see and it makes perfect sense that way too.

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