Technology Easily Meets Fashion: Or is That the Other Way Around?

The electronic world is well-woven into the fabric of fashion. The evolution of fashion and electronics, continue to reside comfortably–side-by-side. Just visit many fashion shows, where current designers show their style. That style is relative to futuristic thinking: that of robotics and the seamless integration of the digital age into general day-to-day living. The following article demonstrates the preceding integration and that when fashion and technology evolves–together: The two are really quite companionable
Moving from earlier times to current times:

The boom box of the seventies, brought a level of excitement to the world, due to the fact that any person could carry it about and enjoy his or her favorite tunes and radio stations. There were two cassette decks, located on the boom box. One cassette deck, made it possible, for the user, to listen to music; the other cassette deck was made for the purposes of recording. The recordings were made from the sounds issued from the first cassette deck. The boom box, still, remained popular in the decade of the eighties. It was used to listen to movie story-lines. Next: the music experience became much more personal, in nature. Persons started carrying, the smaller size Walkman. The next decade, the personal experience, enjoyed so abundantly during the 90s, became possible, by an individual’s use of the iPod. The preceding information is meant to show that when technology becomes more and more refined, this refinement equates to products that become very popular, in the eyes of the general public.

It is right to say, there truly exists an obvious integration of fashion and technological refinement. The designers of fashion, find it a welcoming experience to create fashion that causes the general public to “sit up” and take notice. When fashion designers, make use of this technological refinement—form and function, improve immeasurably. Anouk Wipprecht is a very well-known Dutch fashion designer. Ms. Wipprecht integrates the details of current technologies into her fashion-creations. She states, in so many words, that technology is similar to a playground—of sorts: It is an area wherein the designer conducts, much, in the way of experimentation. She further adds that once the designer begins to think on a deeper level—with regard to associated systems, and their relative technologies: the reward is tremendous. The fashion designer, in so doing, expands his or her mind, immensely. (The preceding statements are not verbatim.)

Ms. Wipprecht is known, far and wide, for her very avant-garde designs. The Dutch designer has designed a drink-making dress—referred to as the DareDroid. She has also created a self-painting dress referred to as the: Pseudomorphs. (Ms. Wipprecht is considered a Fashion-Technology designer.) Her work exemplifies the emerging world of Fashion-Tech.

Futuristic considerations:

There are other kinds of fashion-advancements wherein the wearer of the fashion is, summarily, protected. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have created a very useful system which the biker wears around his or her neck. The accessory is an airbag for the cyclist. The airbag will become engaged, emerging from the neckwear, as a way of protecting the cyclist’s head, from any form of impact. The wearer is afforded with better visibility, of the road, when the protective neckwear is not open. The protective neckwear, affords its wearer, with greater visibility. The preceding fact, certainly, minimizes the negativity associated with the obstruction of view, caused by wearing a bicycle helmet.

Another fashion invention, so to speak, is referred to as Frontline Gloves. The gloves were created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. The gloves make it possible for firemen and women to communicate, wisely, in way of offering information, through simplified gestures of the hand. The associated hand gestures, made by one fireman or woman, to the next, allows the other fire rescuer to know when to leave the scene of the event or when everything is clear or Okay.

SegraSegra is making use of recyclable materials, in order to create stylish fashions. SegraSegra recycled the inner-tubes of bicycles in order to create T-shirts and Jackets. Emma Whiteside was able to fashion a very large gown, making use of radiator copper that had been recycled.

Technology and fashion can work favorably, together, in the creation of energy. Movement can be changed over to that of electrical energy; and clothing, that is newly created, is able to capture that energy. The preceding clothing items are able to power up items such as watches, or mp3s. In example, Soledad Martin is busy working on a Proto-type for shoes, wherein, while the wearer is walking or running, he or she can charge up his or her cellular phone.

The fashion industry can make it possible for various aspects of technology to become popularized:

Technologies, in the way of Google Glass, at times, are popularized with the help of fashion. The idea, granted, of Google Glass is to bring technology closer to the wearer. The wearer is allowed the ease of looking straight-forward, rather than having to bend his or her head, over a screen. (Everything, that the wearer is able to capture, on the screen of a mobile device is provided on the side of his or her Google Glass eyewear.) Certainly, persons, who are true technological fanatics, find this type of application useful. However, there are some individuals, who associate the wearing of eye-wear, most unfortunately, as unfavorable. Fortunately, the fashion-world provided their own statement, in this regard.

Diane Von Furstenberg allowed her models to wear Google Glass while professionally sashaying up and down the runway at high-end, fashion style shows. Wearing the Google Glass, allowed the viewing public, a precise visual of what current styles were popular or fashionable. Acceptance, then, of the new technologies, such as Google Glass, becomes a given.

Advances, in high-tech items, as indicated within the preceding content, find the helping hand offered by the industry of fashion, quite welcoming. (As an aside: Google Glass, for those who are non-familiar with the item, is a headset, worn like a pair of eyeglasses. The headset, comes complete with a miniscule screen, with a prism effect, that allows the individual wearing the glasses to view emails, phone calls and other alerts. The screen is neatly integrated into the upper portion of the frame.)

It is truly evident, from the preceding content that fashion and technology are true “soul mates” and can easily evolve together. Fashion can greatly support technology, into the future, and technology can bring fashion to new levels of excitement. When fashion and technology, reside together, this type of merger can result in awesome effects. Gorgeous fashions, come by way of a technological evolution. Additionally, this technology, affords the wearer, a practical reason to embrace the fashion. The world of tomorrow is made a more productive, safe and innovative place, when fashion and technology travel the world in an evolutionary manner, side-by-side.

Notes with regard to Chris Burch:

Christopher Burch founded Burch Creative Capital. Chris is, currently, the Chief Executive Officer of the innovative investment organization. The investment philosophy of the organization is in direct alliance with the entrepreneurial values held by Chris Burch. Chris Birch is a visionary. He reviews new market opportunities, wherein, he applies a creative investment approach. The investment approach, provided by Christopher Burch, results in brands and business enterprises, which greatly impact, in a very positive way, the lifestyles of everyday people. Christopher has approximately forty years of experience as an entrepreneur and an investor. Using his track record of success, Chris has been part of the positive growth acceleration of over fifty organizations. He creatively combines his intuition, as it pertains to behaviors of consumers, with that of his expertise, in way of direct sourcing and his understanding of global markets. In doing so, Mr. Burch, has achieved much. He has witnessed, innovators, within the marketplace, originate from startups to financial success stories.

The brand portfolio of Burch Creative Capital includes the following: ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Poppin, and Nihiwatu, among others. Other established brands, embraced by Chris include, household brands, such as Voss Water. Chris, in the way of his creative spirit and fundamental serial entrepreneurism, continues to use his financial expertise. He much prefers the idea of the digital age entrepreneur and how, such an entrepreneur, impacts the lives of the consumer today as well as into the future.

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