Talk Space..Affordable Therapy for the Human Race

With health care costs increasing each year, many people are carefully choosing benefits. In crowded cities like New York, getting an appointment with a therapist might feel like trying to win the lottery. Even if an appointment time is available, half of the stress is getting there and paying for the sessions.

A relatively new e-therapy platform is gaining ground, thanks to a recent deal signed with Magellan Heath. Instead of catching a train or bus across town, users can select different services from a sliding price scale. Now, anyone can chat, text, message or call a therapist instantly and therapists can directly address more patients. In many instances, therapists have cited that there is not much difference in addressing issues using technology instead of face to face meetings. In a large study on veterans and long distance psychiatric help, online therapy was linked to a reduction in hospitalization by nearly 25%.

Traditional therapy is expensive and limited by proximity. Talk Space is bringing more than just affordability to e-therapy. Rather than having several potentially awkward face to face meetings to determine which therapist might be a fit for someone, a few texts or emails with an intake specialist can help get clients linked up to someone in a matter of hours instead of weeks. In short, when people realize that someone is listening and responding to their concerns using technology, they feel at ease. The benefits aren’t reaped just by patients, many of the therapists who work at Talk Space enjoy reaching a greater number of people. In turn, they are getting more flexible work life balance, and providing a valued service when time and money are limited.

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