“Stock Investment Is A Long Term Game” Says Igor Cornelsen

When it comes to portfolio management, what better way to do it than following Igor Cornelsen’s methods? Investing is a long-term project. For anyone looking to play the markets but is not willing to commit to long-term investment strategies, they will never find success. Most investments are not designed to pay off in that manner. The notion that stocks can be compared to playing the lottery is ridiculous, and any investors with this thinking should stay away from stocks.

For long term investors like Igor Cornelsen on flickr, the game is all about making profits that last a lifetime. This means that investing is a career move, one that requires decades of preparation in order to see legitimate returns. One can see returns of 500% or even more if they are committed to playing the markets all their life.

This introduces the first big tip that is to change how one views the stock market. The stock market is not a place to make quick money, but a place where one invests intelligently so as to get a major return on the investment down the road.

To succeed, one needs to make small investments as opposed to one large one. One other mistake made by new investors is wanting to see big returns on their dollars and overcommitting to one specific stock.

One has to be prepared to be in the game for the long haul. Look out for companies that are generally productive and continue to show consistency. Whether these companies are the hot new corporation or not, look for companies that have proven their worth and have a good history of bringing in returns.

Igor Cornelsen is a successful retired banker as well as an investor. Currently, he is working with the Bainbridge group to carry out investments in the stock market, commodity as well as foreign exchange investments. He has become an expert in all these. Mr. Cornelsen made his name in Brazil, his home. He rose to become one of the top ranking bankers in the whole country. Igor Cornelsen managed some of the biggest banks in the country. He also contributed to the management of a huge percentage of the entire gross economy of the nation.

Igor Cornelsen currently resides in South Florida where he is enjoying his retirement. Igor works as a consultant from time to time, both in the banking industry and in investing. Igor Cornelsen has drawn a massive wealth of experience in the years he has worked in the financial sector.

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