Steve Ritchie Setting Goals For Change

Steve Ritchie is determined to be a good influence as the new CEO of Papa John’s and is working hard to come back from the backlash of the former CEO’s actions. After working for the company for more than 2 decades, Steve Ritchie wants the best for his company and the communities that it is part of. He knows that to accomplish this, insensitive remarks and actions, as well as racism, cannot be tolerated as part of the culture of the company.

There may be a lot of work to do at Papa John’s, but Steve Ritchie is dedicated to making sure that their plan of action is completed. While the talks may be hard, the team at Papa John’s knows that apologies aren’t enough and that the concerns and ideas of everyone involved must be listened to. Trust is important for a company and Steve Ritchie knows that they must do everything that they can to get it back.

Papa John’s is much more than just one person or even the team of executives. The company has 120,000 people that are a part of it and see each other as a family and community within themselves. Not only is Steve Ritchie going across the country listening to what has to be said, so is the rest of the senior management team. They all know that is important that they see exactly where they stand, both good and bad, so they can figure out what the company needs so they can serve their customers better.

As the leader of the effort, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s experienced a very hard week after learning of the hurt that was caused by a former team member. This one person’s words had deeply impacted people around the world. He was personally hurt that these words could come from someone within their own company.

They are getting advice from experts outside of the company. Steve Ritchie will follow these efforts as the culture of the company is audited to fight for inclusion. Once the weaknesses and strengths of the company have been identified, they can start setting clear goals. Learn about Ritchie’s salary by visiting


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