Soros Donates Billions to his Charitable Organization

George Soros has been very active in a number of philanthropic activities during his lifetime. Over the last several years, he has donated considerable sums of money for a variety of causes. Recently, he announced that he donated about $18 billion to his organization known as Open Society Foundation. This organization promotes social equality human rights throughout the world. With his $18 billion dollar donation, he has completed one of the largest transfers of wealth to a single entity in history. While he has been very active in funding a number of causes, he did not tell anyone about his massive donations until recently. However, his donations have proven to provide a considerable amount of influence on a number of communities in both the United States and the rest of the world.

The Open Society Foundation was founded three decades ago with the intent to help promote democracy and human rights in all areas of the world. Soros has expanded this entity to 120 countries worldwide. As a result, it has had a considerable impact on many communities in many areas of the globe. While his organization is focused on promoting human rights democracy worldwide, it has focuses most of its attention to the United States. In recent years, there have been a number of incidents where people have suffered at the hands of law enforcement and the political establishment. As a result of these incidents, Soros has looked to use his organization to reduce police brutality as well as protect the lives of homosexuals. In 2014, the organization helped address the effects of the outbreak of Ebola. Along with this cause, the Open Society Foundation was also responsible for providing assistance to protect the population from hate crimes as well. Soros donated another $10 million in an effort to help prevent hate crimes.

Over the course of his lifetime, George Soros has focused his political interests in providing support for the Democrat Party and its members. He regularly provides funds for various causes that support the ideals of the Democrat Party. During the past election of 2016, he provided a considerable amount of funding to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Due to providing substantial funding to the Democrat Party, Soros has been labeled as a pariah among the Republican establishment as well as those who lean towards the political far right wing. In some instances, conservatives have accused Soros of looking to undermine border control in Europe as well as making Ireland a pro abortion nation. While he has his critics, Soros has lots of supporters who believe that his contributions have been able to make a difference in the world over the years and more informationclick here.

With the election of Donald Trump, George Soros and his organization have developed a strong sense of urgency. Since Trump and the Republican Party are looking to enact policies that conflict with Soros’, he and the Open Society Foundation have looked to provide more funds to help support their causes. His resources will likely play a major role in helping Soros and his organization make progress towards creating a fair and just society and Follow him

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