Shiraz Boghani Plays a Vital Role at Sussex Healthcare and Splendid Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani is a dedicated businessman. He is a Certified Public Accountant by profession and a British entrepreneur. He went to the United Kingdom in the 1960’s. At the same period, Shiraz Boghani was hired by KPMG, an Accounting firm that deals with auditing, accounting, tax services, and financial advice to clients.

Shiraz Boghani worked for KPMG for about ten years. Later Shirazi decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Therefore back in the year 1985, he opened Sussex health care. The year that followed (1986), he co-founded another firm known as Splendid Hospitality Group. For more information connect with Shiraz Boghani on Twitter.

Boghani is the chairman of Sussex Health Care where he works in the board of directors in collaboration with his business partners. Currently, Sussex Health Care has grown and expanded to serve more than twenty homes in most parts of the greater Sussex. These homes ensure that their medical employees are in a position to offer the health care services to people with disability and the elderly group. Sussex health care has even gone a mile ahead and opened a gym where people around its environment can do physical exercises.

Most of the people who are served by Sussex health care are always in their residential homes all the time. The other group of people who are far from the Sussex Healthcare receives the care services when the organization goes for the regular outreach programs. All the employees of Sussex health care are dedicated professionals. They are determined to offer the best care services, making the organization to be ranked beyond the standards of other healthcare facilities.

Boghani also owns Splendid hospitality. This company is based in Pinner, Middlesex. The firm has many hotels all under Boghani’s name. These hotels are all over across the United Kingdom. Boghani is the chairman of the Splendid’s board of directors. These hotels ensure that their customers are getting a good place where they can stay for a long period of time as they may wish. Splendid hospitality group has more than 20 hotels.

In conclusion, due to his hard work and commitment in his management, Shiraz Boghani has won many awards, for instance, the best hotelier of the year in 2016.



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