Securus Technologies Has Our Prison Safer than Ever

Even when I first started working in our local state prison, the biggest problem we had was issues with gang violence. Not only will these inmates commit crimes in jail without any regard to their sentences getting extended, many times they will focus their aggression on officers who are just trying to keep everyone behind those walls safe. These gang members have a code they follow, and they will do what the group dictates even it it is something that could keep them in the jail for the rest of their lives. Add in the mix inmates with life sentences and nothing to lose, and you see how dangerous things can be.

One thing that I have noticed change in our prison over the years is how we rely more on technology to maintain order than decades ago. Back in my early days we would have to spend a considerable amount of time doing physical searches on guests and inmates during visiting day. Now we have those huge airport scanning devices that allow us to not only speed up the process, but we can identify anything that should not be on a person as they enter our facility. Securus Technologies was instrumental in changing the way we listened to those same inmates on the phones.

No more sitting in a small call center manually listening to those calls, we let the LBS software monitor the calls and we get to work on the grounds eliminating threats. Securus Technologies and all thousand employees work tirelessly to one objective, making the world a safer place for everyone. Since the monitoring system has been in place, we have already discovered inmates talking about using drugs, selling drugs, planning attacks on rival gangs, and even how contraband was smuggled into this facility from civilians on the outside coming on visiting day.


  1. Alexandria Brandon

    Corrections officers had always one menace to curb in the prison and this is gang violence. However, things changed when how about made sure to install security gadgets made by Securus Technologies. One of this powerful gadget is the inmates communication system which is able to monitor what the inmates are discussing on calls.

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