Securus Saves Police Manpower

The most impressive thing about Securus Technologies latest software innovation is how much manpower it saves. After all, law enforcement officers are public employees. They are paid with the general public’s tax money. Any way to save through law enforcement efficiency can save the public a lot of money.


The most recent software innovation discovered by Securus Technologies allows police officers to search a mind-bogglingly huge database of recorded telephone calls. You see, Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that provides telephone services to jails. Any telephone call going into or out of that jail is recorded by the telecommunications company. All of that digital information would go to waste if it were not for this most recent technological innovation.


The software analyzes a particular person’s voice. Once it gets a vocal fingerprint, it then turns to this massive database for an exhaustive search. The software is capable of presenting every single phone call that particular voice was a part of. Obviously, this leads to a lot of actionable information for police officers.


These recorded telephone calls have led to useful search warrants, arrests and convictions. And the software is incredibly easy to use which saves police officers manpower. Instead of driving around the city looking for physical evidence, police officers can use a criminal’s own words against him with the touch of a button.


This kind of technological innovation really frees up the time of your average police officer. Police are then free to pursue more meaningful tasks. This leads to an increase police force presence on the streets which leads to lower crimes. It is yet another way that Securus Technologies is making the world a safer place. But what’s most impressive is that this telecommunications company is capable of such a positive influence by providing telephone calls.


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