Sawyer Howitt the Up Coming Racquetball Star

Sawyer Howitt is the Meriwether group founder’s son. He is affiliated with Portland, Oregon’s Racquetball Club. Given his interest in the game the lad is a face to look out for in Racquetball. Still a youngster, Sawyer has the bulk of his experience in Racquetball in the Oregon High School team. Sawyer notwithstanding his age, is known to many in the USA Racquetball and this is a harbinger of the celebrity he will enjoy in the near future.

Other Side of the Coin

Apart from his sharp interest in Racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is also immersed in the operational aspects of business. He also has a keen sense of the financial side of business. He can handle complicated spreadsheets, take notes during meetings ad handle many other aspects of business. No task is either too big for him or beneath him.

Sawyer Howitt who is now in the second semester of his senior year majors in business finance. He has a balanced combination of both the artistry as well as the analytics needed to make an all-round entrepreneur. His experience working at Kure Juice bars helped him learn a lot about customer service in business.

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As young as he is Sawyer Howitt understands the rewarding nature of philanthropy. He has taken part and directed quite a number of philanthropic groups that are passionate about education and women rights. He led an international ethics study group devised to mentor youths who were having issues in life. He has also served in various administrative internships.

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