Roseann Bennet Speaks About Telemedicine

Roseann Bennet speaks about telemedicine.

Roseann Bennett has always had a passion of alleviating the suffering of others, and she co-founded the Centre for Treatment and Assessment. The organization was formed with the objectives of helping those in need of mental healthcare attention to be able to access treatment. Roseann Bennet together with her partner Dr. Bennet has focused their efforts on changing the view that people have concerning mental health and how it affects people in the society and ways to mitigate its adverse effects.


Roseann Bennett studied at the Seton Hall University and obtained MA and ED. S in the discipline of marriage and family therapy. Roseann Bennett is a family and marriage therapist that has been licensed and also received a master’s certification from the Institute of REACH in the area of cognitive behavior therapy. Roseann Bennett recently gave her take on telemedicine and how it has influenced the field of mental health therapy. Roseann Bennet points out the pros and cons of telemedicine in the area of mental health therapy and finally gives her stand.


Pros of telemedicine. The use of telecommunication in conjunction with providing healthcare from a given distance is a practice that has been in existence since the 1900s with the earliest use dating back to Australia. The internet platform has enhanced the process of providing healthcare, and these are some of the benefits as cited by Roseann Benett:


Roseann Bennet concludes that for therapy to be effective it is a combination of connections, interventions, and relationships. She also adds that there is still need for people to consult a therapist physically and telemedicine is an excellent complement of the practice. See This Article for additional information.





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