Richard Dwayne Blair: fulfilling your retirement needs after retirement

Richard Dwayne Blair is the licensed Investment Advisor for his company called Wealth Solutions, located in Austin, state of Texas. He provides services entailing retirement plans as well as management of wealth to his clients. These services involve strategies about the preservation of wealth as well as performing customized investments. He acquired a degree in Finance as well as Finance & Financial Management Services from the University of Houston. He also has a certification in RICP under his credentials.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a firm belief that every individual is supposed to have a plan and strategy when pursuing their financially based goals. In a way, he initiates a path that guides his clients and thus benefits economically throughout their time.

In a revelation Richard Dwayne Blaire made, he talks of following a Three Pillar Approach to achieve a good financial strategy. This entails the need to access and analyze the business state his client is currently in and factor in their needs during retirement to get a satisfactory strategy.

The First Pillar Approach is to reveal the financial path of the client. This revelation is achieved by recognizing the goals and strengths of the client as well as the client’s affinity for risk tolerance and their growth opportunity. The importance of this stage is to help Richard understand the goals and fears of the client, hence get clear expectations of his client. It also helps build a strong partnership between Richard and his client.

The Second Pillar Approach entails is the design as well as the development of long-term investment strategy that will be favorable to the goals of the client. It is also the task of Richard to manage the client’s assets with relation to the market. There is also a track record kept that helps the client, as well as the company, be aware of the performance done.

The Third Pillar Approach deals with the insurance wants and needs of the client. Richard Blair has to help the client expectations for a dangerous shift in the market. He thus prepares his client with annuities as well as life insurance and long-term care insurance.


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