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Brazil is one of the countries that advocate for the rule of law for proper governance and for justice to prevail. In 1988, Brazil passed a federal constitution that took effect immediately and has been the baseline of all law procedures in the federal states that make up Brazil. The federal states are allowed to follow their constitution but should be in line with the set principles outlined in the federal constitution. Brazil law is derived from German civil law, Italian law, Portuguese law, and French law. Altogether, the various constitution acts of the stated laws are set and possible repercussions stated if an individual goes against the law.

Currently, Brazil constitutes of more than 700,000 lawyers in the state of Sao Paulo having the majority the lawyers. About 223,000 lawyers are from the state of Sao Paulo, which is one-third of the total number of lawyers in Brazil, followed by the state of Rio de Janeiro which has about 120,000 lawyers. For one to be a lawyer, it is mandatory to take a five years law course. After completion, one has to pass an extermination of the Bar Association of Brazil to be a certified lawyer who can hold the mandate of a professional lawyer. The law course currently rates as the most prestigious and promising course a fact that makes the law programs enroll a massive number of students.

Ricardo Tosto is an established and a renowned litigation lawyer with over 24 years’ experience in the law field. Ricardo pursued a bachelor’s degree in business management and proceeded to pursue the postgraduate studies in the business management. Later, Ricardo tosto pursued a law degree from Universidad Presbyterian Mackenzie. Over the years, Ricardo has been on the front line advocating for judicial amendments for controversial acts.

Ricardo Tosto has participated in many public talks and a founding partner of leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Other than that, Ricardo is also a member of the Law Firms and Partnerships Research, International Bar Association as well as Brazilian Bar Association. Ricardo is also an author as well as a law journals peer reviewer. Ricardo has contributed a lot in the law field through coming up with law firms that advocate for justice and transparent legal system.

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