Rebel Wilson Reaches New Heights In Rom-Com

The Australian actress, Rebel Wilson made her way to Hollywood with the desire to become an actress and try to win an Oscar for her movie work. Wilson has told the story of her fever-induced visions which caused her to dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood, which seemed a world away from her home in Australia.

Rebel Wilson has spent much of her career trying to achieve a greater level of dramatic success in her career but struggled to be taken seriously prior to deciding to focus on her comedic career.

Rebel Wilson has recently been tweeting her happiness at enjoying the promotion to the lead role in the new romantic comedy parody, “Isn’t It Romantic.” The role takes her to the position of Hollywood leading lady with her new film, a position Wilson has been quick to promote as a plus size actress. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList andIsn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

Rebel Wilson believes her role in “Isn’t It Romantic” could be a gamechanger for many people who feel they are not represented in traditional Hollywood movies. The cast of the movie contains many of Hollywood’s A-list including Wilson’s fellow Aussie actor, Liam Hemsworth, and Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra which makes this a tough cast for any actress to head.

The responsibility of opening a major Hollywood movie is not something the young Rebel Wilson would have imagined having the confidence to achieve. In fact, the Australian was so lacking in confidence as a teenager she was forced out of the car by her mother to attend her first acting classes.

Rebel Wilson has remained one of the world’s leading comedic actresses due to her roles in the “Night at the Museum” and “Pitch Perfect” franchises. However, she believes she had not yet formed a full personality by the time she became a teenager and decided it was important to do so if she was to achieve her dreams.

The actress eventually found herself in a series of talent contests and community theater groups before arriving in a successful career as an actress and performer. The actress eventually became an ambassador working on charitable projects in African nations where she became infected with Malaria and had her now infamous dream. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

After dreaming of becoming an Oscar-winning actress, Rebel Wilson focused on her acting career and headed to Hollywood to become a movie actress. Now dividing her time between the stage and screen, Wilson is finding some of the credibility she craved during the earliest days of her career in Australia.

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