Papa John’s CEO Travels And Hears The Needs Of Company Workers

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s as mentioned on their website. One of his first actions as CEO was to spend a few weeks going all over the United States to see franchisees of the company and their employees. He said that Papa John’s as a company had always strived to ensure that people were the company’s top priority. The reason for his trip was so he could hear from the company workers directly to learn what necessary steps that Papa John’s had to take to do better as a company, how the employees were currently feeling and addressing their needs. He visited Papa John’s stores in very important cities in the United States, listening to the workers who perform the operations necessary to ensure that Papa John’s is a successful business. Steve Ritchie stated that it is these people who ensure that Papa John’s is a successful company.

When Steve Ritchie Papa John’s was traveling to get advice, he heard from some of the franchisees that many of them considered their employees’ members of their family. They told him that several of their associates had difficult situations with some of their customers. Many of these customers had once been faithful and regular customers, but now had negative feelings about Papa John’s and were taking their anger out on the employees. Members of management spoke with Steve Ritchie about how they were regular helpers as far as charities and helping in the community.

As Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie (@PapaJohns) felt bad about hearing the troubles that many of the employees and members of management were experiencing but he felt that traveling all over the United States to get everyone’s feedback was a positive step and constructive for Papa John’s if the company is to move forward. He believes that there are positive feelings all around about the company being able to move ahead and give the company a brand-new start. Both the associates and members of management agree in being optimistic and dedicated to getting the company to move ahead. Read about Ritchie’s apology letter here.


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