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There are a lot of financing companies that can help you to get the financing you are looking for, but if you are a senior, it might be harder to come by. That is why Nextbank is stepping up to help. This way everyone can get the home of their dreams.

How it Works

There are only a few different ways a bank will finance someone. They may only do it if they have worked with the person for a long period of time. They may have banked with them before or for years even. Then they will feel like they know your habits and how you handle your money. This can make them feel better about lending money to you.

Another way you might be able to get a loan is to simply apply for one with a bank such as Nextbank. This bank has a simple process of finding out what income you have and debt and then deciding if you are able to afford a loan with them. Of course they also look at your credit, but they are more interested in what income you have and how you will be able to pay for your loan. They then decide if they are going to lend to you and what amount they will lend.

Why Get a Loan

If you are a senior looking at getting a loan, you might already know what you are planning to use it for. You may have repairs that you need to do in your home or you might just want to add some space to your home through expansion or adding a deck or other structure. This can all be paid for with the loan you receive from Nextbank.

When you start looking for a loan, you should take some time and decide what is going to work for you. This way you will know what you are getting and how you will use it for your needs. The last thing you want to do is have a harder time getting a loan. That is why it’s important to look at Nextbank.


According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairperson of the QI group. In 1988, he together with other entrepreneurs co-founded the QI group. The QI group is a varied international business with territorial offices in Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore and other several subordinate companies in almost 30 countries.

The group has diversified itself into several lines ranging from leisure and lifestyle, luxury, e-commerce based direct sales and retail business, logistics, education and training, hospitality, and property management.

The QI Group was founded at the time of blowout, when many businesses decided to denudate on online ventures. Thus, it was the first of its kind to enter the e-commerce business in the industry. For this reason, the QI Group grew very fast employing a handful of staff and becoming a composite organization with more than 5 million clients worldwide.

Today, the QI group is a diversified composite organization of businesses that naturally grew due to the necessity do backward assimilation for essential business and direct selling which is also QI’s leading business.

The deftness in functional execution is supported by several other subdivisions that aided promote the growth of the direct selling business.

QI Group sprung up their comfort zone and opened their businesses in many other countries. And, the product demand was outstanding in this new and unexplored regions.

The high demand was phenomenal and it raised within just a few months and thus giving a remarkable customer experience was really challenging.

But, the management led by Vijay Eswaran as the executive chairperson acted fast on the issue. They had to have an effective stakeholder management to ensure continuous growth.

Giving back to the society is a paramount part of human life and thus the QI group under the management of Vijay Eswaran established several charity projects that are involved in youth education, children who need special education and women empowerment.

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Troy McQuagge currently heads the USHEALTH Group. He has been serving as its CEO and president since 2014. During his tenure, the company has exhibited, and outstanding performance and this made him be honored by the One Planet Award as 2016’s CEO of the year. One Planet is a remarkable foundation that is devoted to recognizing professionals and enterprises that have developed innovative solutions that have been beneficial to the consumers. It is transparent and offers a fair chance to all nominees as well as considers applications from businesses across the globe. One Planet honors winner in various categories and they include the leading organization, public relations, professionals, marketing teams, and executives.


McQuagge got his first appointment to the company in 2010. He worked for the USHEALTH Advisors, which acts as a distribution agency of the USHEALTH Group. Troy’s role was to assist in bettering the services of the unit. Since then, he has risen through the ranks, and he was hired as CEO and president of the enterprise in 2014. His leadership at the company has been excellent since it currently makes good returns even though the United States’ health insurance industry is highly competitive. Troy McQuagge was grateful for being appreciated by the panel of the One Planet Awards. He believes that the award shows that the staff of the company has been doing an excellent job. The USHEALTH Group is trusted by many people who need to have health covers. The products and services that it offers are flexible and can be changed in any way to match the financial abilities and needs of the customers.


The USHEALTH Group has three divisions that offer its broad array of services. The company operates from its premises, which are based in Ft. Worth, Texas. It has designed its products and services to suit owners of SMEs and self-employed. The firm has an excellent record of providing the best solutions to its customers. It has been devoted to ensuring that it keeps being a top company by recruiting highly skilled and talented employees and representatives. The USHEALTH Group also has one of the best customer services in the industry.


Madonna was one of the first Hollywood stars to express open interest in Jewish mysticism. She became a member of the Kabbalah Center and started to launch several centers. She invested heavily in learning and understanding the Kabbalistic principles and ancient Jewish Tradition. Since then, globally acclaimed celebrities such as Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, the late Sammy Davis, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and Sandra Bernhard have shown an interest in understanding Kabbalah.

Reasons for practicing Kabbalistic teachings

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah had eradicated nearly 80 percent of chaos and worries in her life. Parris Hilton agreed and said that the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center had assisted her to overcome the pain of ending her long-term relationship with Nick Carter. Many celebrities who are practicing Kabbalah argue that the ancient wisdom equips them with practical tools for creating happiness and long-term fulfillment.

What is the Kabbalah Center?

The Kabbalah Center is a respected non-profit entity with its main offices in Los Angeles, California. It delivers Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar online plus through its local and city-headquartered service centers and study groups around the world. Philip Berg worked hand-in-hand with Karen Berg, his wife to develop the current model or presentation of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Center oversees a multi-ethnic, universal staff of educators that provides Kabbalistic teachings and wisdom to its international student community.

Rav Yehuda enlisted the assistance of talented Rav Philip Berg to institute the first Kabbalah Center in the United States back in 1965. At its establishment, the center adopted the name, The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Rav Yehuda established and became the dean of the Israeli-located Yeshivah Kol Yehuda, a forerunner of the U.S. Kabbalah Centers, which opened its doors in 1922. Following the demise of Rav Yehuda, Philip and Karen re-launched the New York City-located Kabbalah Center.

Anthony G. Petrello, President, and CEO of Nabors Industries Inc., has been in charge of Nabors Industries since 2011 and President since 1992.

Petrello received his BS and MS degrees from Yale University, and his JD from Harvard Law School. Aside from his spectacular career, his charitable heart speaks volumes when it comes to giving.

Anthony and Cynthia Petrello had a life altering experience when they gave birth to a premature baby born at 24 weeks, and weighing just 20 ounces. Due to the premature birth, the baby was born with PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia, which is an illness due to lack of oxygen to the brain. The complications of this disease are severe and extremely challenging to both the parents and child. Health limitations, eating and movement constraints and extreme learning disabilities accompany this congenital disability.

Anthony and Cynthia learned from day one that the difficulties ahead of them for their child and their life would be extreme. The lesson immediately learned by the Petrello’s was the need for care for their child and the help and understanding that would be life-long for their family. They quickly learned the need for studies to be done from ADHD to cerebral palsy and Down syndrome as they visited hospital facilities with their child and learned of the need for specific tests and care of the many children suffering from so many birth disorders. Anthony Petrello is quoted as saying, “The lack of knowledge about this problem is astounding, and the lack of resources is sinful.”

Petrello immediately began using their connections to find financial donors willing to become philanthropists donating millions of dollars to further research of health disorders of babies and young children to prevent and find cures for so many delibating illnesses of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony Petrello noted, “You realize your time here on earth is short and you want to make a difference.” Giving back and hopefully preventing such disorders in future births and generations will make the difference needed to change life as we see it today.

Pursuing the cause of such birth disorders and eliminating the element of such sadness to repeat itself will benefit all humans for future generations.

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AXA is transnational insurance company focusing on investment management among other financial services. The company is a run as a conglomerate, which adheres to the rules and regulations of the specific country of operation. It is the largest insurance brand in the world and the second financial services company after Barclays. Since its foundation in 1817, the company has managed to reach the global presence unmatched in the global insurance. The company has several philanthropic endeavors focusing on health, research, art and environmental issues.

Vincent Parascandola is a senior vice president in charge of sales, management, productivity, retention, management and overall improvement of the new and seasoned professionals in the finance field. He has been in the industry for over 25 years. During his tenure, he has been able to rise through ranks to the current level.

Vincent Parascandola commenced his career in insurance at Prudential in 1987 where he served as an insurance agent. His outstanding performance in his first year earned him the accolade as the Rookie of the Year. He moved on to MONY Life in 1990 where he remained until his move to AXA in 2004. He held various roles until his ascension to the current position.

Vincent Parascandola is recognized for his leadership excellence, and he has earned many management awards during his career. These awards include Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. He is a speaker that is well sought after by many professionals in the industry, and he has spoken at many industry conferences. Some of these conferences include LIMRA’s distribution and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. Vincent is a member of GAMA, and he has also been a past president for the Florida chapter.

Tammy Mazzocco got her real estate license in 1995. Before that date, Tammy worked as a secretary for nine realtors. She then graduated to a management position where the took care of a group of condominiums. So then Tammy figured out that she could make a lot more money selling real estate as opposed to managing it.

The real estate market in Ohio has been very good in 2016, mainly because the job market has been very active and mortgage interest rates have been low. When people are working, and prospects are good economically, they are more in a position to purchase houses. Unfortunately, the interest rates took a hit in November, around election time when interest reached the 4% level.

Then there suddenly appeared a housing shortage at about the same time interest rates went up. There were still lots of prospective buyers looking, but with fewer houses available, they just had to look faster.

Tammy Mazzocco ( doesn’t let too many market changes set her back too much because she can’t do much to change them. What she does do is to make friends with the people. She admits that she is a shy person, so she has to work at starting conversations.

In real estate, there are going to be many changes all the time, but the agents have to rise above all that. Tammy Mazzocco has been able to do that by keeping active and staying busy. There is always someone to call, an email to follow up on, and a new lead to follow up on.

Tammy Mazzocco also likes to spend time doing research. She not only receives leads from some of the commercial online sources, but she uses detailed demographics to learn about trends and property value fluctuation so prospective buyers can be informed. According to, the Cleveland market had a great year in 2016, but time marches on, and every tool helps.


Eric Lefkofsky is a popular and well known business entrepreneurwho grew up in the city of Southfield, Michigan. All throughout his studies at the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Law School (for law, obviously), Lefkofsky invested and poured into many different business opportunities, including Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin and starting an internet company named Starbelly with a friend of his. Eventually, the buying and selling of these businesses and companies led to the start of Groupon, which according to Forbes, was the fastest developing firm in business entrepreneur history. See

But just because Eric Lefkofsky was a business kind of man living a very busy life does not mean he sat around living and thriving off of his riches. Eric and his wife Liz are continually and constantly invested in the community life in many different aspects. When it comes to education, the Lefkofsky’s give money to support younger, disadvantaged children and youth in charter schools and after school programs in the Greater Chicago area. They also give lots of money to Moneythink, which is a program designed to have mentors placed in urban schools to teach finances.

When it comes to the health side of things, Eric Lefkofsky has definitely invested lots of his earnings into hospitals and health centers that are not just limited to the Chicago area. He has supported different researchers for Crohn’s disease, brain tumors, celiac disease, thyroid cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, and so much more. Eric and his wife have donated almost half a million dollars to John’s Hopkins and over a hundred grand for lung cancer programs. While he has donated lots more to other medical programs and research facilities, it is not just medicine that Lefkofsky gives to.

Lefkofsky has also given time, effort, and money to programs and organizations that deal with human rights. He has given to Planned Parenthood of Illinois, The Holocaust Museum and Education Center of Illinois, and also several Chicago homeless programs. While these donations are not as large as the education or medical donations, it is still something dear to the well known businessman and his wife’s hearts, and is shown through more than just dollar amounts. More Articles to Read:


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Jason Hope is a guru and consultant who is known his amazing business related technology predictions. Many companies rely on him for his insight and amazing wisdom pertaining to his insights on tech and business. Jason Hope is also known for his philanthropic causes.

Most companies, business leaders and their employees are often involved with charities and philanthropic causes. This is a natural part of the business world and it is also a great way for companies to be successful. When a company gives back to their community or to another group in need, it helps to benefit everyone – including themselves. Jason Hope understands that fact all too well.

Hope is involved with select charities. One of those organizations is known as SENS Foundation. This is a research laboratory that is developing new science, medicine and technology that will slow down the aging process.

Hope believes that this work is extremely important because it allows people to live a longer and healthier life. He is not trying to support a permanent fountain of youth; he just wants people to have a better quality of life and to be able to extend their years well into the future.

Hope also supports medical efforts that prevents diseases from taking place. While he understands that treatment is important; he is more focused on efforts to prevent diseases from happening at all. So, he also supports causes that are geared to this end.

Hope enjoys being involved within philanthropy and he makes it a point to support endeavors that will benefit many people. This is important because helping people should always be the focal point of any charitable cause. Jason Hope is doing his best to help people through business and through his contributions.

Many people take for granted the ability to breathe easily each and every day. With many different lung disorders and respiratory problems that can negatively affect breathing, people suffer greatly with issues such as emphysema, cystic fibrosis, chronic / recurring bronchitis, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, etc. Not too long ago, these conditions would surely shorten a person’s life span. Today, the PR Web has revealed that there are many different medications and treatment options that can improve a patient’s daily life, their quality of breathing and also help reverse damage done to the lungs and upper respiratory region. The Lung Institute is one facility that is using a number of these treatments, including a lung stem cell treatment.

During the process of completing a lung stem cell treatment at The Lung Institute, a patient’s very own stem cells are harvested and used to help heal and treat damaged lungs. Stem cells are extracted from bone marrow in the patient’s body or their blood. The stem cells are returned to the body with the goal of healing occurring in the lungs as stem cells are easily trapped in the lungs once they are pumped through the heart. A new lease on life can be achieved through this somewhat simple procedure that is now being used with greater frequency in not just The Lung Institut but a number of other facilities across the country as well. To learn more go to

There is certain criteria that needs to be met in order to be a candidate for a lung stem cell treatment. The staff at The Lung Institute is experienced with ensuring patients are well assessed before undergoing any type of treatment plan such as this. Some treatments may work well for some patients while other options are preferred for others. Great research has been done on this procedure and The Lung Institute has perfected the process of extracted blood or bone marrow, separating out the stem cells and returning the blood and cells to the patient’s body where the stem cells will do all the work. This procedure can be effective, and be effective for a good deal of time. Also, repeated procedures can be done if need be.

For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s website.

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