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The Australian actress, Rebel Wilson made her way to Hollywood with the desire to become an actress and try to win an Oscar for her movie work. Wilson has told the story of her fever-induced visions which caused her to dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood, which seemed a world away from her home in Australia.

Rebel Wilson has spent much of her career trying to achieve a greater level of dramatic success in her career but struggled to be taken seriously prior to deciding to focus on her comedic career.

Rebel Wilson has recently been tweeting her happiness at enjoying the promotion to the lead role in the new romantic comedy parody, “Isn’t It Romantic.” The role takes her to the position of Hollywood leading lady with her new film, a position Wilson has been quick to promote as a plus size actress. Read more: Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList andIsn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter

Rebel Wilson believes her role in “Isn’t It Romantic” could be a gamechanger for many people who feel they are not represented in traditional Hollywood movies. The cast of the movie contains many of Hollywood’s A-list including Wilson’s fellow Aussie actor, Liam Hemsworth, and Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra which makes this a tough cast for any actress to head.

The responsibility of opening a major Hollywood movie is not something the young Rebel Wilson would have imagined having the confidence to achieve. In fact, the Australian was so lacking in confidence as a teenager she was forced out of the car by her mother to attend her first acting classes.

Rebel Wilson has remained one of the world’s leading comedic actresses due to her roles in the “Night at the Museum” and “Pitch Perfect” franchises. However, she believes she had not yet formed a full personality by the time she became a teenager and decided it was important to do so if she was to achieve her dreams.

The actress eventually found herself in a series of talent contests and community theater groups before arriving in a successful career as an actress and performer. The actress eventually became an ambassador working on charitable projects in African nations where she became infected with Malaria and had her now infamous dream. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

After dreaming of becoming an Oscar-winning actress, Rebel Wilson focused on her acting career and headed to Hollywood to become a movie actress. Now dividing her time between the stage and screen, Wilson is finding some of the credibility she craved during the earliest days of her career in Australia.

Being the editor of the Profits Unlimited research, Paul Mampilly is versed when it comes to Wall Street. Showing his 20-years experience in the industry, Paul has over 40,000 subscribers who are listening to his investment advice and it seems like the crowd will still grow in the future. Wanna know his investment success? Paul Mampilly answered a lot of vital question in this interview.


Paul started his investment career when he went to the United States from India when he was 18. He got his first job at Bankers Trust as an account administrator. He then became one of the bank’s money managers and has managed multi-million dollar accounts. He also joined ING and Kinetics Asset Management as a portfolio manager.


Managing portfolio for over two decades has been a fun and long ride for investment expert Paul. However, he realized that the journey will eventually need to stop and that he cannot do the same thing for living again to enjoy it. Because of this, he realized that helping regular people to earn money would be a fun thing to do. Paul started writing because of that.


When managing risk, Paul Mampilly advises investors to decide the risk they are willing to take early on in the game. When buying a stock, you won’t know what will happen even after a lot of preparation. Paul Mampilly recommends placing a stop-loss 8% to 12% below the buy price. He also added that this method is likely to have 500% to 1000% gains.


When asked about what he gets in sharing his investing insight, answered that the reason for writing about it is because there’s a market for it. There are people who want to educate themselves about investing and it is a fun experience for him to give help.


According to Paul, he thinks that the Dow is going to hit 50,000 in the next decade. He thinks its completely nuts, but at the same time, he claims that he’s completely serious.




In the early 20th century in Chicago, a German migrant worker by the name of Otto Kolschowsky established a butcher shop then known as Otto and Sons. Today, that ‘butcher shop’ is known as OSI Food Solutions with an estimated net worth of 6.1 billion ranking at 58 on Forbes 2016 list of largest private companies in the United States of America. Somewhere in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, a fresh graduate from Iowa State University, David McDonald, was hired as an intern to Sheldon Lavin (the company’s present-day CEO). David McDonald had earned himself a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University (ISU) along with grabbing a Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award during his time there.

David McDonald had nothing if not humble beginnings – he was raised as a country lad on his family’s farm in the northeast of Iowa. Today, that country boy is the Chief Operations Operator (COO) of one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States. Currently, the company has over 20,000 employees working at its 65 facilities spanned over in nearly 17 countries. McDonald’s most valuable contributions to the company include its expansion into China, its acquisition of Baho Foods and the acquisition of Flagship Europe. To know more click here.

Following China’s induction into the World Trade Organization (WTO), David McDonald realized the need to expand into the country which established itself as having numerous profits to business. While the company had already been established in China, however, with this induction, McDonald was able to play his card right regarding the Chinese bureaucracy. He remarked that since OSI is a private establishment, it’s more flexible when it comes to making long-term investments and strategies. Furthermore, in 2016, OSI acquired Baho Foods as well as Flagship Europe. Under McDonald’s term as COO, the company also acquired the rights to Tyson Foods located in Chicago and took over their distribution and manufacturing unit. Then, in 2018, OSI International Foods merged with Turi Foods (a poultry processing company in Australia) for the creation of Turosi Pvt Limited.

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Randal Nardone has been featured in many different business articles and financial sources over the years. He was listed recently on Biz Journals as well for being a financial officer on the move to bigger and better. Today, Randal is one of the top executives for Fortress Investment Group, a company he co-founded back in 1998. Randal Nardone has provided a great deal of insight and has made as many contributions to the growth of the company as the other executives, including Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Rob Kauffman. Thanks to all of their hard work and dedication over the years to grow the organization, Fortress Investment is not only a leading corporation in their market, but they have amassed more than 1700 clients and have a net worth of more than 3 billion dollars. More about Randal Nardone at Bloomberg.

Although Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group, he has taken on the highest number of executive positions for the company over the years. Not only is Randal a member of the board of directors, but he was elected as the Chief Executive Officer in 2011, a position that he currently maintains today. Randal’s leadership along with the help of his business partners has turned FOrtress Investment into one of the top alternative investment companies. They have roughly 75 billion dollars in assets being managed by the firm currently, which is 10 times as much as they have back in 2007 when they were still privately held.

Randal Nardone spent many years working at different financial corporations to build his experience before taking on a business enterprise like Fortress Investment Group. Randal also spent several years working on his education. At first, Randal was focused on getting his law degree and he even worked at a law firm for a while until he gave it up to work in finances at Blackrock Financial.



Bernardo Chua’s entire career has been about promoting an herb called the Ganoderma lucidum. He grew up with aspirations of becoming a doctor because he cared for other peoples health. Instead of a doctor, he has become a leading businessman in the Pacific Region. Although he is not an official medical professional, his driving motivation has always been improving the health of other people, and it was this motivation that would be the reason for his success. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at Business for Home.

Gano Excel was the company that would get Bernardo Chua’s career moving. Gano Excel sold products enriched with Ganoderma, such as teas and coffees. Mr. Chua was hired because he was extremely friendly, and he had a lot of knowledge about the medicinal uses for Ganoderma, making him the ideal candidate to promote the products. Mr. Chua excelled in the company and would eventually head the North American branch of Gano Excel. After he enlightened individuals from North America about Ganoderma lucidum, he left Gano Excel to start his own company Organo Gold in 2008.

Organo Gold has a ton of products infused with Ganoderma lucidum. The herb contains many health benefits that are backed up by many studies. The main reason this herb boosts one’s health is that helps the body to produce more oxygen. Increasing oxygen levels in the human body will build a strong immune system and can create a state where the body has a better chance to fight serious diseases, such as cancer. There is a connection between cancer cells and how oxygen impacts these cells. Cancer cells will do very well if the body is not producing an adequate amount of oxygen. A lot of oxygen is going to kill cancer cells. Ensuring that your body’s immune system is strong would be an ideal reason to utilize the products that Bernardo Chua promotes.

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Serge Belamant is one of the professionals that have in the past two decades been making considerable strides in the IT world. Some of the areas he is passionate about include artificial intelligence, biometrics, and most importantly the role of security in IT. In all of his previous works, he has given his best, defiling the existing orders in providing the best IT solutions. A list of the futuristic and innovative IT professionals in this decade is incomplete without mentioning his name. What makes Serge Belamant such a brilliant expert?

First, he is more inclined to providing solutions in all IT world. Since he started his working career, he has always strived to make IT challenges simpler by either adjusting the existing technologies or coming up with new technology. This approach has always made Serge Belamant synonymous with well-thought solutions. Second, it is essential to appreciate the fact that Belamant is one of the most educated  an IT experts in this part of the world. Although his education journey was interesting, after switching two professionals prior to settling on IT, he has always wanted to be the best educationally. Because of this reason, he moved from France to South Africa, to get an education.

In addition to being part of the innovation and solution-making world, Serge Belamant is also a board member to two organizations that are making the IT world better. For the last 18 years, he has been part of MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions transformative journey. Information technology in the medical world is not only essential but also a chance to improve the efficiency of the services provided. As the director of this company, he has made it the ultimate entity for better and well-thought solutions in virtual assistance and services. Second, Serge Belamant is also part of Prism Group Holdings Ltd for the past two decades. In this particular company, he has served in the board as the director. His business contribution in policy formulation is probably one of his most exceptional contributions to the growth of the company. He has also made the company the ideal company for IT solutions of all kinds.



WEN by Chaz hair care has become a very well-known brand for hair care products. The product line was developed by Chaz Dean who has a passion for developing new products. He began his career after he obtained his education from cosmetology school. He began working for a salon where he moved up to the managerial position he defined his cutting and styling skills and then bought the salon that became known as The Chaz Dean Salon.

According to, he relocated to Hollywood from its location in Bel Air and renamed it The Chaz Dean Studio where his celebrity clientele list continued to grow. Chaz Dean is a very laid-back and calm persona, and he has a Zen-like nature to him which is reflected in his simple yet amazing products. His products have made it possible for women all over the globe to get the hair that they have always wanted.

Chaz Dean has created many hair care products and he continues to expand his brand. WEN hair care products are not tested on animals and they are made with natural ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Panthenol, Wild Cherry Bark, Chamomile Extract, and Rosemary Extract, to name a few. WEN products are gentle enough to be used on a daily basis and will leave your hair feeling nourished and moisturized without feeling weighed down. reveals that there are no other products that even come close to the high-quality of WEN hair care products and those who try it for the first time notice the difference. You will also use fewer beauty products because you will no longer need them. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangler and conditioner all in one. It also does not contain sulfates which are very harsh on your locks over time. Wen products are available on QVC beauty stores and online.


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Victoria Doramus is a successful career woman and an inspiration to people struggling with addiction across the world. Doramus who is a big name in the media, kickstarted her career at Mindshare immediately after she received her BA in mass communication and journalism.

Since then Victoria has worked with countless other companies such as Stilla cosmetics, creative arts agency and has even served as personal assistant to Pete Berg, a famous film director. Besides her main work as a consumer trend specialist in fashion, design, and lifestyle, Victoria Doramus has also completed articles for various publications such as Trend Central, the Huffington Post, the Casandra report and Jane Buckingham among many others.

An art and history lover

Apart from her work in the media, Victoria Doramus also has a deep interest in art and history. Her love for art and history has even seen her enroll in a program which explores the history and development of art in the western world. The program explores the beginning of art in ancient Greek and its transformation to modern art.

Victoria Doramus’s dark phase

Despite her successful career, there was a phase in her life, where she fell into addiction. However, she stands as an inspiration to millions across the world, because despite not knowing what she was facing, Doramus went to rehab and found her way back to a life of soberness. Even though it was not easy as she fell in and out of addiction several times, and even hit rock bottom severally, she never gave up on herself. It is during her recovery period that she started giving back to the community. This gave her energy and a sense of fulfillment, factors that continue to motivate her to become better with each wake.

Recovery and philanthropy

As a recovered addict, Victoria Doramus works hand in hand with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity organization that directs its focus on alcohol and drugs misuse prevention. The organization usually directs its attention to the young people as they are the most affected ones, by offering education and support to those affected. Other charitable causes that Victoria Doramus partakes in include the Room to read organization, women’s prison association, and best friend’s animal’s society.

When The Chainsmokers’ hit single, ‘Closer, was diamond-certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in mid-September 2018, it marked a new chapter in the music career of the duo who have taken the music industry by storm. The certification was in recognition for the over 10 million copies of the global smash sold globally. The Chainsmokers featured Halsey in their critically-acclaimed and wildly successful hit single. The new certification, which earned the duo plaques to commemorate their feat, had received seven platinum-certifications by RIAA by March 2017. Since its release in 2016, the song has won many accolades including bolting and remaining at the top of all music genre charts in the U.S. for the fourth longest time in history. The track ruled radio airwaves and earned the duo a Grammy nomination in addition to several industry awards. Even though they did not win an award during the 2016 Grammy Award ceremony under their category, the multi-platinum single propelled the artists including Halsey to fame. It also underlined their budding reputation as some of the best talents in their genre.

The Rise to Stardom

To underscore their growing reputation as some of the biggest acts in the music industry, the ceremony where The Chainsmokers were presented with the highly- coveted plaques was attended by some of the bigwigs in America’s music and entertainment industry. The duo also shared their success with their millions of fans on their separate Instagram pages and went with their plaques during the airing of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show. The unpredictable success of the track also propelled The Chainsmokers to greater financial success as it continues to rake millions of dollars in sales as exemplified by the over 10 million records already sold. Even though it was later surpassed on the music billboards by “The Middle” released by Zedd featuring Grey and Marren Morris, ‘Closer’ also highlighted Halsey’s rising star as a talented and prodigious singer. It helped her consolidate her outstanding talent among her ever-increasing fan base. In addition to dominating radio airwaves and pod and electronic music charts, the song was popular on online music live streaming channels.

As a chief investor behind Airbnb and Uber, Shervin Pishevar made his name in Silicon Valley venture capital circles by taking risky bets on forward thinking companies that changed the nature of what tech startups can accomplish. As an architect of the so-called “gig economy,” Shervin Pishevar is known for expanding the possibilities of tech markets, and it is little wonder that the former VC CEO has earned a huge fan base on social media over the last several years.

Indeed, when Shervin Pishevar engaged his 90,000-plus Twitter followers in a 21-hour “tweet storm” recently, all bets were off as to what Pishevar would reveal about his views on the current economic climate. For anyone following the saga of embattled crypto-currency Bitcoin, the news from Pishevar’s perspective was very good indeed: Suggesting that Bitcoin would retake its peak value in coming months, Pishevar appeared optimistic about the prospects for investors to push Bitcoin to new heights.

While Pishevar’s opinions on Bitcoin came as a welcome surprise to followers of the extended tweet storm, the tech magnate’s beliefs about the state of the US economy were not so sanguine. Suggesting that US markets could drop by a stomach-churning 6000 points in the near future, Pishevar seemed to suggest that investors should take a conservative approach to buying stocks in coming months. If Pishevar is correct, fans of investing might also take a building economic storm as a rare opportunity to buy stocks at a low price point in order to make a hefty profit after stock prices lift during a period economic recovery.

It certainly remains to be seen how Shervin Pishevar’s predictions about the economy will pan out, but a glance at Pishevar’s track record for locating stellar investment opportunities shows a keen mind willing to take chances on companies with untapped potential. While his detractors dislike Pishevar’s overweening approach to market forecasts, his supporters are likely to find much to learn from Pishevar’s recent Twitter tirade. Right or wrong, the tech giant’s opinions on the economy do make for compelling reading, and fans and critics alike will almost certainly welcome any future tweet storm that Pishevar cares to create.

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