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The Double Rock Corporation has been in business for many years but Bruce Bent II has only been the president for a short time. In that time, he has managed to make things easier for those who are a part of the company and that has brought some major changes to the way that things are done. He has come up with different solutions for the company and has always worked hard to make sure that things are going to go back to the way that they should be. When he started with the company, it was hard for people to be able to see the good in it and the company was failing. Now that he has taken over as the president and is running things the right way, Bruce Bent II has been able to make changes that nobody else was able to do when they were in that position.

Part of the reason that Bruce Bent II has been so successful with the company and with the options that he has for the company is that he has been able to make changes that nobody else saw in the company. Because he is a financial expert as well as a technology expert, he can make great decisions for the company. Based on the fact that the Double Rock Corporation is one that is focused on technology and finance, that is something that has set Bruce Bent II apart from the other people who run the company and are a part of the company.

While Bruce Bent II continues to run the Double Rock Corporation, he knows that he still has a lot of work that he will need to do to make things better for the people who are in different situations. He wants the Double Rock Corporation to be successful and knows what he needs to make all of the right choices if he wants to improve the things that he is working on. He also knows that by offering all of these opportunities, he is giving the businesses exactly what they need to succeed no matter what they are doing.

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Mike Baur has always had the zeal to succeed in everything he lays his hands on since he was young. The young entrepreneur has had an impressive career journey, and he has been an inspiration to a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Mike Baur’s career journey is enough proof that with patience, and determination, you can succeed in almost everything.


Mike grew up in Freiburg region in Switzerland. He attended Bern University and the University of Rochester where he earned his business degrees. Mike started his career in banking at a tender age. He was only 16 years old when he began his apprenticeship according to Wall Street Journal. Only a few people are lucky to launch their careers at such an early age.


Mike Baur worked for the UBS throughout the 1990s. Mike had a lot of accomplishments that saw him rise through the ranks at UBS. At one point in his career, Mike was promoted to an advisory position before he clocked 30 years of age.


The multi-talented banker offered valuable advice to investors at UBS some of whom are Switzerland’s wealthiest individuals. He managed to create a good rapport with the investors, something that has benefited Mike immensely in his current ventures. He also established good relationships with future entrepreneurs by helping them secure capital to finance their business ventures.


Despite his massive success at UBS, Mike Baur decided to call it quit at UBS in 2008. Mike joined Clariden, a bank in Zurich, which offered him a high-ranking position. Mike worked in the institution for close to six years until 2014. Although he enjoyed a generous compensation in Clariden, Mike decided to take a different path in 2014 to launch his venture.


In 2014, Mike Baur joined hands with Max Meister, whom they attended Bern University with to establish Swiss Startup Factory. The incubator startup aids future entrepreneurs in Switzerland by offering valuable mentorship programs, training, and funding for the future businesses. The participants of the accelerator program can also access rent-free office spaces in Switzerland’s Capital city from where they can carry out their operations. Also, the successful participants also access a three-month accelerator program where they are guided by experienced individuals in the respective fields.


The participants also learn on how to market their products and services in the competitive market and also get the chance to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. The training helps them to grasp important concepts in business such as looking for capital from investors. Therefore, it increases their likelihood to succeed other than when they work on their own.


There are various groups worth investigating that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. However it can be difficult to determine which groups have any profound effect on their cause. Many may fall short and simply exist with not much activity or movements towards a specific goal. One credible organization is the American Immigration Council.

Here they provide current news and information on the rights of immigrants during their stay here. The many educational programs they provide will inform them of the rich culture the United States has to offer as well as tips on how to function here. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

There are many different subtleties in immigration law that one must be made aware of before moving here, and the American Immigration Council seeks to ensure that each immigrant is fully accounted for and develops a sound understanding of their rights. It is paramount they also attain a working understanding of the various technological resources this organization has to offer, as it is their sharpened edge that will ensure a smooth transition. Stressing education is perhaps one of the most powerful tools this organizations provides.

One of the most successful advocates for various rights including human, civil and migrant rights is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The incident that started this fund is one that is both shocking and memorable. What started as aggressive force of detaining two individuals ended in a peaceful settlement which funds the negation of such aggressive abuse of the constitution.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media and have created a remarkable organization with their settlement money. They were arrested in their homes by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who prides himself on being a tough Sheriff. This was in regards to the fact that they had recently revealed that they were being targeted by Grand Jury to release their notes, articles and even browsing history of the writers.

This would obviously not go unpunished as it is in blatant to the constitution. Not only this, but they were detained into separate cells in black vans almost like a covert operation that acts outside the confines of the law. They have generously contributed the settlement towards funding various organizations and movements.

This is to ensure that situations where there is abuse of power would become less frequent, and that those in power would gain more respect for the freedoms of those they swore to protect. Through the Frontera Fund, Larkin & Lacey have generously given their won resources to implement new strategies and education surrounding such issues.

They continue to support different organizations and raise awareness of the severity of the issue. This strengthens the network of those who wish to preserve the constitution and all that it represents.

Abuse of power is simply the tip of the iceberg, and the issues of freedom go far deeper. They make a powerful team in recognizing the need for additional funds to ensure the rights and freedoms of every individual.

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Brazil has quite a number of law schools: even more than USA. In each of the states in the country, there is a law school. The number of lawyers who graduate from these institutions is numerous. Law prestigious course in Brazil that takes one 5 years to graduate. Upon graduation, one is still not able to practice until after a stint at a law school. After law school it is possible to practice law.

It goes without saying that law is a rewarding profession. The traffic toward the law schools in the country are in part attributable to this dynamic. The lawyers judges prosecutors are all well remunerated. Ricardo Tosto, for instance, has a firm and is well established in the Brazilian legal circles.

Courts in Brazil

Each of the states in the country has judicial districts, composed of multiple municipalities. The courts of justice in the districts have their headquarters in each of the state’s capital. Each of the judicial districts has a trial court which has a law judge and a substitute. The judge makes the decisions alone in both the Brazilian civil criminal cases. A jury is used only in cases of murder and attempted murder. In some of the judicial districts, there are courts that hear family cases and bankruptcy. Where the case needs to be appealed, then they are taken to the second instance courts.

Ricardo Tosto’s Practice

Ricardo Tosto’s legal practice specializes in banking operations and commercial law. The practice also deals with business criminal law, credit restructuring and debt related cases. Ricardo Tosoto is also seasoned in litigation, civil law and electoral law. As a founding partner at Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados, Ricardo also handles political cases.

Other Pursuits

In the past, Ricardo Tosto worked as Grupo Rede’s advisor in matters of HR and legal management. He also served as president of a committee on judicial reform and modernization at OAB/SP. Ricardo Tosto is, until today, a member of IBA: International Bar Association. He also has a CESA, center for lawyer societies, membership as well as an IMD (institute for management development) membership. He is a founding member of the local institute for election law and political party studies otherwise known as IBEDEP.

Cotemar is a leading Mexican company founded in 1979; it serves the gas and oil industry in different capacities. Its location is in Ciudad del Carmen, a city in the southwest of the Mexican state. In the industry, Cotemar performs vital functions with subdivisions of each function as critical to the success of operational as the others. In 1996 the company boosted its transport services and had several accomplishments including the expansion of its market presence.

The company believes in the following:

-In everything they do, they are driven by a culture of excellence.

-The welfare of people and a working environment which is safe is paramount to the company’s operation

-The outcome of combining a strong team with a client oriented approach will give the company best results.

The company focuses on developing a world-class workforce to ensure their service quality is excellent. To source the best staff, they have partnered with some of the key players in the industry. They have a development program and training for the staff which equips them with the latest competencies. Working at Cotemar is truly an opportunity which is unique as it provides an environment which is challenging both rewarding and enlightening.

The company specializes in:

-Offshore construction and maintenance

-Maritime services

-Specialized Ships

– Petroleum Services

Cotemar serves its customers through 3 strategic divisions. Some of Cotemar’s service units are as follows:

Specialized Maritime Vessels Services

The company has vessels that transport materials which are lightweight, nourishments as well as personnel. It also boasts of vessels whose sole purpose is hauling structures that are large. They include firefighting vessels, towing vessels, and barges boat. In accordance with the company’s standards, all the vessels are inspected thoroughly and monitored, so the safety of all individuals on board is guaranteed.

Catering and Accommodation

Cotemar’s rigs and vessels offer offshore accommodation and catering. Services provided in this case, include cleaning of common areas, laundry services, nourishment, and bedding services. The semi-submersible rigs used by the company to provide these services can be relocated to provide accommodation.

In such cases, the rigs used have can host between 450 and 800 guests. They have recreational areas including cinemas, TV rooms, basketball court, and gyms. They also have quality standards of health control. Cotemar guarantees the safety of its staff but and that of its customers by observing such standards.

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Paul Mampilly is a renowned investor and hedge fund expert. He was born in India but later moved to the United States. Mr. Mampilly attended the Fordham Gabelli School of Business (M.B.A in Finances), City University of New York-Hunter College (Economics course), the Montclair State University (BBA in Finance Accounting) and the Seton Hall University (Business Administration course). He also trained for Financial Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

After finishing his studies, he joined Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. He later moved into money management jobs at ING, Bankers Trust, Sears, Royal Bank of Scotland, and a private Swiss bank.

In 2010, Mampilly was recruited by Kinetics Mutual Funds, Inc. to take on a management role. The hedge fund firm thrived once Mampilly stepped in. Under his leadership, the company’s assets reached $25 billion.

He was invited to the Templeton Investment competition thanks to his ability to spot investments that could yield high returns. Mampilly won the Foundation’s investment competition and took a $50 million investment. He Was able to generate a return in a single year; he grew the investment to $88 million.

Despite his success, he grew tired of Wall Street and retired in his early 40s. Paul Mampilly decided that instead of helping the ultra-rich make money, he would shift his focus to helping the Main Street Americans make money on their investments. Currently, he runs the investment newsletters Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. The former has more than 600,000 subscribers and is considered as one of the fastest growing newsletters in the investment industry.

Paul Mampilly is turning the tables of the financial industry around. Instead of investing the capital for his customers, he advises them on the best stocks and let them buy under their own accounts. This approach is working well, and there are positive reviews of Mampilly’s stocks advice.

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There are quite a few people who have been featured in Beneful ads with their pets, and these commercials speak to the deep dedication and connection between pets and their owners. This article shows in-brief how these Benefulcommercials have been created, and it explains how this brand is far superior to all others.

#1: Why Beneful?

Beneful has a larger selection of dog foods than any other Beneful dog food brand, and the people who buy the dog food will help their dogs stay healthy for longer. Veterinarians recommend this food for pets, and it has been given to a number of dogs over the years to help them live happier lives.

#2: More Eenrgy

Dogs have much more energy when they use Beneful, and they have a choice of Beneful wet dog food, dry food and treats that will make them happy. Someone who is shopping The Beneful brand will be enlightened by the commercials, and they will learn that these dedicated dog owners give their pets this food.

Beneful has done a masterful job ensuring that the food is perfect for all dogs. The young dogs and older dogs get the nutrients they need, and they have many flavor and food choices for each pet.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that tries to reveal the coexistence of life and the universe. Looked at from a literal level, the word Kabbalah means to receive. Its knowledge was revealed thousands of years ago. It is believed that the wisdom came straight from God. It was handed down from generation to generation and was only allowed to be studied by married men above the age of 40 years. The study of this wisdom tries to help individuals have a  wisdom sense of fulfillment in their lives. It is common for people to feel lost at different stages of their lives. Today, it has become harder to attain a sense of fulfillment as the number of necessities increases. Consequently, the feeling of accomplishment has by far, eluded most of us.

According to Kabbalah, fulfillment is a connection to the inner self. It’s a state of being always aware of who you are. It is a special connection with an energy found from deep within our bodies. As such, for long lasting fulfillment, the connection should be maintained. Kabbalah Centre mostly teaches about all the branches of life. It teaches about relationships, health, and careers. All of these factors comes from one source, the universe world.

Kabbalah wisdom is based on fundamental universal principles. These laws apply to almost all religions and faiths. Regardless of the ethnicity, anyone can join the Kabbalah class and learn. All the individuals learning Kabbalah have an advantage in that; it does not force people to think in a special way. It also does not result in radicalization or force individuals to incline their beliefs towards one superior religion. Kabbalah does not exercise religious coercion.

Teachers of Kabbalah share this great wisdom with people with the intention that it will be used to uplift their daily lives. It’s also their hope that the teachings will be applied in their daily lives to boost their morals. As of today, Kabbalah teachings have been associated with prosperity and positivity by those who have had the chance to share in its wisdom.

We have an inner desire to discover the reason for our existence. We have our goals, but are they the reason we were born? What is our purpose in life? Everyone wants a successful life and while it can’t be achieved without love, good relations, self-esteem and financial security of Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah strives to answer these questions and consequently establish a sense of fulfillment.

Kabbalah is found in Zohar. A book authored by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. The book contains important teachings of wisdom that help people live harmoniously.

Desiree Perez wears many hats and she has gained many comparisons over the years of working with Jay-Z. Some people have compared her to the character named Cookie from “Empire.” Others have actually compared her to Jay-Z. She is a strong-willed woman that knows what she wants and she takes the time to strategically go after it. She has been tapped to take a real strong look at what I do is doing and make some adjustments for Tidal.  Additional article on

What many people will realize is that Desiree Perez is part of the circle of influence for Jay Z. There are other people in his circle, but Desiree Perez appears to be the one that is helping him sort things out with Tidal right now. She has been very instrumental in helping him carve out a path for artists that are trying to maximize their deals and increase their net worth. Desiree Perez has been known to be an expert negotiator, and her skills have allowed her to gain entry into a world that other people would been excluded from.  More of this on She doesn’t have any fancy degrees or any type of extensive experience in marketing a music streaming service, but she’s loyal. She has skills to negotiate, and this has proven to be more than enough to get Tidal to a new plateau.

Additional article here

Music streaming is a business that changes with the times, and everyone appears to be looking for the next big innovation. It is quite obvious that there’s a reason that Tidal has become the business that has become a threat for Apple & Spotify.  Check for related news.  Tidal was in the shadows but it appears that this is truly a company that one must look out for. Jay-Z has his secret weapon and she is ready to work hard to get results.

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Arthur Becker is a businessman who is currently running a real estate business. He doubles this with art. Mr. Becker has a fully pledged workshop which is full of paintings and sculptures on display. The office is situated a couple of steps from where he is putting up a building along 465 Washington Street. The magnificent storey building is expected to fetch not less than $ 52 million. Arthur Becker thrived in business after he bought the tech companies in the early 2000s. Over the years, he has been investing silently with his two partners Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney. The trios have a storey development at 111 West 57th Street. The giant businessman has also run a series of investments in finance, technology, art, and now in real estate. Of the many investments, the real estate venture seems to be taking an upward trend. In the real deal, Becker agreed to transfer his stake in the trio investment and in return have three Sullivan Street townhouses developed by his two partners. Visit Inspirery to know more.

In the early part of his life, Becker put his hand in a variety of businesses. He is known to collect ancient currencies from other parts of the world including Africa. These are some of the things that make part of the pieces of art in his office. Whatever piece of currency Arthur Becker sets his eyes on, the mogul makes it part of his office collection. Becker is experienced in business. It is this experience that has made him now focus on a fast growing investment, the real estate.

Mr. Arthur Becker is an investor, a CEO and a father. Arthur Becker is the Chairman and CEO of Zinio. He is the former CEO of NaviSite. , the company served as a link in technology and applications management and connected clients from various parts of the world. NaviSite was the major data hosting company with offices in India, UK, and the USA. He is also in the management o the Madison Partners, LLC. This is an investment firm whose focal point is in the real estate. It started as a Bio Tech ventures.

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