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Securus Technologies has been impacting the lives of people, as it offers a convenient form of communications for inmates and visitor, while simultaneously providing law enforcement a tool which they can utilize to potentially solve crimes by utilizing the conversations that occur between the parties who utilize it.


The customer service representatives of Securus Technologies are fully trained and knowledgeable about the program and should be contacted should any current and/or potential user have any questions pertaining to it. If you are thinking about potentially using the program, then you should know that the website has all kinds of information regarding it that could be useful to you.


Securus Technologies is a communications platform that is allowing users to communicate via videoconferencing. It is especially different from regular types of communications, as it is allowing inmates and their visitors to engage in videoconferencing communications. It is a form of communications that was not necessarily ever available before, as traditional methods of visitation between inmates and their visitors consisted of visitors physically visiting the inmates at their correctional facilities.


The program of Securus Technologies is having a major role in communities, as it is enabling law enforcement officials to solve crimes by using the communications that are conducted within its videoconferencing chats between inmates and visitors. This is why inmates and their visitors are encouraged to avoid engaging in illegal activities at all times. Many correctional facilities today are experiencing corruption among their staff members, thus, causing law enforcement officials to essentially ramp up their efforts of investigating the crimes that are taking place. Solving crimes through Securus Technologies is becoming a regular occurrence these days, as it has been proven to be a great catalyst of doing so. Be sure to contact a representative of the customer service line today, as they’ll be able to provide you with the guidance that you need to begin your chat sessions.


Clay Siegall is the famed CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics. In an interview, he shared some personal secrets to success and a look into his successful career. He was always interested in medicine and how it can be used to improve life and turn around a life of someone that is sick. He first got interested in cancer treatment when a member of his family was sick and almost died — from the chemotherapy, not from the cancer. This showed him that there must be a way to find better treatments for cancer. That’s how he eventually got into Seattle Genetics.


At Seattle Genetics, they develop drugs that can help provide cures to cancer and other illnesses. Getting a drug approved by the FDA is a very long process and a huge achievement. After all, only around ten percent of drug applications actually get approved by the FDA. However, Seattle Genetics has many drugs approved by the FDA. For example, they have their antibody drug conjugate. This is actually the first antibody drug conjugate ever approved by the FDA! It’s approved for three indications.


Seattle Genetics is always doing seven to eight figure deals. They get their deals through meetings, connections and networking. They also have the best lawyers on their team. They have an amazing sales team. Clay Siegall thinks that what makes him successful and what makes Seattle Genetics successful is one thing: Hard work. People are always the same, and what differentiates between them is hard work.


In particular, Seattle Genetics focuses on developing drugs for conditions that have not seen an improvement yet in recent years in regards to mortality rates. He studied at the University of Maryland and George Washington University. He has a Ph.D. in genetics and a B.S. in zoology.


Seattle Genetics has a line of over twenty drugs. They are partnered with the major drug companies such as Pfizer. He grew Seattle Genetics from a small company to a major leader in the field of cancer drug treatment. Dr. Siegall has also worked at the Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as well as the National Cancer Institute.


The crave is new no-poo shampoo that is better known as a cleansing conditioner that comes complete with no harsh chemicals and sodium laureth sulfate that threaten to strip the hair of its natural luster. Without providing a deep lather, a cleansing conditioner works to penetrate the hair follicles and remove excess dirt. It strives to maintain the quality of your natural luster while being completely organic and safe for all hair types. Many women are choosing all-natural products to retain the resilience of the body and shine in their hair. Great hair doesn’t have to cost a fortune with the benefits of a popular quality hair care therapy system.

Wen by Chaz is unique for having essential amino acids vitamins C and E. They give your hair the quality protection that fights against extreme temperatures and UV rays. In fact, get superior protection against the threat of the heat by using styling tools. You never have to worry about harsh chemicals that threaten to damage your hair or make your curls hard to hold. Their no-poo shampoo without any lather is causing a hair sensation among famed beauticians everywhere. Their summer peach collection cleansing conditioner is their most popular brand.

Visit their exclusive website for an opportunity to try amazing brands like Mandarin Italian and Almond Mint. Their aromatherapy blend is highly preferred by their customers for intricate scents that aren’t available with their competitor products. Nourish your hair with a leading competitor brand by using Wen By Chaz today.



For a lot of people, advertising may be one of the hardest parts of the business. One of the reasons that advertising is so hard is that it requires a certain set of skills to convince people to get involved with a company. A lot of times, people actually do not believe in their own company. This is what causes such a huge obstacle for people that are trying to market their company to customers. Fortunately, there are others that can look into the company and come up with campaigns that will bring in all of the customers.


One of these companies is White Shark Media. One of the reasons they are so effective is that they believe in the company they are promoting. Therefore, they will come up with some very creative campaigns that will help the clients get all that they need from their business. They may even offer suggestions on what the clients can do to bring in more customers. After all, White Shark Media is not going to partake in false advertising. They will take the time to offer their suggestions to their clients on what they can do to improve their business. For instance, they will say that it might work well for their business if they offer some kind of product or service.


White Shark Media is very helpful in that they are highly involved with the customer. They are able to take a good look at the business, read the history and the purpose behind the business so that they will be able to come up with an effective advertising campaign for their customer. White Shark Media can also be creative towards their advertising. They can come up with different themes that they could relate to the company that they are advertising for so that customers will be come interested.


At the forefront of global activism, Avaaz is a civic organization with a big agenda. This includes human rights, climate change, poverty, animal rights, conflict and corruption. Founded in 2007 in the United States of America, Avaaz is considered to be a large and powerful citizen activist network online, according to The Guardian.

The name Avaaz is generated from several languages which translate similar words as “voice”. Its focus has many progressive goals, including reconciliation between factions or organizations in dispute, and the overall welfare of the people and animals living in all regions of the world. Thus, climate change has been one of their provocative issues.

Human health issues such as “swine flu” have prompted significant public media events like using a herd of cardboard pigs to get the attention of the World Health Organization to investigate conditions at pig farms. Ads, petitions, phone calls and internet communication are also part of their action strategies.

Funding is not from major corporations, but private individuals have generated over $20 million dollars for its operations and programs. Avaaz has challenged Monsanto, called for timely global response to the increasing climate change, and called for more support for refugees among other global concerns.

While this is a diverse and grandiose agenda, the foundations are fairly simple. Take positive non-violent action in this world to move it from where it is now to where it can be when idealists and positive people can reconcile the disparities among all. Make constructive changes in all global issues. This is easier to say than to put into action.
Avaaz strives for unity and is led by grass roots specialists’ perspectives.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.


The Jewish basketball professional Yanni Hufnagel is not slowing the growth of his career in college basketball anytime soon. He has carved out a niche for himself in the field. With so much love and passion for the game, Yanni has trained many young players into expert basketballers. Hufnagel is the undisputed king of college basketball.


Born and bred in the Scarsdale neighborhood of New York City, Yanni Hufnagel got accustomed to the fact that he didn’t have all it took to be the best basketball player who could rise through the ranks and become a legend. But he had a talent in training young athletes who wanted to be basketball players. Yanni then made the important decision of becoming a basketball coach and embarked on a plan that could help him get the prerequisite knowledge Yanni needed to be a coach. He enrolled at Penn University and later moved to Cornell where he earned a degree in Industrial Labor Relations.


His career as basketball coach began with an internship coaching position at the New Jersey Nets. It is during his graduate studies at Oklahoma University that he got a chance to become a graduate assistant to the basketball coach. Yanni boasts of a Master’s Degree in Adult and Higher Education. His specialty in the profession is the field of Intercollegiate Athletics Administration.


Yanni has had the rare opportunity of working as an assistant coach at Havard under the leadership Tommy Amaker. It is at Havard that Yanni demonstrated his resourcefulness and gained so much admiration as one of the most talented coaches. In the year 2013, Yanni Hufnagel became the coach of Vanderbilt. Some of his notable recruitments at Vanderbilt include legendary players Wade Baldwin IV and Mathew Fisher-Davis.


Yanni is currently the assistant coach for Eric Musselman and the University of Nevada’s Wolf Pack. His focus at the moment is scaling through the ranks to become a head coach.

Coming from a traditionally enterprising family, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, President of Grupo RBS, could not be different. Part of the third generation of the Sirotsky family and the grandson of the founder of the RBS Group, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho has become an important figure in the business world. Currently, he is president and chairman who covers the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, and chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. In an article on Dino, he is also chairman and founder of E Bricks Digital, a RBS company that invests in business development in the digital sector and operates in Brazil and the United States.

Prior to joining Sirotsky in 2004 as Director General for the RBS Group’s National Market, Duda began his career in North America. He was a Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation in 2002 and Director-General of non-traditional media company BoxTop Media the same year he joined the Family Communication Network, both in the United States. He became chairman of the RBS group in 2012 and in 2015 as chairman of the board of directors of the corporation. Last year, stamped another star on the resume, the entrepreneur was chosen to compose the list of leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Each year, the selection gathers 25 members of the new generations of entrepreneurial families from all over the world who are leading the business and are considered examples for society.

Asked about his inspiration for such a remarkable legacy, Melzer mentions American John Davis, a Harvard professor and a family business specialist, one of the world’s most sought-after consultants in the field today. Davis’s relationship with RBS comes from 1999, the Sirotsky company was its first customer in Brazil. Davis’s rules of excellence worked, RBS, with the help of the teacher and the effort and dedication of the family, has become one of the largest and most important communication groups in the country. Melzer highlights two other influential thinkers in the entrepreneurial world, to whom he makes periodic consultancies: Jim Collins and Ram Charan. Additionally, he says he believes in the success of family-run businesses with professional management. Well, it’s not by chance that the RBS Group completes 60 years of history.

Follow him on Twitter

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3. Avi Weisfogel is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters, a group that covers solutions for sleep anxiety and disturbed breathing while sleeping.

Although there are many issues related to the disturbed breathing system problem, Dental Sleep Master has achieved a way to counter all of them through intensive research and diagnosis. It can be a problem related to the patient’s heart, blood glucose, anxiety, depression, and other kinds of diseases that are very far from each other, making it very hard to fight back. Dr. Avi has conducted a team of specialists that were able to do it.

Many dentists have already joined the team because of the promising results that they have achieved in the few years of action in the industry. The research that Sleep Masters have conducted has now made possible branches of the medicine front that weren’t before because now, these disturbances have been solved.

Avi Weisfogel has developed a model that can be followed to achieve the best results in treating the sleep disorders and finding the problem with the patients. Each case is unique, but the team is prepared for every possible cause of the lack of peace during sleep time. Any dentist can become a part of the program and learn with the first group that did it, just by visiting their website and reading through this page:

Dental Sleep Masters is located in New Jersey.

4. Avi Weisfogel has a long history in understanding sleep disturbances. He began his career in the field by establishing his office, the Old Bridge Dental Care, in 1999. It stayed strong under his leadership for fifteen years before the doctor decided to continue onwards to new opportunities. During his time at Old Bridge, he received many awards related to odontology, some gifting the doctor the title of the best dentist of the province.

In 2010, he founded another startup, the Healthy Heart Sleep, already emphasizing his research in developing new ways to treat sleep disturbance by diagnosing problems related to the heart.

In 2012, Avi Weisfogel established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, where he attempted to teach dentists and professionals in the area the causes of sleep anxiety. It would be two years later that he would create Dental Sleep Masters, furthering his contribution to the world in understanding how to treat severe lack of sleep.


If you like making slime and other gooey things to play with, then you’ll want to follow along as Wengie has created a few unique colors and textures. The products use items that you likely have around the house right now. Fluffy slime is one that is easy to make and has a lighter feel and weight to it, making it easy to play with and stretch all day. You need a few bowls, some Elmer’s glue, shaving cream and food coloring. You also need baking soda and contact lens solution. Add some glue to the bowl. You don’t need a lot of the glue for the slime to work. Add shaving foam to the bowl. You want to add just a pinch of baking soda. When everything is mixed together, add your colors. This is the time to add the lens solution. The solution is what will turn the slime so that it’s stretchy instead of hard. It’s ready when the slime sticks to itself instead of the bowl.


Another type of slime that you can make is crunchy. You need a large bowl, Sta-Flo liquid starch, clear PVA glue clear beads and food coloring. Pour the glue into the bowl. The amount will depend on how much slime you want to make. Add the food coloring next. Slowly add the starch to the bowl until the slime solidifies. Finally, add the beads so that the slime has a crunchy texture. The clear glue can make the slime shiny and opaque.

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is a highly successful alternative investments firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada and under their leadership the company has almost $18 billion in assets under management. The company started out focused on collateralized loan obligations which are an alternative asset class they pioneered in at a time where most didn’t even know what these were.

The management of Highland Capital offers a diverse set of alternative assets which are designed to offer their clients greater diversity than just staying with stocks and bonds, as well as provide strong returns. One of Highland Capital Management’s strongest performers in 2016 was their mutual fund HSZAX which returned 31.6% compared to the S&P 500 which returned 12% and the Russell 2000 index which returned 21.3%. The strong return was due to James Dondero and Chief Investment Officer Michael Gregory’s management of the fund. They had picked out pipeline partnerships as a key industry to invest in during the global market downturn in oil prices. As cash flow in this industry is dependent on the amount of oil that flows through the pipes rather than the value of oil itself, it had become underpriced compared to its true market value which they took advantage of. Gregory said he expects the healthcare industry to outperform this year as pharmaceutical companies release new drugs that aren’t as easy to abuse as opioids are in the current prescription drug crisis facing the nation.

The management of Highland Capital Management made giving back to the community as part of the DNA of the company. They have helped support a large variety of nonprofits in the Dallas Community. Among these are the Dallas Zoo, Education for Freedom, Capital for Kids, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and Snowball Express, an education-focused nonprofit. The company also financially supports the American Heart Association and their effort to improve heart health across the United States and promote healthy living eating and exercise. Additionally, the management of the company lends their expertise to several boards of nonprofit organizations.

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