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If you like making slime and other gooey things to play with, then you’ll want to follow along as Wengie has created a few unique colors and textures. The products use items that you likely have around the house right now. Fluffy slime is one that is easy to make and has a lighter feel and weight to it, making it easy to play with and stretch all day. You need a few bowls, some Elmer’s glue, shaving cream and food coloring. You also need baking soda and contact lens solution. Add some glue to the bowl. You don’t need a lot of the glue for the slime to work. Add shaving foam to the bowl. You want to add just a pinch of baking soda. When everything is mixed together, add your colors. This is the time to add the lens solution. The solution is what will turn the slime so that it’s stretchy instead of hard. It’s ready when the slime sticks to itself instead of the bowl.


Another type of slime that you can make is crunchy. You need a large bowl, Sta-Flo liquid starch, clear PVA glue clear beads and food coloring. Pour the glue into the bowl. The amount will depend on how much slime you want to make. Add the food coloring next. Slowly add the starch to the bowl until the slime solidifies. Finally, add the beads so that the slime has a crunchy texture. The clear glue can make the slime shiny and opaque.

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is a highly successful alternative investments firm that is based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada and under their leadership the company has almost $18 billion in assets under management. The company started out focused on collateralized loan obligations which are an alternative asset class they pioneered in at a time where most didn’t even know what these were.

The management of Highland Capital offers a diverse set of alternative assets which are designed to offer their clients greater diversity than just staying with stocks and bonds, as well as provide strong returns. One of Highland Capital Management’s strongest performers in 2016 was their mutual fund HSZAX which returned 31.6% compared to the S&P 500 which returned 12% and the Russell 2000 index which returned 21.3%. The strong return was due to James Dondero and Chief Investment Officer Michael Gregory’s management of the fund. They had picked out pipeline partnerships as a key industry to invest in during the global market downturn in oil prices. As cash flow in this industry is dependent on the amount of oil that flows through the pipes rather than the value of oil itself, it had become underpriced compared to its true market value which they took advantage of. Gregory said he expects the healthcare industry to outperform this year as pharmaceutical companies release new drugs that aren’t as easy to abuse as opioids are in the current prescription drug crisis facing the nation.

The management of Highland Capital Management made giving back to the community as part of the DNA of the company. They have helped support a large variety of nonprofits in the Dallas Community. Among these are the Dallas Zoo, Education for Freedom, Capital for Kids, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and Snowball Express, an education-focused nonprofit. The company also financially supports the American Heart Association and their effort to improve heart health across the United States and promote healthy living eating and exercise. Additionally, the management of the company lends their expertise to several boards of nonprofit organizations.

The Kabbalah Center is an organization that is non-profit that makes the standards of Kabbalah relevant and understandable to daily existence. The Kabbalah Center instructors offer learners with spiritual tools in regard to kabbalistic rules that learners can apply necessarily to enhance their own lives and thus, improve the world. The Center was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and currently traverses the globe with other centers in more than 40 cities in addition in addition to an extended online presence. The Kabbalah Center trains Kabbalah as universe intelligence that understands religion or bible, and can be contemplated by anybody despite of their path or faith.

Displaying the knowledge from a genealogy of awesome kabbalalists, The Kabbalah Center gives a course of study that portrays the inception of Creation, the spiritual and physical laws of the universe, including human presence, and the journey that the soul takes. How Kabbalah keeps on growing is an old wisdom that gives reasonable tools for establish lasting fulfillment and joy. It’s a great framework of innovation that totally changes the manner in which people view the world. Kabbalah is not taught as a scholarly study rather than a way of enabling people have a better world and life.With Kabbalah you will get the spiritual wisdom that someone needs as it contains the long-concealed keys to the universe secrets in addition to the human soul and heart mysteries.

Kabbalistic lessons clarify the complexities of the nonmaterial universe and substances, alongside the physical and profound nature of all humankind. It also demonstrates in detail the best practices to explore that unlimited landscape with a specific end goal to evacuate each type of bedlam, agony, and suffering. For many years, the colossal Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube sages have shown that each individual is born in this world with potential for greatness.And Kabbalah is the way to activate that potential, however, it is often intended to be utilized and not just for learning. Its motivation is to bring clarity, comprehension, and opportunity to our lives – and eventually to try and eradicate demise itself. Kabbalah Center International extends the welcome for education for everybody, regardless of their current circumstance. Additionally, they offer scholarships to those with a powerful urge to learn and share Kabbalah; however who might not have any means to study the same.

Eric Pulier is a brilliant and multi-faceted serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has worked hard to bring a positive impact in the world of technology and innovation. When he graduated from the Teaneck High School in New Jersey, he went on to become the best business entity in the region. He also founded the Database Management Company to take care of database management systems belonging to corporations and companies in the area. Because he graduated with the highest studies in high school, he secured a position to study at the Harvard University. He commenced his education as an English expert. He also wrote for the Harvard business magazine to secure his site at the American Journals.


Eric Pulier worked hard and graduated with the highest honors. For this reason, he went on to develop his passion for technology and innovation. His career commenced in Los Angeles where he settled and founded his first company. During that time, technology was the latest thing in the country. Anyone considered to be economically advantaged sought any form of technology. For this reason, it was easy for him to rise to the top and secure business advantage. Eric Pulier has focused his development and work on the technological innovation and economic advantages. He is also one of the biggest business profiles in the world of technology and innovation. Since he was a child, he used to program computers to undertake certain commands. For him, this was the simplest thing he could do. However, people around him started working to attain his attention and develop business through his innovation capabilities.


Eric Pulier is also a great philanthropist. He has worked to determine the end of certain medical disorders among the low-income children. According to Eric Pulier, more money is flowing into the pockets of the rich individuals. However, it is so sad that that money cannot be used to change the life of the low-income children in the United States and other poor parts of the world. For this reason, his philanthropic activities have seen more than 100 children get treated for their chronic illnesses.



Sawyer Howitt is the Meriwether group founder’s son. He is affiliated with Portland, Oregon’s Racquetball Club. Given his interest in the game the lad is a face to look out for in Racquetball. Still a youngster, Sawyer has the bulk of his experience in Racquetball in the Oregon High School team. Sawyer notwithstanding his age, is known to many in the USA Racquetball and this is a harbinger of the celebrity he will enjoy in the near future.

Other Side of the Coin

Apart from his sharp interest in Racquetball, Sawyer Howitt is also immersed in the operational aspects of business. He also has a keen sense of the financial side of business. He can handle complicated spreadsheets, take notes during meetings ad handle many other aspects of business. No task is either too big for him or beneath him.

Sawyer Howitt who is now in the second semester of his senior year majors in business finance. He has a balanced combination of both the artistry as well as the analytics needed to make an all-round entrepreneur. His experience working at Kure Juice bars helped him learn a lot about customer service in business.

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As young as he is Sawyer Howitt understands the rewarding nature of philanthropy. He has taken part and directed quite a number of philanthropic groups that are passionate about education and women rights. He led an international ethics study group devised to mentor youths who were having issues in life. He has also served in various administrative internships.

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The ability to help others should never be taken for granted by people. There are many people who help others on a daily basis. Some help in little ways while others help in more obvious ways. The number of people who are in need seems to increase every year. What people need and how they receive help has always been a challenge for charities and philanthropists.


The most difficult aspect to helping those in need for charities and philanthropists has changed over the years. Today, the challenge for many is being able to reach the people in need. Many people who need help do not have access to organizations in the manner that they use to have a few decades ago. The system has changed that helps people in need. Therefore, people in need have to find help in many cases, which can be difficult.


As a change has occurred in how people are able to get help, charities and philanthropists have taken a more direct role in helping those in need. There are many philanthropists who have made a huge difference in the lives of many people who need help. While there are many people in the philanthropy community who help people, there are a few who are more known than others for their help and contributions. One of these people is Adam Milstein.


As a philanthropist, Adam Milstein has accomplished many things. He was recently selected as one of the top 200 philanthropists in the world. An honor that should never be taken lightly, Adam Milstein has done many things in his life to be to the point where he is recognized as one of the top 200 philanthropists.


Adam Milstein is one of the most prominent people in the Jewish community. He is a leader in the Jewish community who understands the importance in taking a major role in how organizations are ran within the Jewish community.


Adam Milstein has contributed to many organizations over the years regarding helping people in need. Also, his family has established an organization that helps many people in need with a wide variety of services.


Yoga pants have increasingly become popular all over the world as more people embrace health and fitness. This has led to a booming business especially when it comes to getting appropriate workout attires at In fact, research shows that athletic wear is multibillion-dollar industry, a trend that is likely to continue even in the coming years. Getting the right attire for working out is now more than just being fancy.

The launch of Fabletics in 2013 was a move to fit in a niche that was quickly becoming crowded yet the needs of customers were not sufficiently met. Fabletics provide a unique brand for the much-needed active wear on It offers an opportunity for everyone to get affordable, good quality sportswear that was only available to the wealthy since the price was too high. Fabletics leverages the playing field and gives everyone an opportunity to work out in the best attires that goes a long way in boosting confidence when exercising. The founder of Fabletics Kate Hudson has made working out fashionable and accessible to many.

Fabletics is part of Justfab brand portfolio. Justfab is the leading fashion subscription e-commerce site that has been on the market with an estimated 500 million dollars in yearly sales. Fabletics makes 30% of these sales, which is quite impressive considering that it has just been on the market for two years. Don Ressler, the CEO and founder of Justfab explains the next move with this active wear brand.

Don Ressler is famed for having an eye to spot excellent brands with the potential to grow and become something within no time. He has expertise in developing such brands into world leading and industry breaking brands. He came into Fabletics because of the passion that he shares with his wife, Ginger. According to, they tapped into the market of athletic wear because they live in them since they have been athletes since their college days. While it was possible to find excellent yoga pants and matching shirts, most were not fashion sensible and were very expensive. Don Ressler came together with his partner Adam Goldenberg and mapped out the potential of this industry which led to them joining faces with Kate Hudson, the owner of Fabletics. During the first meeting with Kate, Don Ressler knew that Fabletics was the active-wear brand that would make an impact in the world.

Online reputation management becomes more relevant to businesses each day. Twitter mentions, Facebook pages, and Yelp! Reviews can have a significant impact on the success of a company. Entire industries have been built up around online reputation management, controlling search engine traffic, and building social media presences. As information continues to become more easily available every day, the need to be vigilant in maintaining a positive online presence grows.

The need for online reputation management has given rise to companies like Lumentus, a New York company that helps build, maintain, and in some cases rebuild online brand presence. As outlined in this article by PR Newswire, Lumentus recently released an extensive guide on building and maintaining an online reputation. The guide, titled “How to Make the Right First Impression: A Guide to Digital Reputation Management,” is an extensively researched guide with insight into the process and techniques used to manage an online reputation. The article gives great insight into the significance of managing your online reputation.

According to, one of the main reasons that managing your online presence is important is the sheer volume of traffic generated by search engines- the article claims over 64%- and the effect that such traffic can have on your bottom line. Other elements of a brand with digital presence include use of social media, the company’s own website, and the mentions of the brand in pages indexed by Google and other search engines. Poor online presence can have drastic effects on even well-established companies, and that is where things like the Lumentus guide come into play. A modern society requires a modern strategy, and businesses must learn to build such a strategy if they want to succeed.

Have you ever wanted to take your database to the next level? With the technology industries booming and the on-demand requirements from growing business NuoDB is definitely your go to for a smart database. With NuoDB you will get to reduce the time to market, increase agility, lower total cost of ownership, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
NuODB has many business benefits with SQL cloud technology that includes memory-centric, an automated failover, and disaster recovery. NuoDB is a database that can anticipate tomorrow’s needs today. With NuoDB the cost will be low so there is no need for complex, expensive architecture and additional components. The great part of NuoDB is that you can test drive the database. It has a guided technical demo that uses docker containers to give you hands on experience with on the website. NuoDB is indeed transformative and is supported for elastic scalability and continuous availability in cloud and containerized environments. NuoDB enables you to easily and quickly move capacity on demand without disruption or provisioning while still maintaining street ACID semantics. If your looking for a start-up and developing a new app NuoDB is the database that can grow with you. NuoDB is the best database to educate yourself.
NuoDB will prepare you for the future, satisfy the present, and definitely support the past.

Jason Hope has been an innovator in technology for many years. He is based in Arizona and has dedicated himself to helping other young entrepreneurs realize the dreams that they have set for themselves. Jason understands that great ideas come from all sorts of areas. It is important to provide a platform for talented individuals who are looking to make an impact in a very important industry.

Technology has been an important part of society since the beginning of time. New advancements are introduced on a regular basis. These concepts affect the way people live their daily lives and conduct important business. Jason Hope has remained at the forefront of this industry and is looking to provide the next great innovation.

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The Internet of Things is the concept of all human operating equipment working together in some capacity. Computer software has made this very common. Smart technology is prevalent in cell phones, televisions, laptops and pads. Consumers have become used to accessing their favorite programs and gaming software on all of there favorite devices. The Internet of Things is pioneering the notion that this operating procedure will eventually affect other common equipment such as automobiles and household appliances.

Jason Hope used his creative mind to influence other areas of society. His technical experience has helped him contribute to the Health Care industry. He has committed a great deal of time and effort to assist scientists and foundations in discovering new ways to combat critical diseases. The idea is to prolong human life and increase wellness.

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