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The tech industry has created plenty of fortunes. Alex Hern didn’t have to look too far to find opportunities for himself. His million dollar fortune comes from investments covering every sector of the tech world. From mobile devices to virtual reality, Alex Hern has a company making a profit. Entrepreneurs with his level of success don’t rely on luck to carry them. They have a strategy for every scenario, and they aren’t afraid to embrace the unknown. That approach makes it easy to create profitable companies in even the worst conditions. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Hern’s first taste of fortune came from mobile devices. Today, we don’t think about the mobile devices we take with us everywhere we go. This was not the case a decade ago when smartphones were entering the market. Nobody knew which devices would succeed or if smartphones would fade away as a fad. Hern’s accurate market predictions led to the success he has now. He went on to invest in IPOs worth much more than the initial mobile tech company he started with. His reputation rose until it reached the point it has today. Now, he focuses his energy on developing virtual reality tech for the business world. Follow Alex Hern on

The future success of Alex Hern hinges on virtual reality. His new company Tsunami VR is trying to create a more serious image for the budding technology. Although there are plenty of gaming VR apps, there are only a few “professional” VR apps. The business world isn’t using virtual reality devices in any meaningful capacity. Tsunami VR is trying to change this with their communication apps. Most businesses use text-based apps for communication, but this limits the power of the message. Virtual reality will allow us to communicate in a more personal way. If Alex Hern succeeds, future businesses will communicate in completely new ways.


Even though Ara Chackerian isn’t a doctor, he’s a prominent figure in the healthcare field. He knows a lot about health care and how to help people get the most for the health care options they have. He focuses on how he can help others and what he can do to make everything better for everyone in the industry. He always wanted people to see him as someone who knew how to help and knew how to get things the right way. Even when he started out, Ara Chackerian knew he had a lot of work to do. He believed he was the best chance for success in the health industry because of the work he did. He spent a lot of time finding out new ways to fix different issues people had. He wanted to make sure they had someone who cared about the opportunities they had and the things that would make their lives better. You can visit



Despite the struggles he had to deal with when he first started TMS Health Solutions, Chackerian knew it was worth it. He also knew that as someone who was not a doctor in the medical community, he would have to work twice as hard as anyone else who was doing the same thing. He teamed up with doctors to make sure he could help them realize they were doing things the best way possible. He always knew the importance of helping people understand these options and that’s how he pushed to continue making sure he was doing everything the right way despite some of the issues others had. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian believed in giving back to the community. With his work, he came up with new ideas to help those who had depression. Part of what he did was an important part of the industry and an important way for him to continue doing business. Ara always wanted people to have a strong understanding of the work he did and the things he created while he was helping others with these issues. He also knew things would continue getting better since he was such a big part of TMS Health Solutions.



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Fortress Investment Group is known around the world as a leader in investment management. The company currently has almost 2,000 clients and over $40,000,000 under their managerial control. This is an astounding feat for a company that has been in business for just over twenty years. This growth, however, is sure to expand even more rapidly in the near future. This growth prediction is based on the recent financial transaction they completed with the global Wi-Fi provider, iPass.

The Daily Forex Report reports that Fortress Investment Group partnered up with iPass in an article that was recently published on their website. The article was written by Jacob Maslow and was published on July 17, 2018. It discusses in great detail the recent financial transaction that took place between the two companies. The history and successes of both companies are also discussed.

The financial transaction between iPass and Fortress Investment Group was a loan for the amount of $20,000,000. According to the article, the funds will be used for iPass to immensely expand their Wi-Fi services around the world. This expansion will allow the company to provide internet access to millions of people around the world at various venues and businesses. It also states that Riley Financial, Inc. provided the brokerage services to act as a mediator in the closing of this transaction. SoftBank to Buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion.

Fortress Investment Group has been in business for over twenty years. They specialize in various types of investment opportunities in the private sector, hedge funds, and other financial lending services. The company was founded by Peter Brider, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens. It was recently sold to Softbank, a Japanese based corporation. However, the company continues to operate independently. The Fortress Investment Group has its’ headquarters in New York, New York. The company also operates offices in additional cities throughout the world.

The completion of the merger between Talos Energy Inc. and Stone Energy Corporation sent out shockwaves that could be felt throughout the energy and production industry. Skeptics of the decision on the part of Talos CEO Tim Duncan to seek the merger cited the immense size of Stone Energy and the company’s bankrupts status is evidence Duncan was making a critical mistake.Tim Duncan remained undaunted by the criticism and knew that the opportunity to obtain the public listing that would gain through the merger was well worth any potential complications he and Talos would endure from making the deal. And now that the deal is complete it is evident that not only was Duncan correct about the public listing but Talos Energy is now enjoying other benefits from the merger.

Production Capabilities

The combined resources that are now under the Talos Energy umbrella following the merger means that the company will now be able to produce 47,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis and the assets the company controls have been proven to contain 136 million barrels of oil reserves.

Financial Flexibility

Talos announcing once the merger was completed that it had a new credit facility agreement in place with a $600 million borrowing base, half of which is available immediately. The company also possesses $450 million in liquid assets with $150 million of these assets represented as cash on hand. The increased flexibility of finances enjoyed by Talos Energy along with the company’s ability to navigate market pressures is a great setup for the company to realize more innovation in the industry.

The Tim Duncan Effect

As an independent oil and gas company, Talos Energy can greatly benefit from both the leadership qualities and knack for forward thinking possessed by CEO Tim Duncan. Duncan has shown the ability to see the value in distressed assets that many times is not discernible to Talos competitors. One example of this was the company’s 2005 acquisition of Phoenix Field, which is now their most valuable asset. The field was at the time controlled by Chevron until Hurricane Rita caused the 13,000-ton platform to capsize and drift away in the Gulf of Mexico. Only Tim Duncan was interested in the cleanup and acquisition of the asset. Today, Phoenix Field is responsible for 16,00 barrels of oil daily.

Bumble is an app developed by co-founder Whitney Wolfe, a previous founder of another popular dating app Tinder. After a messy breakup with her ex boyfriend and former boss, Whitney Wolfe met her current husband, Michael Herd and Andrey Andreev who would become her business partner. In 2014, the duo released Bumble, an app that put women in the drivers seat in the online dating world. Since it’s release there has been two offshoots of Bumble, Bumble BFF that allows people to meet for platonic friendships, and plans to start Bumble Bizz to help find careers.

Bumble is a leader in it’s industry when it comes to the comfort and safety of women within the app. This includes one of first facial verification requirements to ensure that site users are who they say. Users submit a photo of them in a certain pose to Bumble, which is then verified with their user photo to complete the process. Bumble also uses a system where people swipe to show interest, but contact can only be initiated by women. This idea was from the creator, Whitney Wolfe. Wolfe describes growing up in a small town where girls were taught to be passive and wait for the men to ask them out. She recollects seeing bad behaviors from the men, bad habits she sees reflected in the online dating world often. Bumble has accomplished a lot, including over 35 million users across 160 countries and three billion messages.


This success has placed Whitney Wolfe in the top 40 under 40 at only 20 years old. She has also become the first woman on Imagine Entertainments board of directors. Bumble is quickly growing with the user-base growing around 70% every year. Forbes has valued the company at over $1 billion, so it seems Whitney Wolfe success will continue to show in the world of online dating.

One of the many things that could challenge the growth, sustainability and leading performance of a company is the threat of change. There are changes in a company that would transform it against its own directions. There are changes in leadership that would put down what already worked in the company’s management style. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Trabuco Bradesco leadership today. This Trabuco Bradesco style of management that’s popularized by Luiz Carlos Trabuco for Bradesco has brought growth, risk aversion and fantastic results to the bank. It may even be safe to claim that the Trabuco Bradesco management system has made Bradesco to be Brazil’s second-largest bank. There are complexities in a company that’s going too large, but hopefully, the Trabuco Bradesco kind of leadership has given the bank a foolproof hedge against such complexities. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco Bradesco.

There are many ways to understand how Trabuco Bradesco was able to lead the way he did. There are analysts trying to study how he’s able to grow his company to where the company is today. It can be said that one of the things that made Trabuco do this is the fact that he’s been with the company since he was still a young boy, working for Bradesco as a clerk. He is now retired as Bradesco’s president, even after extending his position for the company until he was 67 years old. The new president now, as officially reported by Estadao, would be Octavio De Lazari Junior. Fortunately, he would still be running Bradesco with the guidance of Trabuco. Trabuco saw Lazari as a fantastic leader to continue the business values and culture of Bradesco. With such continuity, it may be easy for Lazari to handle the R $1.3 Trillion worth of assets and credit portfolio of Bradesco.


The Valor news portal also reported some of the factors that may be strong considerations of why Lazari was picked as the new president. One of them would be loyalty. Lazari has been with Bradesco since 1978, working for the company as an agency manager. Since then, he’s been able to show his commitment, ethical values, and dedication for Bradesco that no other employee might even consider to show. Read this article at Glamurama.

Meet Robert Ivy, the executive vice president and the American Institute of Architects’s Chief Executive Officer from the year 2011. Ivy got honored by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters as the only architect and an origin of Mississippi through receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Ivy determined to inform the public and educate them about the architecture. Thus, he promotes the professional architecture. The award symbolizes the first time an architect received a Noel Pork Award, an honor presented to the Mississippi-connect artists and art patrons running a body that promotes, perform, and creates art.

“Robert Ivy should serve as the ambassador of our mission at AIA as practicing architect, auditor, and author,” said Carl Elefante, the President of AIA. The President of AIA was glad to to represent the organisation in congratulating Ivy for his unique honor. The individual ascends to his rightful position. Ivy said that the achievement was possible with the hand of the AIA family and the team of management. Other Mississippians with the same award include Eudora Welty, Morgan Freeman, and Walter Anderson.


The leadership of Robert Ivy at the AIA is shaping the performance level of the institute attaining the highest membership level in the history of the last 160 years. Before becoming the CEO of the AIA in the year 2011, Ivy was the Editor-in-Chief of the McGraw Hill’s Architectural Journal. The high recognition of the journal in the entire world attracted the National Magazine Honor for the general excellence. Ivy came up with the McGraw Hill’s Architectural design and construction and also formulating the Mandarin Version of Architectural Journal famous in the Middle East and China.

At the AIA, Robert Ivy made it possible for all the Americans to practice architecture all across the globe under the seven global chapters of AIA. Ivy’s preaching of the architectural design made him get recognized by the National Architectural Fraternity naming him the Master Architect, the title given to few other Mississippians like R. Buckminster Fuller and Ludwig Mies-van-der-Rohe. Additionally, Ivy got an award of the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture in the year 2017.

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The early life of Milan Kordestani involved moving from California to England due to family issues that surrounded the marriage between his parents. His early education involved spells at Eaton Square School and Sacred Heart Preparatory where he graduated from high school studies. His dedication in horse riding was unmatched, and he could not be scared by any horse, however, aggressive it was. This can be manifested through a situation that faced him where he was thrown off by a horse. Surprisingly, Milan got back on the horse and rode back to the camp. Very few people would have done that to a horse that just threw them off the trail.

His horse riding exploits would continue where he was motivated to ride any world-class available while at the same time gearing to win blue ribbons. Through his motivation in horse riding activities, Kordestani won a triple race through his competitive horse CH His Supreme Reflection. This win was not the only phenomenon achievement as Kordestani followed the win with another Steller performance at World Horse Show where he emerged fourth among a plethora of experienced riders. This performance would later be followed by other vital achievements in horse riding such as World Championship Horse Show, American Royal, and culminating this performance with a second finish in Five Gaited Show under his age group.

Kordestani dedication and innovation in horse riding could also be seen in entrepreneurship. He found the Milan Firm’s while in the second year, which is an excellent achievement for a person of his age and education. The firm specializes in the production of poultry, saffron, and eggs for commercial selling. The company works in connection with other organizations in the country to achieve its goals and objectives. Moreover, Milan Firm stands out as one of the first organizations to grow saffron through hydroponic technology.

Currently, Kordestani works as the CEO of the firm he found in 2015. The idea of the firm is to offer quality products to its customers who are organically produced. In this period where there are many people out there relying on false information to convince customers, Milan Firms provide an honest option to poultry and poultry product buyers.

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Victoria Doramus, the fashion expert, has shown that it is possible to overcome issues that develop in life if you are willing to try and overcome. Doramus had found that she was drawn to Adderall and cocaine. Instead of trying to manage the problem that she was having by herself she decided to go to rehab to try and get the help that she needed to overcome that problem that she was having. She decided to take a step to get help when she was 26. Doramus realized that she had a problem that affected her daily life. She wasn’t able to function so she felt the need to get help as fast as she could.

After going to rehab and returning home Victoria Doramus discovered that she got great tools in rehab, but the tools that she received were not powerful enough to help her stop. She found that the addiction that she had to Adderall and cocaine was not merely a problem, but it was a disease that she would have to fight off if she wanted to be completely healed. Doramus’ journey to recovery by herself turned out to be a failure. She had no family or friends and trying to stay sober turned into her trying to stay high. She did what she felt was necessary to remain high whenever she could.

In 2016 on Thanksgiving Victoria Doramus was arrested. After being arrested, she ended up in a facility in Texas that helped people overcome their addiction. She was there for 12 months. During the twelve months that she was in the facility, she was not able to use drugs at all. When Doramus, a creative marketer and trends expert, got out of the facility, she discovered that by helping people who have the problem that she had overcome she was able to stay sober. Visit her website to know more facts.

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Waste management and pollution-as-symbolism seem quite popular themes in modern fiction (qua, Dellilo’s Underworld) thus it seems fitting that Hollywood actor and sometimes reporter, Sean Penn’s debut novel should cast a waste management expert as the lead. Penn’s novel, curiously titled, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,’ begins in — and tells the story of Bob, a boomer who works numerous different jobs, one of which happens to be a stint as an assassin. Bob is proficient, disgruntled, antisocial and yet extremely keen and idealistic; perpetually at odds with the powers that be, Bob ranges throughout the United States, on an absurdist journey of self discovery. To encompass and delineate any more of the plot would be a fairly faulty endeavor as the focus of the book is less on narrative clarity than on social commentary, which increases in terms of both frequency and indignation the further into the tome one delves.

Bob seems to be something of an avatar for Penn, especially given lines such as the following, “America, it seems to Bob, is no longer that beautiful girl who’d birthed him, but instead, the ghost of a girl he’d never known.” This line (and many similar one’s which can be found scattered throughout the book) encapsulate both the character’s outsider mentality as well as Penn’s own political frustrations. Some of his character’s are relatively transparent analogs to real life people, such as The Landlord, the president of Bob Honey, an unmistakable facsimile of Donald J. Trump, president of the United States of America (‘landlord’ doubtless referring to Trump’s history of business in the real estate industry). In the tale, Penn describes The Landlord as a “-violently immature seventy-year-old boy-man with money and French vanilla cotton candy hair,” such descriptions, whilst amusing, have been cited by critics as being a little “on the nose” and distracting to the plot.


Given the newness of the work, no critical consensus has yet been reached but the two principal opinions which seem to be forming, positive and negative, are firstly, that the book is narratively all over the place, yet, at the same time, a biting and highly amusing look into contemporary politics (and what Penn thinks about them). Thus, if you are someone who likes their fiction wild, multi-layered, crazy, colorful and relevant, Penn’s peculiar and incendiary novel, ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff‘ might just be for you.

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