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Entrepreneur Todd Lubar is not your ordinary entrepreneur. There are many interesting and positive facets to Todd that are motivating and encouraging. He brings this level of humanness to every relationship. His key to entrepreneurial success lies in the fact that he can establish a quick rapport with many types of persons: all engaged in various professions and with differing backgrounds. Lubar is just as at home sitting in the stylish; yet, practical office of a certified public accountant as riding shotgun, inside of the truck of a successful general contractor. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and serves as the Senior Vice-President of Legendary Investments.


Todd achieved academic success, early, attending the prestigious private schools of Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie School in idyllic Hightstown, New Jersey. He furthered his education in attaining a degree at Syracuse, University in New York in 1995. However, even with his refined background, do not think that Lubar is “choking on a silver spoon” so to speak. He combines ambition and determination, and, greatly, possesses the measurable good-naturedness of a devoted parent; and is a contributor to the needs of persons in positions, not so financially-favorable. His strong character and goal-setting characteristics naturally draw the professional business community in partnering up with Lubar.


Todd began a career in Real Estate, after attaining his degree from Syracuse University, in 1995. He joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation, at the time, as a loan originator. Todd admits, that while at Crestar, he was adequately able to learn all of the ins and outs of conventional mortgage banking. His experience proved highly useful. During his affiliation with Crestar, Todd built rapports with Realtors, in the area; a good many certified public accountants; professionals within the insurance industry, and persons engaged as financial planning representatives. Lubar used the extensive contact list, he had acquired, as a way to attain further referrals with respect to his loan origination functions. He worked at Crestar, until 1999. Among other financial affiliations he has held positons within property development organizations and mortgage lending institutions: wherein he attained high-end financial success.


During the period of 2007 to 2008, the mortgage industry was in a transformational mode. Todd made the adjustment by overseeing business operations within other enterprises. He became involved in the business operations of a commercial demolition company—for instance. He further became active in the business operations of a scrap metal recycling enterprise, a night club, and became more knowledgeable about the real estate development industry. Yes: Lubar had quite a bit on his plate—which to contend—however, in typical Lubar fashion, he was quite happy to step up to the plate to meet his challenges.


His varied business experiences proved enhancing, according to Lubar. By involving himself in varying businesses, he quickly acquired the information of how to best run a business enterprise and how to reach optimum levels of efficiency with regard to these various business environments: a process that has served him well during his progressive financial and real estate career.


During his avocational time, Lubar spends time with his children. He enjoys his time-off, at various locations, on the east coast–such as Maine. He additionally likes to travel to friendly and sunny locales such as California. He currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland. Todd states that he likes to encourage people. This character trait has boded well for the distinguished entrepreneur—he easily establishes a rapport with people; and encouragingly is a high-end achiever as it pertains to all of his business endeavors.

As Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa suggests, while purchasing a property for rental purposes in Panama or any other country, one needs to be conscious enough in the process.
The following tips will provide some guidance

1. Purchase at Price Less Than the Market Values
“Profit” is the key to this investment. That said, you need to ensure the property for rent is bought at the lowest price possible to earn a profit. It is advisable to consult brokers in Panama and also carry out market research to gather information about real estate costs on

2. Select the right region
With the research above, you can choose the best location in Panama where your rental property should be. There exist a high demand for rental properties on in Panama City, either on islands, beaches as well as mountains.

3. Understand the laws governing Panama rental
You should know the applicable rules regarding Panama rental real estate. To gain more information on such rules, go through the article “Laws Rentals in Panama.”

4. Ensure services availability
So as meet the tenant’s expectations, it is advisable to ensure that public and private services are easily accessible. For instance, parking facilities, gym, social areas as well as strong security.

5. Guarantee Buildings inspection
In Panama, structure’s quality can vary significantly even for newer houses. Thus the need to review your developer’s history. Licensed Housing Inspector services are also recommendable for expert opinions at

6. Managing the rental property
You will require a team of administers to manage your rental property if you do not live in Panama full time or have no plans to move there. With this, tenants can receive diligent services, and the same team can provide other services such as cleaning and marketing.

7. Analyze the market well
Anything big does not always guarantee efficiency, the reason being the cost of renting an apartment is not proportionate to size, rather the available services matters.

8. Public facilities can rise
Public services differ from one tenant to another, and the cost of such can fluctuate as well. It is recommendable the tenants pay for these services directly and detach yourselves from such responsibilities.

Adrian Velasquez Jose Figueroa is a proficient executive native Venezuela, who currently has three positions as President, Treasurer, and Director in five corporations of Panama. He had the lengthiest event within a period of four years and some months with his first selection in winter 2011. Mr. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has been a prominent member of the commercial community in Panama. He helps in businesses cultivation, guiding young leaders and refining economic situations.

College football betting is an incredible venture. When tough teams play, it is never easy to know which team is going to win. Some games usually make a lot of money because they create lots of upsets in footballs. Expert bettors will advise you to bet on underdogs when no one else is. Sometimes this works to the advantage. You have to take in the information provided on different websites to be successful in betting. The odds of winning are usually improved by making use of a proper betting website. One of the best betting websites available out there is

Before you get into sports betting, you may want to ensure that you know the ins and outs of betting. While sports betting can be a lot of fun, it can be frustrating when you never make winning combinations. Sports betting with winning combinations is a way to earn money every weekend. You can earn some money based on different games every weekend. Before you jump into betting every weekend, there are some rules you have to monitor keenly.

First, you always have to ensure that you follow the right schedule and information about a particular team. NCAAF has several teams and may be difficult to keep up with all of them. If you focus on a particular team or conference, it will be easier to follow keep up and to be successful. Doing this will give you a boost as far as research is concerned. The information you get about a particular team should influence your betting. Betting like this makes it possible to realize winning odds every time a team plays. is the best resource out there to learn about betting. The company has been in the betting industry for over ten years now. It is a popular betting source for gambling enthusiasts and football odds. NCAAF odds are usually presented in the form of charts and tables to provide a realistic expectation of the outcome. It provides additional information about other odd scores for specific points in the game. Additionally, you will get information about players and their progress. You will learn if players have suffered injuries and their impact on the outcome of games. The information provided gives the current standing of teams in the NCAAF. Experts at the website should recommend specific places where you can bet on college football. Some websites and deals can increase your chances of having wins.

Brazil is one of the countries that advocate for the rule of law for proper governance and for justice to prevail. In 1988, Brazil passed a federal constitution that took effect immediately and has been the baseline of all law procedures in the federal states that make up Brazil. The federal states are allowed to follow their constitution but should be in line with the set principles outlined in the federal constitution. Brazil law is derived from German civil law, Italian law, Portuguese law, and French law. Altogether, the various constitution acts of the stated laws are set and possible repercussions stated if an individual goes against the law.

Currently, Brazil constitutes of more than 700,000 lawyers in the state of Sao Paulo having the majority the lawyers. About 223,000 lawyers are from the state of Sao Paulo, which is one-third of the total number of lawyers in Brazil, followed by the state of Rio de Janeiro which has about 120,000 lawyers. For one to be a lawyer, it is mandatory to take a five years law course. After completion, one has to pass an extermination of the Bar Association of Brazil to be a certified lawyer who can hold the mandate of a professional lawyer. The law course currently rates as the most prestigious and promising course a fact that makes the law programs enroll a massive number of students.

Ricardo Tosto is an established and a renowned litigation lawyer with over 24 years’ experience in the law field. Ricardo pursued a bachelor’s degree in business management and proceeded to pursue the postgraduate studies in the business management. Later, Ricardo tosto pursued a law degree from Universidad Presbyterian Mackenzie. Over the years, Ricardo has been on the front line advocating for judicial amendments for controversial acts.

Ricardo Tosto has participated in many public talks and a founding partner of leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Other than that, Ricardo is also a member of the Law Firms and Partnerships Research, International Bar Association as well as Brazilian Bar Association. Ricardo is also an author as well as a law journals peer reviewer. Ricardo has contributed a lot in the law field through coming up with law firms that advocate for justice and transparent legal system.

For decades, shopping for a lip balm meant going into a supermarket and procuring Chapstick, the most common product at the time. The lip balm product came in various flavors to appeal to the different tastes of consumers. Mint and cherry were just but a few of the flavors available. However, Chapstick dominance was threatened with the creation of EOS lip balm, a new and popular lip balm sweeping across America. Since its inception seven years ago, EOS has taken over the shelves at leading supermarkets such as Target, Walmart and Walgreens. Furthermore, Facebook and other social media marketing, celebrity endorsements from Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera confirmed the product’s authenticity.

Despite covering various fashion and beauty magazines, EOS’ Founders had failed to divulge the company’s business strategy, until now. In a private interview with Fast Company, the executives have shed insight on how they developed a startup into a $ 250 million entity. According to Kline, a research firm, EOS is second to Burt’s Bees in the best-selling lip balm list in the U.S.

Current Statistics

With over 1 million units sold weekly, EOS is economically robust, and prospects look encouraging. Analysts project the global lip care market to steadily rise to $ 2 billion by 2020. Such high expectations have been fueled by the constant demand for organic and natural products, which happen to the enterprise’s area of specialty.

According to Sanjiv Mehra, EOS’ co-founder, the firm strives to create more products and strengthen its distribution channel. Informing customers on the company’s values has played an essential role in its unprecedented success.

Reinventing the Lip Balm Product

Specializing in the lip balm industry emerged as a viable business opportunity courtesy of similar brands in the market. Most companies focused on price wars and cutting down expenditure, rather than an emphasis on the needs of the consumers. Armed with such knowledge, Mehra sought the aid of Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller to form a formidable partnership in the industry. More importantly, they focused on appealing to consumers aged between 25 and 35 who were style oriented. For more info, visit!

Dick DeVos has brought many jobs to Michigan throughout his business career, and has also invested in many alternative energy companies through his current investment company, The Windquest Group. Dick is also the son of Richard DeVos, the current owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and the husband of Betsy DeVos who just got picked by President-Elect Donald Trump to be the Secretary of Education in his administration. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

Dick and Betsy have not only served in their state’s Republican Party for many years, they’ve given to many conservative groups through their family foundation and have gotten involved in politics themselves.

Dick grew up learning how to run a business from his father, who also happens to be the co-founder of a big multilevel marketing company, Amway Corporation. Dick helped in menial tasks as a young boy, and then later joined the company after completing college as a manager of various operations. He soon became an executive, along with his brothers Daniel and Douglas and soon he started overseeing expansions in to foreign markets.

Dick served as executive Vice President for about 6 years, briefly stepping away to pursue other interests. In 1993, he returned to become CEO when his father retired, and he continued expanding the company into foreign markets and growing sales profits, even reaching $4.5 billion in his last year as CEO. He stepped down in 2002 and started working more at his own company, The Windquest Group. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

He and Betsy started their family foundation in 1992, not long after Dick had already run election to the Michigan State Board of Education, a post he resigned from in just 2 years. They started scholarship programs to help lower income families afford private and charter schools, and even led an effort at one time to start voucher programs.

Later, he and Betsy helped start the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a charter school with a curriculum based in flying and aircraft mechanics. He and Betsy also have donated to local charities such as children’s hospitals, museums, churches and art centers.

Dick is also the autor of a book espousing conservative ideals called Rediscovering American Values, a book that became a New York Times bestseller in 1998. He also ran for governor in 2006, but failed to claim that seat. Later, he helped conservative activists bring a right-to-work law that passed against heavy union leader opposition.

When he hasn’t been too busy running his business or running for public office, he takes part in leisurely activities, including racing in the Chicago-Mackinac sailing race.

Read more:

About – The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

All women want luscious, healthy and silky hair. Think of a woman’s hair as her weapon. One thing a lot of women tend to neglect is the care of their hair. Healthy hair is glamorous hair. By doing a few simple things each day can allow you to have glowing thriving hair, year round.

The main thing is shampooing; use shampoo for your hair type. Normal, greasy, dry, frizzy, etc. The reason being, there are certain active ingredients in the shampoos to take care of specific types of hair capillaries. Many folks, men, for example, think that washing your hair daily is the key to healthy hair. Rather, wash your hair at least twice a week, according to your hair type. The key is to not use too much product because it targets the capillary fiber over time in your hair.

The elements and time of year can also affect the health of your hair. Sun exposure can cause the hair to become frail and breakable, the same way it can towards your skin. Tips to combat from the powerful summer sun: take cover! Using a scarf or large sun hat can provide protection from UV rays, while also allowing your scalp to preserve moisture. Wash your hair less often. Washing frequently strips your hair of its natural oils; causing the hair to feel greasy. Just try a quick rinse after a day at the pool or beach.

During the freezing winter months, your hair can lose its volume and glamour. Definitely invest in moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Most lean towards heated appliances during the winter. Too much heat will cause dry up all the moisture in the hair. Instead, try to use your blow dryer more often. But, if you do need to use heated appliances, be sure to use a high-quality heat protectorate spray.

Chaz Dean (, is a renowned stylist, with a celebrity clientele that’ll blow you away. Chaz Dean developed Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioners. A product that became a revolutionary way to cleanse and hydrate hair. There are four main products of Wen by Chaz: Cleanse, Boost, Style, and Treat. Each providing their own unique formulas for healthy hair.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner has a 5-in-1 formula which substitutes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and any leave-in conditioner. It thoroughly cleans hair without stripping hair of natural oils, like other harmful products. And the same goes for all other Wen by Chaz products, all offering their own distinctive formulas to bring back health to your hair. The products are available online via eBay and Guthy-Renker.


I am going to tell you a tale of two companies. These companies do the same thing by providing telecommunications services to prison and jail facilities. They do this with prison contracts, making them the monopoly holder over telecommunications services in that facility.

Global Tel-Link is a publicly traded company that brings in over $500 million per year. They score contracts by giving legal kickbacks known as commissions to the prison. They skim a certain percentage of the profit off of the top and give it to the prison itself. The costs associated with these commissions are passed on to the prisoners and especially their families. One woman in the New York Times reports spending over $300 per week talking to her husband inside a prison serviced by Global Tel-Link.

Securus could it not be any more different. The company has gone through the pain of being accredited by the Better Business Bureau. That is on top of their already existing A+ rating from the BBB. They boast the largest customer service center in the industry. They are capable of handling over 2 million calls per month, calls are answered within 11 seconds on average, and 98% of issues are resolved during the first phone call.

The real kicker is the video visitation technology innovated by Securus. Video visitation technology allows families to connect with their prisoners on a video chat. This can mitigate the costs of travel time for physical visitation. The average cost for a video visitation is $2.72.

Global Tel-Link does nothing but whine about this new technology. They even started spreading rumors that families are being forced to use this video visitation technology instead of physical visitation. It looks like families are actually choosing this technology over driving all the way to the prison, going through security, and waiting to physically visit with their loved one.


Partying is something that a lot of young people do very well, but it’s a fact that many young folks don’t have the funds they need to have all kinds of fun, especially if it means attending certain events. The Magnises membership that was started by Billy McFarland was first a lot of different parties that allowed people to mingle and to have a lot of fun. With different events that would occur with Magnises, it only brought more and more people into the group, making it a lot more popular. Now, a Magnises membership is obtainable by anyone.

The reason why Magnises has become so popular is because it’s well-known amongst millennials, and it’s a membership that’s purchased by the majority of people between the ages of 21 to 35. Since a Magnises membership offers so much, especially to a young professional who wants to have fun, it has shot to the top in popularity and is a membership that many young people want. The fact that Magnises has also customized some passes to give the best discounts and experiences to its user is one of the best reasons to join as a Magnises member. A Magnises membership and the passes are two separate costs.

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Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card

To get a Magnises membership will cost $250 for a standard membership, but the pro membership is only available to those who are invited and costs four times as much but has absolutely amazing perks. The membership lasts for a year and comes with a whole lot of benefits. Besides the tons of perks that the Magnises membership has available, it’s worth mentioning the great clubhouse that Magnises fixed up just for the members. Going to the clubhouse is similar to going to any bar to relax, and it will be filled with Magnises members only.

The clubhouse is available for anyone who wants to hold meetings, also, those who just feel the need to watch TV and to even have a drink are invited to come to the clubhouse as well. Now, about the perks. Having a Magnises membership will expand the horizons of anyone who felt they were restricted on where they could go to enjoy themselves. Anyone who has a love for attending nightclubs will now love the fact that they can add a ClubPass to their Magnises membership, which gives them access to almost all the nightclubs in New York City and more.

The ClubPass is an extra charge with any Magnises membership but is worth the cost when a person is very particular about going to certain clubs and being able to enter the club. Even getting a SportsPass from Magnises is worth every penny because it can guarantee some of the greatest seats in the house. Also, consider getting a HotelPass to receive great discounts on some of the most luxurious hotel rooms in New York City and other cities. Magnises really wants to see their members happy and enjoying their membership.

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Beginning as a meat market in the early 1900’s in Chicago, OSI has consistently been a leader in food solution and management. Able to bring a variety of foods such as breakfast, lunch, desserts, and entrees, the OSI Group delivers. They are able to maintain great business relations even while being an enormous company. They use strategies of large companies while running like a small company. These strategies help ensure that quality service and customer service are of the highest level.

The OSI Group has a sustainability philosophy that signifies good public service. This company is driven by several separate themes. Collaboration helps ensure great ideas and teamwork. Passion involves the desire to produce and distribute the best quality of foods available. Ensuring the security and quality of foods is a must. Knowing that food is kept fresh and healthy is a must when selling to companies and groups for their production. Satisfaction is a guarantee when dealing with OSI. They guarantee your product will be the best quality possible so that your company can do the same for their customers. OSI Group has a vision. They endeavor to continue to be creative and offer quality foods that can in turn be used to produce creative and delicious meals.

Whatever you are desiring to produce, you can be assured that OSI will give you the head start you need in order to make that dream a reality.

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When problems arise, OSI Group will work together to find a solution. If the OSI Group doesn’t know the solution, they will continue to search and create a solution that works for your organization or company.

OSI is headed by Sheldon Lavin. He is the chairman and CEO of this company. He is dedicated to keeping this company a Fortune 500 company. Continued improvement makes this company grow and successful. Not being stagnant or satisfied enables them to continue to grow and produce. Lavin first became involved in business finance. He later joined the OSI Group. He was persuaded by McDonald’s to join and he found that he enjoyed this aspect of the business. He later wished to become more involved and after becoming a partner, he determined to make expand OSI Group internationally. He soon pursued Europe and Asia as well as other countries.

Determining to become great, he decided to expand and do more than just meat products. This endeavor took him into new avenues of food service and OSI eventually acquired Baho Food. OSI Group employs over 20,000 employees and is growing constantly. With a family oriented approach to business, the longevity of employees defines the business. Lavin has worked for over 43 years and encourages his employees to stick with his company. This ensures quality products with less training because of a low turn over rate. The company culture is unique for a company this size, but it works and will continue to work. This will give OSI Group the longevity it has earned.

Visit OSI Group’s website for more information.


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