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Malcolm Casselle who is the current president of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is an entrepreneur and OPskins CIO. He earlier served as president and CTO of new ventures located at Tronc. He is a man who also served as general manager and senior vice president of an international company called Digital Media of seaChange. He had joined Seachange in 2015 because of the companies timeline labs where later he became the CEO. He has also started other digital industries like Xfire, media pass and Groupons which is a joint venture in China with Tencent. He has also invested in companies like Bitcoin and Facebook.

Malcolm went for his studies at MIT for a bachelors degree in computer science. After completing he went back to Stanford University to pursue masters in computer science. He is capable to fluently speak Mandarin and Japanese. He is a gifted entrepreneur who serves as a communicator and natural leader especially when setting organizational goals.


The gaming industry is now igniting the world cryptocurrency. Wax is a virtual assert trading which is being launched by OPSkins. Wax is now becoming the marketplace that will help trading blockchain foundation built through virtual assert. It will be able to allow both sellers and buyers to efficiently trade to one another.


Wax is helping two big challenges in virtual assert markets which are fraud and fragmentation. It does so by using simple blockchain-enabled which will allow all users sell and buy virtual goods instantly without clicking the game off.


Wax is there to solve the problem of geographical fragmentation. This is possible as the user transacts using the platform which won’t use common utility token, it won’t allow a transaction with other users whose goods that are denominated in regards to cryptocurrencies without middlemen. The wax token is now the currency common for all gamers and is capable to eliminate FOREX issues that plague markets for virtual assert.


In addition, it will help solve fraud in virtual asset industry. It will be able to eliminate the middlemen. It is possible because blockchain smart contracts have the power to eliminate most of transactions intermediaries. The goods will be delivered and both sellers and buyers follow their promises where a third party is not needed to intervene the price.



For anyone who wonders what is the best way to feel good on an emotional level, the answer may be a little surprising. The bottom line about feeling good, and in some cases feeling better, comes down to the actions you initiate. The surprising part about it involves doing good for someone else. And, the best part about the whole deal is that helping others benefits you in more ways than one as described by Jorge Moll.


If there is any doubt as to whether all these claims of good deeds actually yield rewards hold water, scientific research and top professionals have evidence that says yes it does. Studies performed at Harvard Business School show that people feel better about gifting monies to others rather than spending it on themselves. These findings are compared to predictions made by the participants themselves prior to their involvement.


Looking deeper into the cause and effect that goes on within the brain during such activities, studies conducted by Jorge Moll and his associates find similar results. However, there are slight differences in the approach between the findings. The study conducted by Moll is in association with the National Institutes of Health, which attributes the good feelings to endorphins.


Getting to the bottom of what goes on in the brain is Moll’s life work, and he performs quite well at it (Crunchbase). As a matter of fact, he is something of a big wig when it comes to heading organizations that have things to do with the brain and neuroscience. One of his titles include President-director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), where he is also a member of the governing board. He also serves as Brazil Senior Researcher for IDOR. Of course, these positions are the result of graduation from institutions of higher education ( They include the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidade de São Paulo.


Kerrisdale Capital Management is an investment company that focuses on long-term value investments and event-driven special situations. The recent news involving the company made some controversies on the investment market. Apparently, Kerrisdale Capital’s founder, Sahm Adrangi released a negative report against QuinStreet Inc. (NASDAQ: QNST). He uncovered the flawed and suspicious business practices of QuinStreet. According to Sahm Adrangi, the revenue growth of QuinStreet was highly suspicious because it was based on approximately from a single client who is believed to be overlooked by the market. Only a few investors realized the fictitious growth of QuinStreet stocks. Unlike Sahm Adrangi, he is aware of what kind of business QuinStreet is operating.

Sahm Adrangi issued another negative report toward St. Joe Company (NYSE: JOE), this billion dollar real estate development company in Florida attracts retirees and businesses to invest in their stocks. Little do the investors know the plan is not close to reality. Sahm Adrangi said, “The company’s plans for its interior lands are no more feasible now than when they were first proposed over a decade ago,” which means St. Joe’s $1 billion valuation does not justify to what their claims are. The attempt to monetize its land is a continuous struggle.

No doubt, Sahm Adrangi is well-versed with the investment market. He is an Economics degree holder from Yale University and an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management prior to founding Kerrisdale. His credentials show his vast experience in the industry. Building an investment company is not easy, but he managed to do a smart move in every investment. He is very keen in eyeing bogus companies. The market got its highs and lows but with his experience; he can pin point the future of the market. The negative reports he issued made other investors aware of those bogus companies.

OSI Food Solutions is a world leader in providing creative, custom food solutions for the food service industry. The company is the suppliers of such well-known companies as McDonald’s and Papa John’s. The company has a reputation for treating both customers and employees as family. OSI is always looking for good people to join the team. The company is excited to offer employment to passionate individuals who have a can-do, entrepreneurial attitude as their work ethic. OSI is built on the hard work of its dedicated employees and truly believes that each person makes a difference in the company’s success.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is constantly on the expansion trail. This has been particularly evident with the European operations for the company in recent years. 2014 brought in a partnership with beef producer Pickstock from the United Kingdom.

This was just the start of recent and exciting European activity for OSI Food Solutions. 2016 saw four major events take place for OSI. Dutch company Baho Food and U.K. company Flagship Europe were both added to the OSI Food Solutions roster. David McDonald, President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Food Solutions was very pleased with these additions and has expressed the sentiment that this move puts OSI in a great position in the European market.

The companies are perfect fits for the OSI portfolio and should be very helpful in attracting new corporate accounts. OSI Food Solutions also put a huge investment into the facility located in Toledo, Spain. Company officials in Spain had tracked an average annual increase of 6 percent in regard to rising demand for chicken in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. OSI has been able to double production of processed chicken at the Toledo location since making the massive upgrades to the production line that the investment facilitated.

The location is now processing in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken annually. The final big event of note for OSI’s 2016 European campaign was the receipt of the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in recognition of OSI’s commitment to environmental sustainability in its operations. OSI Food Solutions ranks as a 5-Star operation by the standards of the British Safety Council.

It is clear that OSI Food Solutions is a company that continues to be on the rise. OSI is a name that their customers trust and it is a name that the company’s employees are proud to be able to say they work for.

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With the internet now being a massive part of our lives, Gobuyside is using this technological advantage of making recruiting much faster and easier for those whose work life is in the finance industry.

In doing so, one can make an account on Gobuyside, which can collect information from the applicant’s social media. This way, Gobuyside can track the applicants to learn more about them to see in what way will the person be a great fit for, and benefit, the company. Fortunately, the applicant has the control of searching for which job they feel like they will do best in and possibly getting hired for their most preferred position. Gobuyside is making it easier for globally recruiting people, one of the many perks of the internet. Many people can now work, or prefer to work, from home, and Gobuyside is helping them by making job searching easier. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Gobuyside is also a great company for those who are entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of time and planning to execute a pristine marketing plan. Gobuyside is a great company for an entrepreneur to associate with that can help with making the marketing research much easier. Starting up a company takes a long time, and even then the business might not take off until after a year. Also, for at least a year, the entrepreneur’s salary will most likely only be enough to get by. But with Gobuyside, they can help those self-motivated workers launch their company and make things less stressful since they have already done the heavy work. The Gobuyside project consultants will help with the marketing plans, and most importantly, they will help the company grow. The entrepreneurs must work with Gobuyside at first, to be taught everything to successfully keep their company afloat. Follow GoBuyside on

On their Facebook page, Gobuyside always posts articles that have to do with private equity firms. One of their recent posts is about the increase in salaries and bonuses in private equities and venture capitals. The article talks about the increase in cash compensation for private firms. Even though the cash compensation increased, apparently industry professionals that work with smaller private equity firms were unsatisfied because they weren’t payed enough. Unlike the industry professionals in the bigger private firms, they were satisfied with their compensations. In the article, David Kochanek believes that firms need to start reconsidering how to compensate their employees because if not, the outstanding employees will just look for another, better firm to work at.

Gobuyside is becoming the new gateway for recruiting talented finance industry professionals, and the company is growing more everyday with their network expanding to over 10,000 firms and 500 cities globally.


For Aloha Construction, and CEO’s Dave Farbaky, winning the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics has helped verify itself as a company that functions in an ethical way, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Steve J. Bernas, the CEO & President of the BBB, noted that Aloha Construction understands the significance of stakeholders, community members, employees, and customers. The BBB focuses on companies that do their best; they also focus on always treating the customer’s right.

Aloha Construction won the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in December of 2017. They won this award based on their charitable actions and also by building a culture that focuses on a forward-thinking mentality. In 2017, Aloha Construction achieved their goal of establishing 20,000 roofing jobs in Illinois. Aloha Construction also focuses on giving customers, a piece of mind. They provide a 10-Year Craftmanship Warranty.

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Aloha Construction was founded in 2008 with a mission to deliver top-notch service to their customers and treat their employees, stakeholders, and other peers with a high level of respect. The company also strives to offer a top quality of roofing services at the best rates.

Alohoa Construction believes in accountability and responsibility to their important customers, community, and employees along every step. Farbaky also leads as an executive by treating his top company employees to a trip to Maui, Hawaii.

In terms of philanthropy, the company provides support for their community. Recently, the company put their community at the top of the priority list with the Chicago Bulls Vip Ticket Giveaway. In 2018, the roofing business gave out 12 box seats to a child with a congenital heart condition along with his good friends in order to experience the game of a lifetime. The construction company also hosts the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Month events. CEO, Dave Farbaky also offered box tickets to a Bloomington Thunder Hockey game in March. Because of Farbaky’s kindness, Bloomington Boys and Girls Club has been able to take deserving children to a hockey game for a night of enjoyment and fun.

The industry of the financial journalism is a complex and important industry for American and international investors to understand. All too often an individual who wishes to make an investment that will generate substantial returns does not know where to look to find information regarding such investments. One man who is known as Jeff Yastine has made himself the name in the financial journalism industry over his long and storied career. Originally going to school and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in journalism he quickly entered the world of financial investigative reporting. He first entered the national highlight as a national correspondent for PBS broadcast and publication The Nightly Business Report, which at the time was the world’s most widely viewed nightly financial broadcast. It was as a correspondent for The Nightly Business Report that Jeff Yastine received an Emmy nomination for his work investigating the chronic underfunding and risk management of the American road system and infrastructure. Read this article at

Today he is most well-known for his work with Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he acts as the editor for popular investment advice column Total Wealth Insider. In Total Wealth Insider, he helps readers develop investment strategies and portfolios that are designed to maximize wealth preservation and to generate significant returns in comparison to traditional investments by focusing on under the radar investment opportunities. He has become well-known for his popularization of the term Kennedy Accounts after the publication of his viral video where he discusses investments involving a Direct Stock Purchase Plans. He has also published articles regarding unique investment opportunities for the year 2018 such as competitors to online retail giant Amazon as well as mergers and acquisitions. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

Now he has most prominently made another investment suggestion for 2018 in the renewable energies sector. As far back as last October, he was already reporting the nation’s oversight on solar panel makers as he viewed the stocks for the manufacturers of solar panels as being severely undervalued. Some of the suggestions he made at the time such as First Solar Inc. have since experienced an increase in their value of up to 40%.

In 2017 the amount of solar power produced in America rose by 47%. As of now, up to 2% of US power generation is coming from solar. This may not sound like very much, but as recently as 2012 it was only 0.001%. This makes solar power generation the most rapidly expanding source of electricity in the US power grid.


Shiraz Boghani is the chairman and co-founder of the Sojourn Hotels LLP. He is also a partner and co-founder of Sussex Health Care Limited besides also being a director and managing partner of the Splendid Hotels. The businessman who has his roots from Kenya left for the United Kingdom in 1969. He then went to an accounting school and had his first job at Thomas McLintock & Co. which later rebranded to KPMG. Boghani is, therefore, a chartered accountant who currently has over 30 years of experience in the hotel industry.

Moreover, Shiraz Boghani is a well-known businessman who excels in the hotel industry in the United Kingdom. He was the founder of the developments of the limited service branding of hotels in London and has engaged in more than 25 hotel projects. Boghani employs a leadership style that engages all the aspects of the business which follows the organization’s set vision. As a result, the splendid hospitality group has grown tremendously and now has the more 20 hotels under its portfolio.

Further, the relentless pursuit of excellence in the hotel industry has seen Shiraz Boghani been awarded in the sector. An instance is where he won the Asian Business Award, 2016 whereby he was declared the “Hotelier of the Year”. Furthermore, Boghani is a dedicated and kind individual who is a volunteer in some of the charitable organizations from his region. For this reason, he has held many high positions in the Ismaili community organizations.

Better still, he chairs the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board and is also involved in the Aga Khan University where he is the chairman of Resource Development Convener. Also, Boghani’s philanthropic works have seen him work with the award-winning home that he co-founded with a partner known as Shafik Sachedina. He again doubles up as the chairman and the managing partner of the facility.

About Shiraz Bohgani’s Leadership at the Sussex Healthcare

The Sussex Healthcare was opened in 1985 as a facility to provide care for the elderly and adults with some types of mental illnesses. With Shiraz Boghani at the helm, the facility which just started with one care home has grown to over 24 care homes with more than 1100 staff members. Additionally, through Boghani’s skills in leadership, the healthcare delivers its services beyond expectations as he directs an excellent customer service to the individuals hosted at the home.

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Dr. Johanan Rand has made a name for himself in the healthcare sector. He is the founder of the famous Healthy Aging Medical Centers geographically located in New Jersey. Also a physiatrist, rehabilitation doctor as well as a physical medical doctor, Dr. Rand is a trained professional who attended Albert Einstein Medical Center. Currently, he is a peer-review doctor. It is crucial to note that Dr. Rand only practices what he can support with a published journal or better yet, an article. Otherwise, he shall not recommend a prescription however life-threatening a patient’s medical condition is.


Background Data

Moreover, Dr. Rand is a qualified healthcare practitioner who believes that age is a bitter pill to swallow and as time goes by, it becomes necessary to beat the odds of suffering from age-related diseases. Therefore, Dr. Rand decided to establish Healthy Aging Medical Centers to beat the onset of these diseases in the human body.


Roles and Contributions

In his capacity as the founder and project leader of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dr. Rand is responsible for providing cutting-edge therapies for a regenerative approach to medicine and age-related diseases. Besides, Rand is well versed in the aspects of perfect service delivery, and he uses these skills to provide high touch programming platforms for medical care.


Additional Information

Rand’s practice additionally addresses the individual needs of different patients. The management is qualified to the extent of using functional, regenerative as well as integrative approaches to beat age and any other diseases related to it. A look further into this facility shows that the practice issues custom programs to implement the right prevention and treatment methods while allowing optimum health.


The Overview

Conclusively, Dr. Johanan Rand is passionate about helping people to boost their self-esteem by living healthy lives. His approaches have in one way or the other been documented and proven to provide vitality and health to patients. For those who have been treated by Dr. Johanan Rand, a hero is the best title for this man because his patients have attested to his professional character and qualifications. Moreover, he dispenses his services through a qualified customer care team that is always ready to work on patients.


2017 has been a year of electoral surprises for the Democrats in America and the folks at End Citizens United have been behind quite a few of the candidates responsible for the upsets so far — and in Kansas’ Third Congressional District they are hoping to lend their expertise to push Brent Welder over the finish line in November. While it will certainly be a difficult battle to win (Republican Kevin Yoder has held the seat since 2010) races like Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania have taught us that perhaps nothing is impossible in this cycle. Not to mention, Brent Welder has taken the extremely popular platform of refusing Super PAC and corporate money into the core message of his campaign which will provide him with a critical boost. The facts are that people are sick of dark money influencing our elections and policies, and Welder is the only candidate who has promised to tackle that issue head on.

As mentioned earlier, this seat is not going to be a cakewalk win but there are a number of positive signs out there. In fact, Yoder’s vote share has slowly but surely gone down in recent elections — bottoming out at just 51% in the 2016 November election. This is a sign that he is potentially vulnerable. Welder, on the other hand, is a former labor lawyer who understands the need of hardworking people and will certainly be able to present a more coherent message to the working-class folks of Kansas’ Third Congressional District.

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In an election cycle that is widely being predicted to be a “blue wave” a candidate like Welder presents a unique opportunity to win a seat that in other years would be considered out of the realm of possibility. Then, when you factor in the prowess and expertise of End Citizens United the possibility that Welder wins becomes even more distinct. ECU has made a name for itself since their creation in 2015 for helping candidates who write off dark money win seats. This is an incredibly lofty and important goal and we have already seen that politicians who are responsive to the will of the people and not the will of Super PACs have a distinct advantage over candidates who do not. The ECU endorsement of Welder is an impressive notch on his belt, and moving forward it could very well be the difference in what can now be considered a highly competitive election.

ECU is one of the successful political action committee in US. It is funded by grassroots members, they have more than 3 million members. The average donation of each individual is $14.

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