OSI Food Solutions Continues To Prove That It Is Still Growing:

OSI Food Solutions is a world leader in providing creative, custom food solutions for the food service industry. The company is the suppliers of such well-known companies as McDonald’s and Papa John’s. The company has a reputation for treating both customers and employees as family. OSI is always looking for good people to join the team. The company is excited to offer employment to passionate individuals who have a can-do, entrepreneurial attitude as their work ethic. OSI is built on the hard work of its dedicated employees and truly believes that each person makes a difference in the company’s success.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that is constantly on the expansion trail. This has been particularly evident with the European operations for the company in recent years. 2014 brought in a partnership with beef producer Pickstock from the United Kingdom.

This was just the start of recent and exciting European activity for OSI Food Solutions. 2016 saw four major events take place for OSI. Dutch company Baho Food and U.K. company Flagship Europe were both added to the OSI Food Solutions roster. David McDonald, President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Food Solutions was very pleased with these additions and has expressed the sentiment that this move puts OSI in a great position in the European market.

The companies are perfect fits for the OSI portfolio and should be very helpful in attracting new corporate accounts. OSI Food Solutions also put a huge investment into the facility located in Toledo, Spain. Company officials in Spain had tracked an average annual increase of 6 percent in regard to rising demand for chicken in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. OSI has been able to double production of processed chicken at the Toledo location since making the massive upgrades to the production line that the investment facilitated.

The location is now processing in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken annually. The final big event of note for OSI’s 2016 European campaign was the receipt of the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in recognition of OSI’s commitment to environmental sustainability in its operations. OSI Food Solutions ranks as a 5-Star operation by the standards of the British Safety Council.

It is clear that OSI Food Solutions is a company that continues to be on the rise. OSI is a name that their customers trust and it is a name that the company’s employees are proud to be able to say they work for.

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