Oren Frank Move To Speed The Growth Rate of Talkspace.

Currently, due to the technological advancements and innovations occurring every second of the day, there is almost no service or product that cannot be delivered virtually to its consumers. All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet for you to be a potential client to the millions of online services and products. One can stay informed on the current events, travel the entire world and even get treatment without even moving a muscle. The smartphone generation has made it easier to access services that were previously hard to get while at the same time, it has been very difficult for brick and mortar service providers to survive. When Oren Frank developed Talkspace, he designed it around the fact that millions of people are staring into their smartphone at any given second. These people may not have access to a physical therapist or may be reluctant to face one but are able to express themselves without fear of a virtual person. There is just something about online services that make one more courageous and therefore revealing their true self aiding in the development of a fitting treatment plan. See more on Wikipedia.

Talkspace has over three hundred thousand subscribers and users. The platform is designed as a B2C business that designed and uses the “Unlimited Messaging Therapy” to its consumers. The objective of Oren Frank and his team is to provide therapy services to billions of people who need is, worldwide. Talkspace was founded in 2013 and has, since then, been consulting with different mental health professionals to aid in the delivery of authentic and genuine services. In twenty eighteen the team hired Niel Leibowitz, a chief medical officer, previously wiring with UnitedHealth to aid in Oren Frank’s growth and expansion of the enterprise and include the prescription of medicine via Talkspace.

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