Not yet POTUS; Wikipedia Edits on Trump

Everything about the just concluded US elections was historic. Starting from the fact that when the now 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, started his journey to the Whitehouse, not many people took his bid seriously. Then, the Republican Party nominations were made, and he had made it in, to the shock of everyone. Yet there are many who kept thinking that he was not a worthy opponent to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party Candidate. If the main stream media was anything to go by, Hillary was about to break the proverbial glass ceiling and become the first female president. Then came the voting, and the tallying; much to the consternation of people around the world, Trump was leading!

Well, at least you know that the story ends in Trump winning an unexpected number of Electoral College votes and Hillary taking home the popular vote. Well, during times like this, giving facts can be a tough cookie to chew, however, the media is mandated to give the truth regardless of how tough it is to hear. One outlet that has been having a hard time explaining the US situation as the country awaits the inauguration is Wikipedia. Normally, there are pages that contain information about the past and current presidents of the state. This page is currently carrying two photos. The first one portrays Barrack Obama as the president, but since Wikipedia is a free to edit source of information, people have been making edits and from time to time, it has been indicating that Trump is the resident.

This is what led to the edit which puts both photo side by side. In addition to the photo, there is the information that technically, Obama is still president until trump is sworn in, at which point the office of the president and all the accounts that go with it will be transferred to him. Anyone who watched the page closely on the morning of the 20th will tell you that it changed back and forth between Trump and Obama as the POTUS at least 8 times in the morning. It is a great thing that only a few people are allowed to make edits because if you can imagine a situation where anyone gets the freedom to make an edit, the already tumultuous transition would get even dirtier.

This is a type of eventuality that can be avoided if you hire professionals to handle your Wikipedia edits. The entire editing process is followed by making sure that only the correct information about you has been put out there and that the content is reviewed regularly to avoid sneak edits by other users.

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