Newswatch TV reviews

Newswatch TV has prided itself on working with various clients which include fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and small businesses. Newswatch has ensured that clients have achieved numerous successes within time frames provided.

With a target goal of reaching 10000 dollars in just a month in the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, Avanca partnered with Newswatch.

Their strategy was that they were to ensure the promotion of this campaign through the Newswatch national TV show and Newswatch online channels. To their uttermost surprise, Avanca Indiegogo Company got to raise $456,551 which was over 30 times their target.

Contour design had the main goal of selling out and marketing their ergonomic workstation. The endeavor was driven mainly to increase the sales and exposure.

By involving Newswatch TV, the sales of the workstation increased dramatically. The increment was mainly achieved through the quality of videos produced and a dedicated online campaign by Newswatch.

Started in March 1990, Newswatch commenced as a monthly show with a sole focus of airing financial issues. It then expanded to be a TV news magazine. It is now an entertainment and consumer based show with both an editorial and paid segment platform which markets companies and promote brands

Newswatch has received various accolades. In 2017, they received a gold and platinum marcom award as a result of their 30 minutes show. In 2016, they were awarded the Silver Telly Award and also the national 2017 videographer award due to their excellence in entertainment programming.

In 2011, they began focusing on technological markets on the Newswatch show. As a result, they partnered with fortune 500 companies with a sole purpose of producing product reviews to air on the show.

Generally, Newswatch has received positive feedbacks from their partnered clients. Most have recommended them and commended their excellence deliverance of messages at the right time and right medium for ensuring clients achieve their targeted goal.

I would greatly recommend Newswatch. They have been a great bridge between the audience and their clients.

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