Milan Kordestani and Milan Firms Offering Better Options for Organic Poultry Products

The early life of Milan Kordestani involved moving from California to England due to family issues that surrounded the marriage between his parents. His early education involved spells at Eaton Square School and Sacred Heart Preparatory where he graduated from high school studies. His dedication in horse riding was unmatched, and he could not be scared by any horse, however, aggressive it was. This can be manifested through a situation that faced him where he was thrown off by a horse. Surprisingly, Milan got back on the horse and rode back to the camp. Very few people would have done that to a horse that just threw them off the trail.

His horse riding exploits would continue where he was motivated to ride any world-class available while at the same time gearing to win blue ribbons. Through his motivation in horse riding activities, Kordestani won a triple race through his competitive horse CH His Supreme Reflection. This win was not the only phenomenon achievement as Kordestani followed the win with another Steller performance at World Horse Show where he emerged fourth among a plethora of experienced riders. This performance would later be followed by other vital achievements in horse riding such as World Championship Horse Show, American Royal, and culminating this performance with a second finish in Five Gaited Show under his age group.

Kordestani dedication and innovation in horse riding could also be seen in entrepreneurship. He found the Milan Firm’s while in the second year, which is an excellent achievement for a person of his age and education. The firm specializes in the production of poultry, saffron, and eggs for commercial selling. The company works in connection with other organizations in the country to achieve its goals and objectives. Moreover, Milan Firm stands out as one of the first organizations to grow saffron through hydroponic technology.

Currently, Kordestani works as the CEO of the firm he found in 2015. The idea of the firm is to offer quality products to its customers who are organically produced. In this period where there are many people out there relying on false information to convince customers, Milan Firms provide an honest option to poultry and poultry product buyers.

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