Michael Hagele – Using Every Experience to Provide Service

Michael Hagele is a fan of the tech industry. Even before serving in his current role, as outside counsel for multiple technology companies, he invested in several firms that were in the early stages of development. He was not only a venture capitalist, but he was also a founder and investor of several establishments in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

His general counsel background includes software, hardware, licensing distribution and development agreements, domestic and international Internet, negotiations, drafting and closing technology, and telecommunications. In addition to those skills, He is knowledgeable about the commercial agreements used by technology companies for intellectual property purchases, sales, analysis of intellectual property rights portfolios, and how they are connected with corporate financing and M&A transactions. He’s also well-versed in marketing and promotional arrangements. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

Michael Hagele enjoys his work and still remembers how an early job kept him motivated about pursuing his goals and completing his education. All experiences impact us either positively or negatively. He had a job while he was in college, working for a car wash during the winter in Chicago. As he recalls that experience, he vividly remembers the sensation of his cold, numb hands. It helped him stay focused on finishing what he had started – his education. He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa and his law degree from the University of California.

When asked for recommendations on habits entrepreneurs should adopt, he stated, “One that I do over and over is physical activity. I try to exercise every day. For me, it sharpens my mind and recharges me. Stepping away from challenges at work to clear your head and take care of your body has multiple benefits.” Hagele has developed practices that maximize his effectiveness.

Today, he supports several technology companies, working as their outside counsel. He serves businesses that provide products in biotechnology, electronics, internet and, aerospace industries, and others that implement services in research and development, design and consulting. Michael Hagele believes social media is an effective resource for business growth. Michael Hagele’s primary strategy begins with his attitude – putting customers first.

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