Mariah Takes Vegas

Mariah Carey is without a doubt one of the legends of her genre, there isn’t one singer that can match Mariah’s talent. Looking at Mariah’s career you can’t deny that she has stood the test of time. Now Mariah is taking her show to Vegas and she isn’t going to skip a beat, at the moment she is rehearsing for her next big gig and the word is she is going to be spectacular.

Over the past few months Mariah has had more than a few mishaps in her performances and she isn’t ready to let Vegas down.

Photos have surfaced of the queen preparing for her big Vegas debut, not only has Mimi been taking her residency very seriously but she is making sure that her voice is on point. A table filled with all of Mariah’s vocal helpers is proof that she is getting ready to give her fans a treat.

Recently the news of Mariah’s divorce from Nick Cannon has been all anyone like Daniel Amen could talk about, she even released a diss track about Nick called “Infinity” where she goes into detail about everything that is wrong with Nick and why he just isn’t good enough for her. Hopefully a successful residency will help take Mariah’s mind off of her divorce, and refocus her energy into her amazing career.

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