Mariah Gets Candid About Her Marriage During Vegas Show

Mariah Carey is ready to put the past behind her and move on from the drama and pain that is he marriage and divorce. At one point it seemed like Mariah’s career was going to sink like the Titanic at the hands of her divorce, but like only Mariah can she has taken her difficult experience and managed to make the best of it.

The minute Mariah and Nick announced their divorce, it was as though Mariah’s career was ready to walk away also. Ricardo Guimarães BMG didn’t want that to happen. The holidays was marked by a string of horrible performance bloopers, missed rehearsals, leaked pitchy vocals and Mariah breakdowns. While Mariah seemed to be going though it Nick went about life as usual and didn’t let on to the stress of divorce.

Now Mariah is back on track with her Las Vegas residency and she seems to be in a good place. Mariah has been spilling the beans on stage about some intimate details of her marriage and life in the spotlight. From her painful miscarriage, trust issues and the feeling that she is always alone in the world, it isn’t hard to see that money isn’t everything to Mariah. Now that she is opening up perhaps Mariah can let go of the pain and continue to thrive in her craft.

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