Marc Beer, an Outstanding Leadership in Business Management

Marc Beer is a well-known businessman in the medical products field. His outstanding career started more than 30 thirty years ago, after he attained bachelor’s degree in science from Miami University. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a unique ability in leadership. His leadership skills stem from his early years, when he served as a member of Notre Dame’s Research, Miami University Business Advisory Council and the Commercialization Advisory Committee.

Out of his passion and interest in the pharmaceutical industry, Marc accepted a position at Genzyme, in the sales and marketing department. At Genzyme, Marc is remembered for the important role he played in the launch of numerous products, especially those that treated rare disease across the world. He also contributed a lot to the finance and funding operations in the company. Later on, Marc established Good Start Genetics Inc., a molecular diagnostics company. He went ahead to become the Founding Chairman of the Board. Marc has also had a successful career as a Strategic Consultant at OvaScience, a company that dealt with the treatment of infertility.

Marc has also founded several companies. One such company is ViaCell, which he founded in 200. ViaCell was a medical technology company, which specialized in the collection, preservation, and development of blood stem cells from umbilical cords. With Marc Beer as the Chief Executive Officer, ViaCell experienced a tremendous growth in terms of operations and revenue. Additionally, the company became a dynamic organization, providing employment to more than 300 people.

His innovation and business charisma in biotechnology, devices, and diagnostics and pharmaceuticals led him to establish Renovia, technologically oriented medical products company. Specifically, Renovia deals in innovative ways of treating and diagnosing pelvic floor disorders in women. Marc Beer founded the company together with Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorié, way back in 2016. His 25 years of solid experience in commercialization and development has proved to be a valuable asset for Renovia.

This year, just after the Food and Drug Administration approved Renovia’s first product, Marc Beer signed a venture capital fund agreement with leading healthcare investors. The deal brought into the fold of Renovia a total of over $32 million and a further $ 10 million in venture debt. The three investors included Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures, and Perceptive Advisers.

Marc Bear hailed the agreement with the three investors. He expressed his satisfaction with the deal and termed it as a milestone in the diagnosis and treatment of women, who have pelvic floor disorders. He also confirmed his focus to lead the company in merging technological advancement with unique proprietary sensor technologies. He believes that the company will have a breakthrough in developing new treatment options. According to Marc, Renovia will always remain open to challenges in its endeavor to inspire the world. Learn more:


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