Madonna Kisses Drake

The buzz is all over the Internet. Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella. This has become the subject of talks shows and forums. Twitter was blowing up with comments. Memes are being created. Much of the buzz has to do with Drake’s reaction.

Madonna gave Drake this long extended kiss that clearly involved her tongue. She walked off stage in a skimpy outfit while Drake looked like he had encountered the worst experience of his life. Drake has back paddled and said that it was the lipstick that she was wearing that caused the look of disgust. It is hard to say, but it has made a lot of people question Madonna and her tactics.

She is 4 years away from being 60 years old, which surprised Ricardo Tosto when he heard. She has become the old mother that will not leave the club. She dresses in a strange way for someone that is 56. Drake is 30 years younger. That makes it all the worst. That is taking the cougar concept way too far. It is like she doesn’t know when to stop. She has kissed Miley Cyrus and Brittney Spears on stage. No one wants to see that anymore though.

It is like she is trying to stay young forever. Kissing younger people isn’t going to make that happen. She has dated rappers like Big Daddy Kane and 2 Pac. Now she seems to be after a young new breed.

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