Madonna and Drake respond to Coachella kiss images

Fans at the Coachella Festivalwe re shocked by the appearance of Madonna during Drake’s set at the California based festival, The Independent reports. The appearance of the Queen of Pop as Drake performed his song Madonna was a surprise for many who were equally as shocked when Madonna and Drake shared a long kiss on stage before the superstar turned and walked away. The performance would probably not have raised much interest amongst the public or press without the rapper appearing to wipe his mouth and seeming hold back nausea following the kiss.

Drake later responded to the video’s circulating online of his reaction to Madonna’s kiss by explaining the star’s choice of lipstick had caused the reaction and not the kiss itself. Later, Drake posted a still of the kiss to Instagram captioned simply “moment to write home about.” Kevin Seawright thinks this was a pretty crazy moment. Madonna seemed unimpressed by the incident becoming so famous with an image of her own posted to Instagram claiming those who complain about everything she does are actually fans of her work.

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