Louis Chenevert: Pushing for Profits

Born in Montreal Quebec in 15985 Louis R Chenevert is an example of how hard work an ingenuity can take a person anywhere they want to go. After high school, Chenevert began a long journey that would ultimately result in his lasting legacy. This journey began at HEC Montreal where he studied, creating a foundation for a quick and detail oriented business mind. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business administration and began his path through the corporate world. His first stop was General Electric where he spent the first 14 years of his professional career. Read more about Louis Chenevert at During this time he was moved up to the position of General production manager. However, after over a decade with the company, Louis Chenevert felt like his knowledge had grown enough to run a company. In 1993 the opportunity came to join Pratt and Whitney Canada and he took it. His abilities were quickly noted and just a few years later he was promoted to president of the company. However, by 2006, he began to feel like his new skills could be put to better use so he joined the United Technologies Corporation where he was initially given the roles of President, chief financial officer, and Director. Later he also acquired the role of CEO. During his time with UTC Chenevert did some of the most awe-inspiring work of his long-lived career.

A lesser manager of enterprise would have been intimidated by the situation Chenevert walked into when joining UTC. The economy was in recession and businesses were failing left and right. Additionally, his new company only boasted a stock worth $37. Chenevert was dead set to change all of that. Most impressive was his commitment to growing the company without taking shortcuts that other corporations took. By the time he was done with UTC the company had lengthened its lead over its competitors and raised it’s stock’s value to $117 a share. All this was accomplished without outsourcing manufacturing or paying employees unfair wages. These new thoughtful solutions have led to many industry insiders seeking the opinion of Chenevert in fostering their own company’s success. Read more at Bloomberg.

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