Lime Crime Creates Unicorn Inspired Hair

Lime Crime, a make up brand well-known for their bright and vivid pallet, has decided to expand their beauty empire to incorporate hair care products. “Unicorn” hair dye is a semi-permanent brightly colored dye that comes in 13 shades. The beauty company took years to formulate these vegan, non-ammonia, and non-bleach dyes. Now the semi-permanent dyes are available through their site.


They come in full color (10-12 washes) or slight tint (8-10 washes) formula. The tint formula is ideal for lighter colored hair, because it adds a glaze to the overall color. The full color formula adds a deeper richer color that lasts for about six weeks if done and cared for properly. The super affordable price of $16 makes it hard to resist a little experiment in color.


Doe Deere, founder, is famous for her brightly colored hair and wanted to create a product her fans would love. A brightly odd colored hair dye that looks professional and fades gracefully. This fun, semi-permanent hair dye, with names like Dirty Mermaid and Neon Peach, gives Lime Crime fans the chance to express themselves with their hair. Using her own hair as inspiration, she has created a fantasy hair dye line to allow women to create unique, fantasy looks.


Lime Crime is an e-commerce makeup brand that believes women should use make up and color to express themselves, not cover up. True fans of the brand are called Unicorns. Doe Deere believes in experimenting in color and breaking the rules of fashion. The internet is a perfect platform for these outrageous and fun looks. She uses real people swatches to show off these fan-inspired creations. They continue to make make up fun and bright with unique products, like velveteen lipstick and other products. Doe Deere continues to push the envelope of fashion.

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