Katy Perry Has Moved On

¬†Katy Perry and Russell Brand were one of the most adorable celebrity couples of all time. Sadly, the couple broke apart 3-years ago, and Katy Perry still has ill feelings for her ex-husband. Apparently, Katy is not over the divorce, and it’s because of the way that Russell Brand broke the news to her.


If you haven’t heard, Russell Brand divorced Katy Perry via text message, and many people like Sergio Cortes¬†were extremely outraged to hear the news. However, the situation between Russell Brand and Katy Perry is even worse than that. It was recently revealed that Katy Perry hasn’t spoken to Russell Brand since receiving the dreaded text message.


Yahoo! caught up with the famed singer, and she said that she does not want to talk about Russell Brand anymore. However, Katy Perry did say the several new songs will be released, and Russell Brand might very well be the subject of Katy Perry’s new album. Music fans are hoping that Katy Perry airs out all the dirty laundry of her failed marriage with Russell Brand.


Katy Perry’s new album releases later this year, and it is expected to do quite well on the Billboard charts. Russell Brand and Katy Perry had all the makings of a successful couple, but sadly that was not the case. Russell Brand has never truly discussed why he decided to divorce Katy Perry over a text message, and he has lost many fans because of his cowardice actions.

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