Josh Verne Gives Business Owners Great Advice In New Podcast

Recently, businessman and entrepreneur Josh Verne offered some helpful tips for professionals in his podcast about professional leadership. Verne has been in the business for a number of years, and knows how to inspire others to achieve their best. One of the main points of the podcasts was that business deals should be beneficial for everyone involved. Professionals should strive to achieve a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Josh Verne shares that businesspeople should have balance in their lives in order to be successful. While it’s great to achieve professional goals, Verne advises leaders in business to have their personal and social lives intact as well, since this contributes to overall health, happiness and mental clarity.


Verne states that it’s so important to figure out your passion in life. He shares that you have to find the thing that motivates you to get up in the mornings and use this to build a livelihood. Passion is what makes people forego certain temporary pleasures and focus on the big picture personally and professionally.


Josh Verne is well known for being the former co-president of Home Line Furniture. He also founded in 2012 with his best friend from childhood, Jon Dorfman. In 2016, Josh Verne founded, a Pennsylvania-based company for college students.


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